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Chapter 117.2 “If we were to get married in the future, would we make an official announcement?”

Cheng Yu, who had managed to keep his head above water, had finished informing his friends and was planning to inform the others.

The moment Lin An Lan went to the bathroom to take a shower, Cheng Yu took out his cell phone and sent Sun Meng a message: [I have good news for you. Lin An Lan and I are back together!]

Sun Meng was so frightened that he read the content of the message carefully several times before asking uncertainly: [You and who? Lin An Lan? The Lin An Lan I know?]

Cheng Yu: […… How many other Lin An Lans’ do you know?]

Sun Meng: [Didn’t you just say a few days ago that you guys broke up and that you needed to recuperate?]

Cheng Yu replied smugly: [Haven’t we gotten back together now?]

Sun Meng: …… They had still gotten back together after all that? This was too unexpected!

Sun Meng: [Congratulations then].

Cheng Yu: [Only this?]

Sun Meng: [……]

Sun Meng thought for a moment: [Or do you think you don’t need to recuperate and are well enough to start work?]

Cheng Yu: ……

Cheng Yu thought that he really was exploiter Sun. His first reaction was to actually get him to start working!

Cheng Yu: [Not well, recuperating, not starting work!]

Laughing, Sun Meng replied: [Fine, if you don’t want to start work then don’t].

Of course, he knew what Cheng Yu wanted to hear. It was just that Cheng Yu had kept him on his toes for so long last year that he inevitably wanted to keep Cheng Yu on his toes as well, which was why he replied with: [Then you should have a good relationship first. Hopefully this time, you and Lin An Lan won’t have any more ups and downs. Get married sooner].

Cheng Yu was satisfied: [That’s more like it.]

Sigh, he also wanted to get married to Lin An Lan sooner rather than later, it was just that he didn’t know when his An An wanted to get married.

As he was thinking about this, Wang Cheng sent him a message: [Cheng Ge, our Yu Lan has reached number one on the cp Super Talk list!]

Cheng Yu: [!!! Good! Keep it up!]

Wang Cheng: [Cheng Ge, it seems you’re very excited this time?]

Cheng Yu: ……

As a reliable cp fan, Wang Cheng could be said to be very dedicated to his job, assiduously worked hard without complaint, firmly fighting in the first line of the Yu Lan cp.

Since the start of [Backpacking For Youngsters], Cheng Yu relied on his own if it’s not sweet you don’t have to pay way of spreading sugar. He was just short of locking himself and Lin An Lan up and swallowing the keys, so obvious that it was almost as if it was written on his face, so much so that people who watched the variety show couldn’t help but stand up for his cp with Lin An Lan while those who didn’t watch the show were pulled in by the sharing of the videos on Weibo as well as forum posts and after entering the pit, were unable to get out.

Just after New Year, Yu Lan cp fans sprung up, popping up all over the place and Wang Cheng was so happy to see this that he would tell Cheng Yu by message every time he encountered this large movement, however to his surprise, Cheng Yu would either not reply or would simply reply with a few words.

If Wang Cheng didn’t know that he was the initiator of Yu Lan, the biggest fan of Yu Lan who never climbed the wall, a big fan, a tycoon fan and a Lin An Lan only hardcore fan, he would have suspected that his Cheng Ge had defected and turned from a cp fan to an only fan and started pushing him alone.

Luckily, this time around there was finally a normal response!

Wang Cheng: [Cheng Ge, if you had ignored me again this time, I wouldn’t even know if I should press on.]

Cheng Yu hurriedly replied: [You still have to press on. Press on hard and let it stay in first place! I’ll give you a bonus this year if you keep it up!]

Wang Cheng: !!!

Wang Cheng: [I will absolutely keep it up!]

Cheng Yu was relieved. Actually, he couldn’t be blamed for this. When Wang Cheng sent him the updates at that time, Lin An Lan had just moved out from his house and he was in the grief of having lost his love, so how could he be in the mood to look at other things?

They now had a lot of online cp fans, but what was the use if Lin An Lan was ignoring him in reality. Should he compound his sadness with such a happy thing?

Cheng Yu felt that he was already sad enough and didn’t need this kind of counterpoint, so he didn’t dare look at the messages closely even when he saw them.

But now things were different!

He was now back together with Lin An Lan, they were a couple! Which meant that naturally the more cp fans there were, the better, otherwise when the official announcement came out, with the amount of independent fans he and Lin An Lan had, if the cp fans weren’t strong enough, afraid they would both be dissed by each other’s fans.

Cheng Yu thought of this but was still a bit unsure. Would Lin An Lan make an official announcement with him?

Previously when he was with Lin An Lan, it had been because he had deceived him using feelings, which was why he didn’t dare fantasize about this, but since Lin An Lan had chosen to be with him now that everything was clear, then, they could think about making an official announcement, right?

When Lin An Lan came out from the shower, he saw Cheng Yu sitting on the bed seemingly thinking about something.

He asked curiously, “What are you thinking about that you’re being so serious?”

Finding a hairdryer, Cheng Yu beckoned him over.

Lin An Lan walked over to the bed and sat down then Cheng Yu blew dried his hair in a natural manner.

Lin An Lan looked back at him in surprise, then remembered that when he and Cheng Yu were together, he had always helped him blow-dry his hair after he took a shower, so he didn’t say anything and sat back, allowing him continue.

As Cheng Yu blow dried his hair, he asked him tentatively, “An An, if we were to get married in the future, would we make an official announcement?”

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