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Chapter 135.1

The light rain pattered on the streets like melted butter, and the distant grass appeared close but was out of reach.

Sipping on his hot tea, Cheng Feng gazed out the window at the wet lawn then noticed the front door open and Cheng Yu’s car pull in.

It was truly a rare occasion for his son, who only visited a few times a year to come home. Today was neither a holiday nor his grandfather’s birthday, so for him to come home was like the sun rising in the west.

However on a rainy day like this, the sun couldn’t be seen anyway. Smiling to himself, Cheng Feng walked over to his desk and set down his tea cup.

The moment Cheng Yu entered, a servant helped him with his umbrella and handed him a towel to dry his hands.

“Where’s my father?” Cheng Yu asked.

“In the upstairs study.” The servant replied.

Without hesitation, Cheng Yu headed towards the stairway.

He climbed the stairs and in no time, arrived at the front of Cheng Feng’s study.

Hearing the knock, Cheng Feng told him to come in. He flipped through the pages of his book while glancing at him. “Is something up?”

“Of course.”

Cheng Yu walked to the desk and looked at the person who was only his father in name across it.

After so many years, he had long since lost any feelings towards Cheng Feng. Even now, facing him, he felt no emotional fluctuations. If anything, it was only dissatisfaction and disgust towards his desire to break he and Lin An Lan apart.

“Meng Tingyun is your person.” He said directly. “You want Meng Tingyun to break us up?”

“That’s right.” Cheng Feng didn’t deny it. “Unfortunately, it looks like he failed.”

“Based on what did you think he would succeed?”

Cheng Yu set down the book in his hand. “Probably based on the fact that love is inherently a false thing.”

“I know you like Lin An Lan and I’m not completely against you being with him, but you are a member of the Cheng family and so you have your responsibilities. You can’t just enjoy the privileges without fulfilling them.”

“And your definition of responsibility is getting married and choosing a suitable woman to have a child with?”

“That’s right.”

“But your whole plan of choosing a suitable woman and having a child is just to solidify the glory of the Cheng family. If I have the ability, why should I compromise and follow the path you’ve laid out for me?”

“At any time, one plus one will always be greater than two.” Cheng Feng said calmly. “As long as you agree to this, I won’t interfere in your relationship with Lin An Lan. You can love and be with whoever you want.”

Cheng Yu sneered, “You’ve really been messing around for too long that you don’t even know that our country practices monogamy.”

“Having a relationship, either physical or emotional, with someone other than your marriage partner, is called infidelity.”

Cheng Feng laughed, “Of course you won’t cheat. I know your moral character is much more noble than mine, that’s why I’m just showing you a path, not requiring that you do as I say. But Xiao Yu, you should know that Lin An Lan can’t appear on a marriage certificate with you. He can’t and will never be within the Cheng family’s range of choices.”

“He doesn’t need to be within the Cheng family’s range of choices; he just needs to be within my range of choices, and my range of choices, from start to finish, has only ever been him.”

“Your grandfather won’t agree.”

“Then it’s perfect. We’ll be speaking candidly today, so call grandfather over to talk as well.”

Cheng Feng’s eyebrows furrowed and after a long time, he agreed, “Alright.”

Cheng Xiao was drawing when he heard a knock. He responded, “Come in.”

Cheng Feng and Cheng Yu walked in together.

Seeing Cheng Yu, Cheng Xiao asked in surprise, “Xiao Yu is here. How come you have time to come home today?”

Laughing, he put his brush down, gesturing for Cheng Yu to come over.

Cheng Yu walked to his side, his expression serious. His tone calm, he said without hesitation, “Grandfather, I have something to talk to you about.”

“What is it?”

“I want to get married.”

Cheng Xiao was delighted, “That’s great news.”

He remembered when it was New Year’s, Cheng Yu still had a bachelor’s appearance, but now his heart was filled with joy. Taking Cheng Yu’s hand, he walked towards the nearby couch, “Tell grandfather, who is the girl you’ve set your sights on? When it was New Year, I said I would introduce you to someone, but you weren’t willing. How come you want to get married now?”

Looking at his father’s overjoyed expression, Cheng Feng thought to himself, I’m afraid he will scare you in a moment.

“Lin An Lan.” Cheng Yu said directly, “I’ve always loved him. Before, he didn’t like me, so I didn’t have the thought of getting married. Now that he loves me, I want to marry him.”

“Lin An Lan.” Cheng Xiao’s brows furrowed, the name ringing a faint bell.

“He’s a celebrity, a man.” Cheng Feng reminded him.

Cheng Xiao’s expression changed instantly, “How can that happen! How can the Cheng family accept a man!”

“Why not? I love him and the law allows it. What’s wrong with it?”

“Of course there’s something wrong with it.” Cheng Xiao’s expression turned black, “Bringing a man home, Xiao Yu, are you trying to leave the Cheng family without an heir?”

“Grandfather, my uncle and cousins are still here, how can the Cheng family be without an heir?”

“It still won’t happen.” Cheng Xiao was no longer as happy as he was when he first saw his grandson, “This Cheng family is going to be passed on to you, so how can you have no children? If you do this, what are your father and I supposed to think? I don’t agree.”

Cheng Yu was very calm, “What if I insist?”

“Xiao Yu, what are you doing? You can like him, but raise him outside. Marriage is such an important thing, how can you be so casual about it?”

“It’s precisely because marriage isn’t a casual thing that I have to marry the person I love.”

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