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Chapter 133.1 The truth begins to take shape

Would Lin An Lan be disappointed in him?

Was what he was doing really the right thing?

He didn’t want to hurt Lin An Lan, but would his actions really not hurt him?

Feeling agitated, Meng Tingyun lowered his head when suddenly, his cell phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID displayed on it for a long time and it was only after a while that he finally answered the call slowly, “Hello.”

When Cheng Yu returned to Lin An Lan’s room, Lin An Lan asked him, “So, how was it?”

“He indeed knows you from when you were young and does seem to have some fondness for you.” Cheng Yu told him.

“And what else?” Lin An Lan questioned.

“He probably has a purpose, but he wouldn’t say. He only mentioned that he feels he is more suitable for you.” Cheng Yu answered.

Lin An Lan shook his head, “I’m sure he doesn’t really like me. If he really liked me, I wouldn’t have failed to notice. His feelings for me can’t be as strong as liking me. He might think he is more suitable for me, but that doesn’t mean he has already fallen for me now.”

“Maybe.” Cheng Yu thought for a moment then took his phone out.

He had a suspicion, but he needed evidence.

“What now?” A clear male voice sounded from the other end of the call.

Cheng Yu didn’t hide from Lin An Lan as he commanded directly, “Look into whether Fei Meng and Cheng Feng have any connection or whether Meng Tingyun has any connection with him.”

“Wow, you’re suspecting your own father.” The voice on the other end replied.

“It just occurred to me. Go check and give me the results as soon as possible.” Cheng Yu instructed.

“No problem.” The voice on the other end of the call replied.

After Cheng Yu hung up, Lin An Lan looked at him, puzzled, “Your father?”

“Yes. You both came from the same welfare institute and have entered the entertainment industry. You two are even filmimg the same movie, especially since it’s Meng Tingyun’s first movie and there’s someone protecting him. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Sitting on the couch, Lin An Lan was deep in thought for a moment.

“So, your father is either trying to break us up or trying to warn me? He knows about my background and so if I don’t leave, he’ll reveal this secret?”

Cheng Yu squeezed his hand, “Don’t be afraid. No matter what, I’ll handle this. You don’t have to worry.”

Lin An Lan smiled. How could he not worry? Cheng Feng had selected Meng Tingyun, someone who also came from the same welfare institute as him carefully. The implications were clear.

He had long known that if he wanted to be with Cheng Yu, he would definitely have to face a lot of trouble, most obviously opposition from the Cheng family.

Cheng Feng wouldn’t willingly accept him being with Cheng Yu, and even if he grudgingly accepted it, he wouldn’t accept Cheng Yu not having children, not having a biological child who would inherit and carry on the Cheng family bloodline.

Lin An Lan sighed in his heart. However it was okay. He had already thought of all this and had prepared himself long ago.

Since he had accepted Cheng Yu that night, then these things weren’t as important anymore.

He could, and was willing to face them. After all, this was Cheng Yu’s family and a part of his future.

“I know.” Lin An Lan said gently, “I’m not worried, I believe in you.”

Cheng Yu hugged him tightly, “An An, believe in me. Besides you, no one can break us up.”

“En.” Lin An Lan responded.

In truth, he wasn’t completely calm and composed. He didn’t understand Cheng Feng’s actual strength, but he was well aware of his influence. If he tried to break them up, it was a certainty that the outside world would stand on his side.

But so what?

Love was between two people. As long as Cheng Yu stood by his side, then perhaps, they would win.

Hugging Cheng Yu back, he smiled, “Besides, I won’t break us up either. How could I bear to break us apart?”

Cheng Yu hugged him tighter, comforting him with a kiss on his cheek.

Leaning on his shoulder, Lin An Lan thought quietly about his and Cheng Yu’s future.

The next morning, when Meng Tingyun saw Lin An Lan, he couldn’t help feeling guilty. He walked over to him like he usually did and greeted him with a smile, but to his surprise, Lin An Lan ignored him.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Meng Tingyun followed him, asking quietly, “Lin Ge, did I do something wrong? Why are you treating me this way?”

Lin An Lan turned to him, his gaze clear as he asked, “Don’t you think you’ve done something wrong?”

Meng Tingyun realized that Cheng Yu had told Lin An Lan about him, that was why he was angry.

“I’m doing it for your own good.” He explained. “I won’t hurt you.”

“What right do you have to say that?” Lin An Lan was curious. “We’re not even friends, so do you really expect me to believe that you’re doing it for my own good?”

Meng Tingyun explained quickly, “We knew each other when we were little.”

“I don’t remember.” Lin An Lan said.

Meng Tingyun was taken aback.

Lin An Lan asked him, “Do you? You remember so clearly, things that happened when you were three or four years old? You remember so vividly and even have feelings because that?”

Meng Tingyun: ……

Lin An Lan didn’t believe him. He could understand Cheng Yu loving him for eight years because they had met in high school, a time when most people were muddled due to youthfulness and experiencing their first love.

Because he had always been in Cheng Yu’s sight. From high school to university and then to work, he and Cheng Yu had always seen each other, so it was normal for Cheng Yu to be unable to let go of him.

However when Meng Tingyun met him, he was still a child, what’s more they had only stayed together for a short time of less than a year and during this time, he wasn’t even his closest friend in the welfare home, so how was he able to remember him so vividly?

And how had he turned this vivid memory into love?

There wasn’t so much of such love in this world.

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