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Chapter 101.1

Xie Hui dropped the illusions he had started to have. He couldn’t escape, so he resigned himself to his fate. As Zhang Ge gave him a tug, he followed the other man back.

Looking at his back, Hua Rong thought about it for a while then felt it was worth it to spend three million to buy happiness for his best friend.

It wasn’t expensive, and it was a New Year’s gift for Cheng Yu.

“Okay, three million it is.” He said softly.

Xie Hui turned around in surprise, but added, remembering something, “One year.”

“Three years.” Hua Rong said indifferently.

“Then…… two years.”

“Five years.”

Xie Hui:……

Xie Hui said obediently, “Three years then.”

Hua Rong laughed coldly. He hadn’t thought about the so-called number of years, it was because Xie Hui was too stupid, talking about a year at this time, three million a year, he really took himself seriously.

“Let’s go.” He said to Xie Hui.

Xie Hui broke away from Zhang Ge and walked towards him.

Zhang Ge was unable to react for a moment, “You guys……”

“I want to get out of my contract.” Xie Hui suppressed his excitement and said, “In a couple of days, I will come to the company to talk to you.”

After saying this, he followed Hua Rong’s footsteps hurriedly.

This was good, Xie Hui reassured himself. At least this time it was his own choice, even if the other party did have some bad intentions for him, it was better to be with him than with another.

He glanced at the side of Hua Rong’s face and reassured himself that at least he was handsome and not too bad.

Hua Rong ignored him as he led Xie Hui to the private room and pushed the door open to see Cheng Yu leaning back on the sofa, seemingly asleep, and Xu Sheng lying on the table. Seeing him back, Xu Sheng straightened up and muttered, “What took you so long? “

“I met someone.”

He pushed Xie Hui in front of him, looked at Cheng Yu, then back at Xie Hui, “See that man? From now on you’ll follow him. If he’s happy, you’ll have more than three million.”

The private room was dimly lit, but Xie Hui recognized him at once. It was Cheng Yu, the man he had seen before, the man he had always admired.

He turned his head to Hua Rong, his eyes full of confusion.

Hua Rong had no intention of explaining it to him. Instead, he just said, “Stay here with him tonight. If you can stay with him until tomorrow morning, I’ll transfer 100,000 to your card, but if not, then unfortunately, that’s all you’ll probably get.”

It was then Xie Hui realized how dangerous his move was.

“Ah Sheng.” Hua Rong called out to Xu Sheng, “Let’s go.”

“But Ah Yu, he……”

”Haven’t I specially called for someone to serve him?”

“But he’s the only one……”

“What? Can he do anything else he shouldn’t?” Hua Rong glanced at Xie Hui and said with contempt, “He wouldn’t dare.”

“Let’s go.”

Xu Sheng looked at the other man’s face, which clearly bore some resemblance to Lin An Lan’s and wanted to say something, but didn’t.

Standing up, he left the private room with Hua Rong.

In the large room, Cheng Yu and Xie Hui were left alone.

Xie Hui stood helplessly for a while before finally walking up to Cheng Yu’s side.

There were bottles all over the table and the floor and Xie Hui knew without thinking that Cheng Yu was drunk.

How could he have drunk so much, had something happened to him? Xie Hui guessed.

He moved closer to Cheng Yu, shook his shoulder gently and called out to him, “Cheng Ge.”

Frowning, Cheng Yu frowned opened his eyes hazily to see Xie Hui looking at him with a worried expression in the dim light.

For a moment he was disoriented, his eyes blurred from the effects of alcohol and as he looked at Xie Hui, he said in a daze, “An An?”

Xie Hui froze for a moment, guessing he meant Lin An Lan by An An.

“I’m not Lin An Lan, I’m Xie Hui. Cheng Ge, we’ve met before.”

Cheng Yu couldn’t remember. He just frowned and said coldly, “Stay away from me.”

Xie Hui immediately stepped back and picked up the teapot on the table, “I’ll pour you some tea. You’re drunk, some tea will help.”

“Why are you here?” Cheng Yu asked after looking around and not seeing Hua Rong or Xu Sheng.

“Mr. Hua asked me to stay.” Xie Hui whispered, “They’ve already left. You’re too drunk, so they asked me to stay and look after you.”

Rubbing his temples, Cheng Yu instantly guessed what Hua Rong had in mind. Xie Hui put the tea in front of him, “Cheng Ge, drink the tea.”

“Get out.” Cheng Yu said.

Xie Hui sat on the sofa, not daring to move.

If before he had doubted whether Hua Rong was trustworthy and whether he should have taken this step or not, now that he saw Cheng Yu, he felt that he had probably made the right move.

Cheng Yu was a good man, and although he hadn’t had much contact with him, he was highly regarded by both actors and directors in the entertainment circle.

He remembered the time he met Cheng Yu in the car park. Cheng Yu hadn’t been happy with his deliberate imitation of Lin An Lan, but he didn’t say anything mean, he just told him, “You’re an adult, it’s time to have your own ideas.”

His tone hadn’t been gentle, but his words were, and Xie Hui knew that of course he should have his own ideas, it was just that his ideas weren’t needed.

He had no right to speak. Everything was up to Zhang Ge, and he could only accept it passively.

But that didn’t stop him from thinking that Cheng Yu, who said such things was a good person, hence he believed that Cheng Yu’s friend, too, should be a good person.

“I can’t go yet.” He looked at Cheng Yu and said to him frankly, “My agent wants me to accompany someone else in exchange for resources and this isn’t the first time. I didn’t agree before, but this time, he brought me here directly. I want to break my contract with him, but I don’t have enough money to pay for the breach of contract, however Mr. Hua is willing to give me three million, but only under the premise that I stay here until tomorrow morning.”

His gaze was sincere as he said, “Cheng Ge, I want out of my contract.”

Cheng Yu looked at him and thinking that he would have to go with someone else with such a face, felt unhappy.

“Go and wash your face.” He ordered.

Xie Hui stood up immediately, went into the bathroom and started to wash his face.

He had just finished washing his face when he saw Cheng Yu stumbling towards the bedroom in the private room.

He went over to help him, but Cheng Yu avoided him, “Don’t touch me.”

Xie Hui could only withdraw his hand and look at him awkwardly.

Going inside, Cheng Yu closed the door and lay down on the bed.

He was too tired but didn’t have much energy. He wanted to go home but couldn’t.

Did he have a home?

Cheng Yu wondered, had he ever had a home?

Yes, he had. Both when he was very small and last year.

Just not again.

His mother had left him and Lin An Lan had left him as well. He wasn’t what they wanted after all, so they both chose to give him up.

But he wanted to go home.

How could a person not have a home? He should also have a home.

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  1. These friends of CY’s are quite something! This could have gone seriously sideways and CY would have regretted it heavily.

    Thankfully, CY was not that drunk and XH seems like a good egg. Maybe he’ll make a new friend?

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