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Chapter 68.2

Cheng Yu didn’t expect things to go this far. He admitted that the kiss he just gave Lin An Lan was indeed intentional.

He also admitted that he did feel a little smug when Lin An Lan defended him today, that was why he dared to monopolize Lin An Lan and face Jiang Xu head-on.

However, he really hadn’t expected things to go this far.

Cheng Yu was momentarily at a bit of a loss for words and looked at Lin An Lan uncertainly.

He was afraid that Lin An Lan would be in a bad mood because of this episode with Jiang Xu, so he volunteered, “Let me go and chase him back ok?”

Lin An Lan:????

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, “You? Chase him back? Do you feel that the peace and quiet now is not good? That’s why you want to add more excitement?”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “I’m afraid you’ll be affected by him. He’s here for your birthday, which can be considered as an act of goodwill, now that he’s gone, I’m afraid he’ll affect the atmosphere of your birthday celebration.”

“Of course not” Lin An Lan laughed, “He is the one who is gone, not you. I’d be upset if you left, but it’s good that he’s gone.”

He looked at Cheng Yu with a smile, “Alright, don’t think about him anymore, he’s gone anyway, we’re already here, we still have to eat, let’s make it ourselves.”

Cheng Yu hurriedly pressed him to the sofa, “How can we let the birthday boy cook, you sit down, I’ll do it.”

“Okay then.” Lin An Lan didn’t push, “It’s just eggplant with beans, spicy fish, sweet and sour pork, and pork ribs with sauce, you should know how to do that, right?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head and scratched his nose, “Is there anything your husband doesn’t know how to do?”

Lin An Lan let out a deliberate “Oh~”, “Then my husband is very powerful~”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu boasted as he turned and walked towards the kitchen.

Lin An Lan had nothing to do, so he went back to watching TV. While he was watching it, he suddenly heard a knock at the door.

Curious, he went to the door, looked through the peephole and saw that standing outside the door was none other than Jiang Xu, who had just slammed the door and left a short time ago.

Weren’t you swaggering just now?? Why are you back again?

Lin An Lan didn’t even bother to open the door. You were the one who wanted to leave in the first place, so why do you want to come back now?

Lin An Lan didn’t open the door.

When Jiang Xu saw that no one opened the door, he knocked again.

Even so, Lin An Lan still didn’t open it.

Hearing the commotion, Cheng Yu came out to ask, “Is there someone knocking at the door?”

“Jiang Xu.”

Cheng Yu: …… This really fits his character.

“Open the door.” Cheng Yu advised Lin An Lan, “Otherwise he clearly won’t leave for a while, and it won’t be good if he draws others here later.”

“Then I’ll open it. You can go and continue cooking, so as to avoid him going crazy when he sees you again.”

“Okay.” Saying this, Cheng Yu went back into the kitchen.

Lin An Lan opened the door a crack and stopped Jiang Xu before he was about to come in, saying deliberately, “Didn’t you leave? Why are you back again?”

Jiang Xu: ……

At this point, Jiang Xu felt that Lin An Lan wasn’t being considerate at all!

“Aren’t I doing this for you? It’s your birthday today and I can’t miss it this time after spending it with you every year.”

“Then why did you slam the door very loudly just now?”

“Isn’t it because I was angry?” Jiang Xu retorted, then got angry again, “Why are you letting him bully you so much, did I allow you to go to his side just to be bullied by him?”

He frowned, “If I had known it would be like this, I would have never let you go.”

“But it’s like this now.” Lin An Lan said.

“That’s why I’m telling you not to put yourself down. He already likes you, so you don’t need to do all these things. Even if you don’t do these, he would still like you, so why are you letting him take advantage of you?”

“There is no such thing as just getting without giving in this world. If you want something from him, you have to give something, and if you don’t give, I have to give it.”

Jiang Xu looked at him, dumbfounded for a minute and then he shook his head, “No, Xiao Lan, you don’t have to.”

“It’s not up to you whether I give something or not. Jiang Xu, you are now, an outsider.”

“Cheng Yu and I are in this act while you, are not in it, so you shouldn’t interfere with me, let alone presume to manipulate me.”

Jiang Xu never thought this would happen.

