I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 150.1 Very sweet

As a small budget movie, ‘Breaking Dawn’ didn’t take too long to film making so that by the time June arrived, filming had unknowingly entering its final stages.

Meng Tingyun’s scenes were almost done and Zhou Yan was also scheduled to finish filming alongside him.

During the evening shoot, Meng Tingyun approached Lin An Lan to thank him, saying in a tone that showed he was reluctant to part with him, “I’ll finish filming tomorrow.”

“Then you can rest first and start a new job afterwards.” Lin An Lan told him.

“But I don’t even know where this new job will come from.” Meng Tingyun sighed.

“Don’t worry, take your time, there will always be a suitable one. ” Lin An Lan, as someone who had experienced this told him calmly, “If none of them are suitable or if you haven’t found opportunities in this industry after a long time, you can try a new career. You’re young, and so have plenty of chances for trial and error.”

“Lin Ge, have you ever tried and failed?” Meng Tingyun asked him.

Smiling, Lin An Lan shook his head. He didn’t have the chances of trial and error and so had never allowed himself to make mistakes from childhood to adulthood. But perhaps he had make a mistake in his attempt to evade and avoid Cheng Yu but eventually, had ended up with him and found that it was the best choice for the two of them.

“Perhaps I have, perhaps I haven’t, but that’s not the point. The point is to find your direction and work hard towards it.”

Meng Tingyun nodded, “I’ll remember that. Oh, and what about the issue with you and Cheng Feng…..?”

“It’s already been resolved.” Lin An Lan said. “It wasn’t a big deal, so it wasn’t difficult to solve.”

“It wasn’t a big deal?” Meng Tingyun was surprised. “Lin Ge, you’re too calm, right?”

“It isn’t as if I’m in a relationship with him, so what does it matter if he doesn’t like me?”

Meng Tingyun looked at him in admiration, thinking that if it were him, he wouldn’t be able to be with his boyfriend if his boyfriend’s father was so against him. However Lin An Lan seemed to not care at all and didn’t take Cheng Feng seriously.

“Ge, you’re amazing.” He couldn’t help but say.

Lin An Lan looked at him with a smile, “It’s mostly because my boyfriend is amazing.”

Meng Tingyun: …..

He nodded, thinking this was also okay.

He chatted with Lin An Lan for a while before leaving.

Lin An Lan saw him to the door then went to check Pei Qiu’s English papers.

Pei Qiu had made rapid progress in the past few days and with Lin An Lan’s summary of small tips as well as his explanation and clarification of each test paper, Pei Qiu finally felt like he was becoming smarter.

He had attended a level 4 training class before and he would understand what was being taught during class, however just as soon as the class ended, he would forget. Now that he was with Lin An Lan, things were finally looking up.

Seeing that it wasn’t too late, Lin An Lan taught him reading comprehension techniques until 1 AM, when he stretched himself then headed to his bedroom.

Meng Tingyun finished filming and not long after, Zhou Yan also finished filming.

Lin An Lan wasn’t on good terms with him, so he didn’t go to see him off, however to his surprise, hardly anyone from the cast went to see him off either.

Although Zhou Yan had stopped picking on Lin An Lan after being criticized by Zhao Peng Hai and had started being more careful with Xu Xiuying during their scenes together, Xu Xiuying obviously noticed his animosity towards her, so there weren’t any interactions between them off set. What’s more she had good relationships with the other female members of the cast, and so seeing how Zhou Yan treated her, they naturally didn’t want to approach him.

Hence Zhou Yan was very lonely after he finished filming. It was only Zhao Peng Hai who was willing to take a picture with him, but even he knew he wouldn’t use this actor again. He had many talents to choose from and there were many other actors with better personalities and similar celebrity status who could replace him. He didn’t necessarily need him.

No director liked to work with an actor who was too extra, and Zhao Peng Hai was no exception.

Lin An Lan watched as one actor after the other finished filming and left then focused on each new day’s filming.

In mid-June, the level 4 English exam began. The week before Pei Qiu left to write the exam, Lin An Lan wrote ten essay templates for him to memorize and use in the exam if needed.

However Pei Qiu found it very difficult to memorize them and looking at his ‘I have nothing left to live for’ expression, Lin An Lan removed three in the end, leaving him with seven.

“This should be okay, right?”

Pei Qiu nodded, thanking him profusely, “I’ll definitely give you a discount!”

“That would be best.” Lin An Lan laughed.

On the day before the exam, Pei Qiu packed his bags and prepared to leave and hugging Lin An Lan, he said, “Take care of yourself and contact me if you need anything.”


“I won’t come back after the exam, so see you next time.” He added.

Actually, he should have left earlier. The day Cheng Feng and Cheng Xiao conceded defeat, he should have left.

However Cheng Yu had still been worried and he had also been a bit worried, so he had stayed on. But now that the Cheng family was quiet and Lin An Lan was almost done filming, there was no need for him to stay any longer.

Lin An Lan nodded, “You can do it.”

Waving goodbye, Pei Qiu got into the car and headed back to school.

Having walked him to his car and now watching his young, smiling face disappear slowly from view, Lin An Lan suddenly felt some reluctance in his heart.

Pei Qiu had spent so much time with him and had even saved his life once. Lin An Lan felt that he liked him and if possible, hoped that they could be friends.

But this was how life was. People came and went while many only stayed with one temporarily. The only people who would truly accompany one throughout one’s lifetime was ones family.

Looking down, he sent Pei Qiu a message: [Good luck on the level 4 English exam, I wish you success.]

Pei Qiu replied quickly: [I hope so [crying emoji]]

Looking at the crying emoji, Lin An Lan laughed, thinking that he was cute and really had a child’s temperament.

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