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Chapter 34.1

Cheng Yu: ……

That….. that was it????

Cheng Yu was inexplicably relieved.

He nodded his head then gave a calm ‘oh’, but his heart that was hanging finally came down.

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, “Why are you so calm and why are you saying ‘oh’?!”

Seeing the surprise in his eyes, Cheng Yu thought to himself, ‘What was there to fuss about? In the beginning, when Lin An Lan suddenly appeared in front of him saying that he had lost his memory and asking him if he was his boyfriend, at that point he had suspected that possibility.

It was just that it wasn’t a big deal. If something had to be said about that, it was that he thought it was a happy event.

Was there anything more surprising than Lin An Lan’s willingness to stay by his side?


So compared to this result, what the cause was, was completely unimportant.

He completely accepted all the reasons why Lin An Lan came to him. If Lin An Lan had really lost his memory and had mistaken him for his boyfriend, then he was happy; if Lin An Lan had faked his memory loss and had just approached him for Jiang Xu, he was also happy.

He would even thank Jiang Xu for giving him such a wonderful memory.

He had lived up to now and cared for very little and had very little, but he had a lot of material possessions so if he had to exchange those things for Lin An Lan, then to him it was a great advantage.

Especially since he had no intention of handing over his material possessions.

Things that belonged to him, naturally should belong to him. Jiang Xu could want them, but he would never get them.

He was willing to give everything he had to Lin An Lan without reservation, but Jiang Xu didn’t deserve it, so whatever Jiang Xu’s plan was, it was just like a monkey grasping for the moon, something that could be seen but not touched.

Of course, for the time being, Cheng Yu believed that Lin An Lan had really lost his memory.

Otherwise, even if he had a good relationship with Jiang Xu, he wouldn’t be willing to go the extra step with him.

And he didn’t need to either.

All he had to do was say what he wanted, smile at him a little or hug him and he would do as he wished.

He didn’t need to sleep with him at all, not even kiss him.

It was too much to bear.

So Cheng Yu believed him, believed that he really had amnesia now and that he really liked him and really only had him in mind.

“Because I don’t care.” Cheng Yu laughed, “I’m willing to be deceived.”

Lin An Lan: !!!

Lin An Lan looked at him in shock, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Cheng Yu smiled, put down the chicken wings in his hands and wiped them.

“I know and I’m serious.”

“I like you, so even if you are deceiving me, for me, it’s just gaining and then losing, but there’s at least gaining, so it’s worth it! Isn’t it?”

Lin An Lan: ????

Lin An Lan felt that his thinking was wrong.

“You can’t think like that. It’s not, at any time right to deceive someone with something like feelings, especially the kind that is done deliberately.”

“Everyone cares about different things. What you want, I can afford to give to you so what if it’s a purposeful deception? It’s better that you get what you want and I get what I want and we’re both satisfied and everyone happy.”

Lin An Lan: ……

“So, if Jiang Xu says to you, I’m with you for him, you wouldn’t mind?”

“I wouldn’t mind.” Cheng Yu said frankly, “I would even thank him, thank him for fulfilling the desire that has been in my heart for so many years.”

What else could Lin An Lan say? His boyfriend was too awesome!

He gave him a round of applause, “You could probably anger Jiang Xu to death.”

“That would be excellent. The two of us in a relationship and enraging him, isn’t it killing two birds with one stone? Such a good thing is worth raising a glass to to celebrate.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan could only give him a thumbs up, “Impressive.”

Cheng Yu smiled, “So An An, you don’t need to worry about this.”

A paranoid and obstinate person like him wouldn’t care about that. As long as Lin An Lan was by his side, what he was here for and what he was doing, he didn’t mind.

Cheng Yu knew very well, even too well, that his love was very unhealthy, and had been very sick for a long time.

But, he didn’t intend to treat it.

Lin An Lan hadn’t expected Cheng Yu to worry about his mood at this point in time. Although he had always known that Cheng Yu liked him, really liked him, every time something new came up, he would find that Cheng Yu liked him more than he thought he did.

His boyfriend seemed to have an infinite love for him. It was like the bottomless sea– every time he felt as if he had peered into the depths of the sea, when he dived in, he would realise that it was far deeper than he had thought possible.

Cheng Yu unleashed his love with aplomb, casually scooped up a ladle full of water and poured it over his love and those portions that were too extravagant for others, to him was just a drop in the bucket that wasn’t worth mentioning.

Lin An Lan was really curious, “Little flower, what exactly do you like about me?”

How can you like me so much?

“Did I do something that particularly garnered your interest?”

Cheng Yu looked at him for a moment without speaking.

His feelings for Lin An Lan traced back to too long ago and he remembered it clearly, but couldn’t say it clearly.

He blinked unconsciously then whispered, “I like you as a person.”

“You’re beautiful.” He said, “Especially beautiful, that’s why I like you.”

Lin An Lan was puzzled, “How beautiful am I?”

“Exceptionally beautiful.” Cheng Yu smiled a little, “Better than everyone.”

Lin An Lan: ……

For the millionth time, Lin An Lan felt that Cheng Yu was probably looking at him wearing an 1800m filter. It couldn’t even be 800m, because it didn’t match the degree of love Cheng Yu had for him.

“But I still want to declare for myself that although I have amnesia now, I’m sure that I’m not the kind of scum who deceives people’s feelings, that’s why I established a relationship with you a week before I lost my memory. It’s definitely not because of Jiang Xu, it must be because I really like you. I can guarantee it.”

Cheng Yu nodded gently, saying softly, “Of course you’re not that kind of person.”

Of course he wasn’t a scum who cheated on his feelings, because he was.

Lin An Lan hadn’t cheated him out of his feelings, it was he who had cheated Lin An Lan out of his feelings.

There was no such thing as an established relationship a week before he had lost his memory. It was all a sham, everything was a sham.

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