He did want Lin An Lan to be a fake boyfriend for Cheng Yu, but, just a fake one, with no feelings and no relationship.

He hadn’t thought of making Lin An Lan wrong himself, let alone classify him as an outsider because of it.

This wasn’t what he had been thinking, this was so different from his plan!

“Xiao Lan, are you getting back at me because I said that to you and you didn’t like it, so you’re getting back at me with this?”

As he looked at Lin An Lan, the fire in his eyes dissipated, replaced by a kind of pity and supplication, “You know I don’t like him and I don’t like you getting too close to him, so how can you say and do that?”

“Do you know what is called taking something seriously after starting it as make-believe?” Lin An Lan laughed, “People get along with each other to cultivate feelings. He is obedient and affectionate to me and he likes me so much, why shouldn’t I consider him?”

“Don’t you want me to go back with him to meet his parents? If so, then what’s the point of me meeting his parents under false pretenses? We’re a real couple. Wouldn’t it be more fun to meet his parents that way?”

“No way!” Jiang Xu couldn’t help but shout.

Startled by his sudden shout, Lin An Lan was just about to scold him when he saw that Jiang Xu’s face was extraordinarily white in the light of the hallway.

He looked at Lin An Lan incredulously, his expression one of disbelief and pain. He shook his head at him, “No way.”

“Xiao Lan,” he grabbed Lin An Lan’s hand, “only this is not allowed, you can’t like him, you are mine, you are my best friend, how can you like him?”

“I was wrong. I was wrong, ok? I apologize, I don’t want anything, come back, I don’t want you to go to the Cheng house with him, don’t do this, I beg you ok?”

He said all this pitifully, the look in his eyes imploring, making Lin An Lan puzzled as he looked at him.

Why did he suddenly put on such a pitiful expression?

Obviously, what they were both saying was a lie, right?

Jiang Xu’s lie that he came to Cheng Yu’s side in order to help him, he didn’t believe it at all, and by saying this now, he was just going along with his act down the line.

Since he was causing a scene in order to act, he was also playing along by telling him that he was going to turn this fake act into something real.

Since he said that he wanted him and Cheng Yu to go back to the Cheng house, he satisfied him by telling him that they would go back.

But why was Jiang Xu suddenly scared like this?

Lin An Lan didn’t think he was faking it, but he couldn’t tell what Jiang Xu was thinking either.

Not wanting to waste his time and effort speculating on what he was thinking, he drew out the hand that Jiang Xu was holding onto.

Jiang Xu tried to take his hand back in his on a conditioned reaction, but he jerked it away anyway.

“It’s fine if you want to come in, but you need to stop targeting Cheng Yu. You know it’s my birthday so it’s most important that I’m happy, if you make me unhappy again, then I’ll still let you leave.”

Jiang Xu nodded hastily, like a scared stray dog and stood obediently in front of him, not daring to move any more, let alone shout and bark.

Cheng Yu closed the kitchen door in silence, thinking that Lin An Lan had probably scared Jiang Xu to death.

That line, “People get along with each other to cultivate feelings. He is obedient and affectionate to me and he likes me so much, why shouldn’t I consider him?”

Was probably a scary sentence that would make Jiang Xu wake up from his dreams in fear.

But had feelings really been cultivated?

For the first time, Cheng Yu’s heart lit up with a small hope. He and Lin An Lan had spent so much time together, he liked him so much, Lin An Lan should have felt it, so if he regained his memory, would there be that one in a million chance that he would like him?

Cheng Yu didn’t know.

And he didn’t dare speculate either.

He carefully pushed that hope down; the less hope there was, the less pain there would be.

At this moment, Cheng Yu hoped beyond hope that Lin An Lan at this time was in fact not suffering from memory loss.

He hoped that he was only pretending, that he had approached him for his own sake as Jiang Xu had said, so that they might have the chance of turning make-believe into a real relationship as he had said, so that Lin An Lan wouldn’t hate him and choose to leave him when he regained his memory.

He had never cared why Lin An Lan knocked on his door that day and why he came to him. He only cared if Lin An Lan would leave? When would he leave?

He accepted any reason for him coming to him, as long as he didn’t leave.

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