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Chapter 33.2

Lin An Lan was reading the script with his head down, Cheng Yu had finished filming, and it was almost his turn.

“Are you done with your scene?”


“Then rest for a while and I’ll go get ready, it’s my turn to shoot.”

“Okay. By the way,” Cheng Yu put on a calm and placid look and asked him seemingly casual manner, “How did your talk with Jiang Xu go?”

When Lin An Lan heard this he laughed instantly, “Don’t even mention it.”

He looked at Cheng Yu,”I’ll talk to you later when I’m done filming. He made me speechless with laughter. He’s really got a problem with you.”

Cheng Yu smiled a little,”He has never liked me.”

Feeling distressed for him, Lin An Lan moved closer to him, and said quietly, “It’s okay. If he doesn’t like you, I like you.”

His eyes curving into crescents as he smiled, he looked at Cheng Yu with a smile, “Which one of us do you want to like you?”

Cheng Yu heard him say that, his heart that had been hanging in the air all night finally dropped.

It seems Jiang Xu hadn’t found out that Lin An Lan had lost his memory.

Lin An Lan also hadn’t found out that he had lied to him.

He moved closer to Lin An Lan and using the cover of the props, held his hand secretly, and whispered, “It’s okay if you like me. As long as you like me, it doesn’t matter whether other people like me or not.”

“Then you can have what you want.”

Lin An Lan looked at him tenderly as he held his hand.

He looked at Cheng Yu quietly for a few seconds, before finally letting go of his hand, then said to him, “I’m going to go shoot first, see you tonight.”

“Okay, see you tonight.” Cheng Yu squeezed his fingers gently then let go.

As Lin An Lan turned around to walk towards Zhuo Siya, Cheng Yu felt as if he could live another day as he looked at his back.

Lin An Lan shot his scene very quickly and was all done at around 10pm.

He had eaten early in the afternoon so he was a bit hungry at the moment. The second he stepped inside his hotel room, he ordered some BBQ takeaway.

When the knock on the door sounded, Lin An Lan rushed to open the door, only to find that it was Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu lifted the barbecue takeaway in his hand as he asked him, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Lin? Here’s your takeaway.”

“It’s mine all right.” Lin An Lan reached for it, “Leave the takeaway, the person can go.”

Cheng Yu hid the barbecue behind him immediately, saying with a straight face, “Then you should order me.”


Lin An Lan looked him up and down, “I ordered the barbecue, not the man.”

“I can also help you with the barbecue.” Cheng Yu marketed aggressively, “I can do a lot of things, in the hall, in the kitchen, on the bed, warm the blanket. Ordering me comes with free barbecue.”

Lin An Lan smiled and let him in,”Then I’ll try your barbecue first.”

After the two of them set up the barbecue on the table, Lin An Lan took two bottles of mineral water from the small fridge, handed a bottle to Cheng Yu, and sat himself down on the sofa.

“You’re here quite early today.”

“Isn’t it because I couldn’t wait, having not seen you for a while, it’s as if we’ve been apart for three years.”

Cheng Yu picked up a piece of roast meat, feeding him, “Why did you order a barbecue, hungry?”

Lin An Lan nodded, took a bite, and slowly finished the roast meat in Cheng Yu’s hand.

Seeing that his mouth was covered in oil, Cheng Yu reached out, took a piece of tissue and wiped his mouth for him.

Lin An Lan picked up a skewer of grilled meat and handed it to him,”Here,it’s not bad.”

Cheng Yu took it, and said, as if inadvertently, “Didn’t you say before that you were going to tell me what Jiang Xu had talked to you about?”

Lin An Lan almost laughed when he remembered.

“Right.” He looked at Cheng Yu, “Take a guess?”

Cheng Yu thought about it, guessed, “He said I wasn’t any good, that you didn’t like me? That you care more about him?”

Lin An Lan shook his head,”You’ve underestimated him. Jiang Xu has also evolved, he’s not the Jiang Xu who only knows how to snap his lips, he’s now Jack Su Jiang Xu.”

Cheng Yu: ????

“What does that mean?”

Lin An Lan picked up a skewer of chicken wings, and said as he ate it, “I guess he should know that I’ve lost my memory.”

Cheng Yu was startled, looking at him in surprise.

With a clear expression on his face, Lin An Lan said very calmly, “So he wanted to set me up.”

“Set you up?”

“Right. Because I’ve lost my memory, it means I don’t remember anything from before, but it doesn’t mean I’ll believe what others say.”

Cheng Yu who really believed whatever Lin An Lan said: ……

Cheng Yu lowered his head silently, evasively unscrewed the bottle of mineral water and placed it in front of Lin An Lan and not daring to look at him only said, “Hmm.”

“So Jiang Xu tried to lie to me.”

Lin An Lan took a bite of the grilled chicken wings, and gave one to Cheng Yu, “Here, this one is also delicious.”

How could Cheng Yu eat it? Taking the chicken wings with trembling hands, he asked him carefully, “How did he try to lie to you?”

Lin An Lan almost laughed out loud when he remembered Jiang Xu’s words.

“He tried to lie to me by saying that we aren’t really in love and that I’m actually deceiving your feelings by falling in love with you, what’s more that I’m doing it for him.”

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