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Chapter 66.2

Lin An Lan moved closer to Cheng Yu, took his hand which was hanging at his side and asked, “Would you like to come home with me to celebrate my birthday?”

Cheng Yu looked up abruptly and incredulously in surprise.

He had just been lost over the fact that he didn’t know Lin An Lan’s real birthday and had celebrated the wrong birthday for him, but at this moment, was delighted by his invitation. It was Lin An Lan himself who had extended his hand to him, granting him the right to spend his birthday together.

“Of course.” Cheng Yu laughed.

He had never been to Lin An Lan’s house. He knew the address by heart, but he had never been there because Lin An Lan hadn’t invited him. They weren’t even friends, so he had no right to go to his house.

But now that Lin An Lan had invited him, he could finally set foot in his house.

Cheng Yu was so excited that he unconsciously clutched his hand tightly.

But, there’s one little problem.” Lin An Lan said cautiously.

“What is it?” Cheng Yu asked.

Lin An Lan felt helpless, but knew he had to say it, “Jiang Xu might show up too.”

Cheng Yu: ……

Lin An Lan grabbed his other hand hurriedly, “I don’t want him to come, but he obviously knows our home address, so I can’t do anything about it.”

When Cheng Yu heard this, he didn’t say much. He just nodded and smiled, “I understand.”

Of course it was normal that Jiang Xu would show up. After all he had spent every birthday with Lin An Lan, from childhood to adulthood, for so many years, and they had always spent it Iike this.

Now, Lin An Lan had lost his memory, but Jiang Xu hadn’t lost his. He hadn’t even guessed that Lin An Lan had lost his memory, so naturally he would still treat him the same way he did before.

Even if Lin An Lan refused, Jiang Xu would still stick to him again and again because they had gone through too much time and Jiang Xu wouldn’t let go of him nor was he willing to let go of him.

So he would show up again and again to see him.

Cheng Yu knew and understood very well that he and Jiang Xu were essentially the same, both clinging to Lin An Lan. He couldn’t touch him and Jiang Xu couldn’t let go of him.

They both kept gazing at Lin An Lan, trying to draw oxygen from him.

It was just that Jiang Xu got it while he failed, that was all.

That’s why Cheng Yu didn’t care too much about it, he just sighed softly and said to Lin An Lan, “I understand.”

“It’s hard to get rid of someone’s pestering, especially if the person has the intention of pestering you. He knows so much about you that you wouldn’t be able to avoid him even if you wanted to.”

Lin An Lan also sighed, thinking the situation was really troublesome.

It was true that he didn’t care much about Jiang Xu now and was willing to give unconditional preference to Cheng Yu, but the problem was that Jiang Xu didn’t want to part ways with him and even wanted to bounce around in front of him every day.

He could manage to keep himself away from Jiang Xu, but he couldn’t hold Jiang Xu’s bouncing legs down, so he could only maintain the current relationship.

“Don’t worry, even with him around, I will stand firmly on your side.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Okay.”

“So just forget about him and think about my birthday instead. Wouldn’t that be better?”


Lin An Lan hugged him, leaned into his arms and whispered, “Little flower, I definitely won’t let you suffer.”

“I know.”

Lin An Lan kissed him on the chin and looked at him tenderly.

Although Jiang Xu accepted the addition of Cheng Yu, he hadn’t accepted it in his heart so he texted Lin An Lan every now and then, saying that Cheng Yu was an unnecessary addition and that it had always only been Father Lin, Mother Lin and the two of them, so what was the point of adding Cheng Yu all of a sudden?

Jiang Xu: [It’s not as if you like him, so why do you want him to come too?]

Jiang Xu: [Isn’t it better if it’s just the two of us?]

Jiang Xu: [I don’t want to see him.]

Jiang Xu: [Xiao Lan, just don’t let him come, okay?]

Not okay, Lin An Lan replied in his mind, ignoring him.

Jiang Xu called again, but Lin An Lan refused to answer.

And so, Lin An Lan asked for a night off from Director Zhang and left the set on his real birthday.

Cheng Yu also took the night off to drive Lin An Lan home.

Lin An Lan looked at the unfamiliar scenery on the road but didn’t react until he got out of the car, “Is this the place?”

He recalled, “This isn’t the place we came to before.”

“It was your house that we went to, the house you bought yourself with your money later, this is where your parents live.”

Lin An Lan made an ‘oh’ sound, “It’s like this.”

“Let’s go.” Cheng Yu told him.

Lin An Lan followed him into the elevator, but as he watched the numbers go up, he inexplicably felt nervous.

He silently reached out and tugged on Cheng Yu’s hand.

As Cheng Yu looked down at him, Lin An Lan whispered, “I’m a little nervous.”

Cheng Yu was puzzled, “Why?”

Lin An Lan was silent for a moment before replying quietly, “I miss my parents.”

When he was busy and couldn’t think of anything, coupled with the effect of his memory loss, Lin An Lan didn’t deliberately think about it and wouldn’t be sad.

But once he thought about it, especially after experiencing the pain of his abandonment in his dream, he felt a renewed sense of appreciation and gratitude for his adoptive parents.

He was thankful that his adoptive parents adopted him and gave him a new family and a new life.

He was also thankful that they took care of him for so many years and allowed him to experience what it meant to have family affection.

Cheng Yu had said that his adoptive parents loved him very much, so Lin An Lan believed that even though he had lost his memory, he could be sure that his adoptive parents had been very good people.

But because he believed and was sure that his adoptive parents had been good people, he was even more nervous about going home for the first time since his amnesia.

He should have come home sooner.

But he had forgotten.

He had forgotten too much, he had lost his memory. Lin An Lan didn’t blame the memory loss, because that was an accident, no one could have controlled it, he just felt that he should have come home earlier.

Cheng Yu wrapped his arms around him gently and said, “It’s okay, I’m here, don’t be nervous. This is your home, you’re home.”

Lin An Lan nodded. En, he was home, back in his own home.

The doors of the elevator opened and Lin An Lan stepped out, but just as he reached the door of his house, he saw a man in a mask and sunglasses standing against the door. And when the man saw that he had arrived, he finally straightened up.

—-It was Jiang Xu.

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