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Chapter 76.2

“Besides Jiang Xu, did anyone else go to your father?” He asked Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu, in a rare moment, was able to analyze the answer in his favor in the midst of the panic.

“Yes.” He said.

This was the truth, he wasn’t lying to Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan sighed, having guessed the reason.

Everything was difficult at the beginning, but once there was a first time, then there would be a second, a third and it would become countless.

Jiang Xu didn’t get the recognition he wanted as his father didn’t acknowledge him, and desperately trying to grasp at this straw, went to his father a second time and a third time without knowing it, in the hope that he would see him right.

“And your father, did he acknowledge him?”

Cheng Yu snorted as he said, “An An, as I said before, ‘those who insisted on having children for him were abandoned by him’. He never lacked women who wanted to have children for him, he just didn’t want any of them.”

Lin An Lan looked at his calm expression, thinking he was very confident, “But since the two of us are together, wouldn’t there be no children? Would your father allow that?”

“It’s not like the Cheng family has only one child, they should just pass it on to one of my uncles’ children when the time comes.”

Lin An Lan was sensitive enough to grasp the unspoken words, “He, he wouldn’t necessarily want to, would he?”

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, “What’s the use of his willingness? Would I even consider his wishes?”

He rubbed Lin An Lan’s head, “Don’t worry about that. What’s mine is definitely mine, I won’t let it go, and no one else has the right to take it. After all these years, I haven’t just been a celebrity.”

Lin An Lan understood. It looked like Cheng Yu had left himself room for maneuver.

“No wonder Jiang Xu keeps saying that I came to your side for him, wanting you to take me home to meet your family.”

“Do you want to meet them?” Cheng Yu asked him.

Lin An Lan was surprised, “It’s too early.”

Cheng Yu smiled, “Then we won’t go see them.”

He didn’t say we won’t go see them now, but we won’t go see them.

They weren’t going to get married anyway, so there was no need for Lin An Lan to meet his parents and be scrutinized by Cheng Feng.

He couldn’t bear the thought of that happening.

Cheng Yu hugged him, “Anyway, you don’t need to.”

He kissed Lin An Lan on the side of his face.

Lin An Lan just thought that he was concerned about him and that he wasn’t on good terms with Cheng Feng, that was why he didn’t want him to go see him.

He told Cheng Yu, patting his back, “We should still go see them, but not right now because it’s still too early. We should go when we’re about to get married.”

“En.” Cheng Yu nodded, “Let’s eat.”

He then added, “You didn’t drink the congee I ordered for you before, so I’ll order a new one for you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t have a problem with that.

Then he suddenly remembered something, “Little flower, did Jiang Xu ever tell you about the relationship between the two of you?”

Cheng Yu’s hand that was holding the phone froze again.

He thought about it for a long time then said honestly, “No.”

He definitely knew what the best answer was, but there was no need to lie.

The most successful lie in this world was one falsehood mixed with ten words, because the remaining nine were true, so that the one that was false, would appear to be true.

Cheng Yu had always done this, telling Lin An Lan the truth about his relationship with Jiang Xu, and also about his own relationship with him before.

He also elaborated on his life, his relationship with his parents; his character, his likes and dislikes of other people.

He only made slight changes in the timeline of this August, so that Lin An Lan would never doubt him even when he walked out of his house, met new people and even now when he recalled some of his memories.

Because what he said was true, every word he said was true.

He seemed so gentle and reliable, what’s more, his every word was confirmed in his memory and by the mouths of others.

So even now, when Lin An Lan was puzzled as to why he had fallen in love with Cheng Yu, he didn’t question him.

He simply assumed that something else must have happened during his years at university or at work.

After all, in his memory, in his initial memory, there was only Cheng Yu and only the notion that Cheng Yu was his boyfriend.

Lin An Lan trusted him, and the constant flashbacks to the real memories of his dreams added to his trust.

So, to this day, Cheng Yu remained the person he trusted most, bar none, apart from himself.

“That’s good.” Lin An Lan said, “If he had really gone to you and told you about it, then I probably would have been really angry.”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “He didn’t say that, it’s just that I knew. We both know exactly how the other one is in relation to ourselves, it’s just that I know he knows but he probably doesn’t know that I know too.”

Taking Cheng Yu’s hand in his, Lin An Lan smiled reassuringly at him.

If he could, he thought it would be better if Cheng Yu didn’t know, so that he might be a little happier.

Cheng Yu obviously guessed what he was thinking and denied it, “If I had to choose, I would wish I knew. I don’t like a situation where the enemy is in the dark and I am in the clear, I like the enemy to be clear and I in the dark, so that I would have more initiative.”

“That’s because you have a good heart. If you were an ordinary person, at that age, suddenly finding out that your father has an illegitimate son, even if you don’t have a good relationship with your father, it would be hard not to become angry because of it.”

“Maybe.” Cheng Yu was indifferent.

He kissed Lin An Lan’s forehead, “But it’s all thanks to you; if it weren’t for you, Jiang Xu would have been unable to resist telling me back in our senior year when he found out. Instead, all these years, nothing was said.”

“This is probably one of the rare times that he held back the longest.”

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