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Chapter 49.2

“So how do we make money?” Lin An Lan asked Cheng Yu. “What do you think is better, to work, to sell things ourselves, or to find a Chinese restaurant and become a sous chef? Which do you think is better?”

“You’re already thinking about making money so early?” Cheng Yu looked at him with a calm expression as he ate his sandwich.

“What else?”

“We can have fun for a while and then make money. It wasn’t easy for us to get out, don’t you want to go for a walk?”

“Yes, but we only have so much money. It’s cool to go out and have fun, but it’s not cool to not have money.”

“That’s fine.” Cheng Yu said, “Let’s make money today and then go out tomorrow.”

“Then of the three options that I mentioned just now, which of them do you think is better?”

“I don’t think we have to go to that much trouble.” Cheng Yu said, “Just let them come to our place to eat. It’s too hard to work and too tiring to go out and sell things. If we are going to cook, why be a sous chef instead of a chef?”

Lin An Lan thought he had a good idea, except, “We don’t have the clientele.”

“Who says we don’t?” Cheng Yu smiled as he winked at him, “If you want, we can have them by noon.”

“Really?” Lin An Lan was skeptical.

Cheng Yu nodded calmly, “Much more real than real gold and silver.”

Lin An Lan was confused, but he didn’t rush to ask him, he just said, “So we’re sort of planning to open a family kitchen?”

“That’s right.”

“Then we’ll have to go grocery shopping later, otherwise there won’t be enough food in the fridge.”


After the two of them finished talking, they ate their breakfast then got ready to go out.

When Chen Yingjie and Guan Fei saw them preparing to go out they asked in confusion, “Lin Ge, Cheng Ge, are you guys going out?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “We are going out to buy something.”

“Didn’t the crew tell us to spend as little as possible? Why are you still buying things?” Chen Yingjie didn’t approve of their decision.

“Spending less doesn’t mean not spending at all. What should be spent has to be spent.”

Guan Fei thought he was right so he said, “Then we will go with you guys, I want to buy something too.”

Chen Yingjie also wanted to go with them, so he didn’t stop this plan.

Lin An Lan didn’t have a problem with Guan Fei, plus Guan Fei was his fan, so he agreed, “Okay.”

The four of them went to the supermarket together in the same car.

As Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu pushed their shopping carts, they thought about what to buy.

Guan Fei followed them and tried to take this and that, but Chen Yingjie put them all back. “Buy some necessities, aren’t snacks like this already back home?”

Guan Fei had no choice but to watch him put the chips he had taken back on the shelf. He was calm on the outside but was weeping inside.

Then Chen Yingjie walked over to Cheng Yu and asked him, “Yu Ge, what are you going to buy?”

“Don’t ask me, ask An An.” Cheng Yu obviously didn’t want to talk to him.

Chen Yingjie could only turn to ask Lin An Lan, who said indifferently, “Buying some vegetables.”

“Then we’ll buy some vegetables too.”

Lin An Lan didn’t say anything. After all, they didn’t live together.

The four of them spent a good deal of time in the vegetable section before they settled the bill and walked out.

Lin An Lan bought more vegetables, so Cheng Yu took the heavy bag and left the lighter one for him.

When Guan Fei noticed this, he teased, “Cheng Ge you’re such a model boyfriend, aren’t you too good at taking care of people? I also want to be a couple with you too.”

Cheng Yu laughed when he heard him, thinking that he was really good with words.

“What a pity, I already have a boyfriend.”

Just after he finished saying this, he remembered Lin An Lan’s advice from the night before and fearing that he might think he wasn’t avoiding suspicion again, added deliberately, “Don’t you have a nephew? If you let your nephew help you, you won’t have to think about being a couple with me.”

Guan Fei’s eyes lit up and he immediately handed the object in his hands to Chen Yingjie, “Great nephew, did you hear that?”

Chen Yingjie didn’t want to help him carry it, but he went to Cheng Yu and volunteered, “Yu Ge, let me help you carry yours. I didn’t buy much so my load is relatively light.”

“There’s no need.” Cheng Yu refused.

“It’s okay.” Chen Yingjie said in reply, “I’ll carry it for you, then we can go to your house again for lunch, ha ha.”

“That’s probably not possible.” Cheng Yu turned to look at him, “You probably can’t come to lunch today.”

“Why?” Chen Yingjie didn’t understand, “Guan Fei and I will pay.”

Guan Fei nodded quickly, “Yes, we’re willing to pay.”

“It’s not about the money, it’s because it’s inconvenient.”

“Why is it inconvenient?”

“It’s a secret.”

Chen Yingjie was knocked back by his remark about secrecy, and could only turn to look at Lin An Lan helplessly.

But Lin An Lan pretended as if he didn’t feel his gaze until Chen Yingjie asked him, then he smiled back at him and said, “It’s a secret.”

Chen Yingjie: ……

Chen Yingjie instantly felt like he was too redundant.

He had clearly tried so hard, but Cheng Yu still couldn’t see him and he still couldn’t get between Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan.

He was just like an outsider.

He laughed at himself mockingly, feeling that he was really pathetic.

Not saying anything else, he returned to the villa in silence with Lin An Lan and the rest in the car.

The four of them parted ways at the entrance of their villas and Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu opened the door and entered their house. Then looking at the time, they decided to change the opening hours of the family kitchen to the afternoon.

“This way we can rest for a while.” Lin An Lan explained.

Cheng Yu nodded and moved behind him, reaching out to give him a massage on the shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Lin An Lan looked back at him.

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