Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

Author: 果酒饭团

Raw: banxia

Total Chapters: 97 chapters


Shen Ci discovered that he was a minor villain in a romantic novel, with a quick and miserable death. He had an epiphany and decided to focus on his career in the entertainment industry, not bothering the main character anymore. But the plot took some strange turns:

Main character (shou): Mom, Dad, I’m your real son!

Father and Mother Shen ignored him: Xiao Ci, get ready to inherit the family fortune.

Shen Ci: Huh? I’m the fake one.

In the drizzling rain, the main character (shou) had tears in his eyes as he gazed deeply at his beloved male lead (gong).

Main character (shou): I’ve decided to leave this place and go somewhere no one knows me….

Male lead (gong), holding an umbrella with a calm expression: Take care, I’m going to pick Xiao Ci up from work.

Main character (shou): ….

Shen Ci, whose acting awards piled up, was sought out by a genius director for a celebration banquet. With a porcelain like complexion, the soft spoken youth was stunning and stole many hearts. The villains from his family quickly approached.

The wealthy big brother from the Shen family: Those with a net worth below ten billion can leave now, save your breath!

Top female model sister: Superstars don’t mingle with ordinary people, got it?

Top internet celebrity friend: You’re just craving his body, all of you get lost!

….The head of Yunxiao Group, Lu Xiao, strolled in, took Shen Ci’s hand, and gently kissed it, smiling at the villains.

The villains shuddered under the gaze of the big villain: Fine, he’s yours.

Shen Ci: Huh?

He tried to run, but Lu Xiao grabbed him and pulled him into his embrace.

Lu Xiao, caressing the youth’s waist, leaned in for a kiss: Behave, leave your mark.

Tags: Main character (shou), heartthrob, sweet love, Happy Ending

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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