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Chapter 103.2 Lin An Lan recovers his memories (two)

“Yeah. We were classmates in high school and university alumni. We’ve known each other for quite a while, it’s a pity.”

Was it a pity? Actually, it wasn’t really a pity. It was a good thing that they weren’t friends, that was why he was able to be rational when Cheng Feng showed up and was able to help the ones he should have to the best of his abilities under the circumstances.

It was also thanks to the fact that they weren’t friends, that they didn’t have any good memories between them, that Cheng Yu would be able to give up and after leaving school, go out into society, meet more people, people who were better than him, and hence probably give up.

From this point of view, it was really not a pity.

There wasn’t a trace of regret on his face, but he couldn’t help but sigh lowly in his heart.

He didn’t quite understand why Cheng Yu liked him so much. Why did he have to like him so much?

From that point on, the relationship between the two of them became one where they couldn’t be seen on the same stage and although it wasn’t said explicitly, Lin An Lan felt that Cheng Yu should be able to feel it.

He knew he wouldn’t stay in the entertainment circle for long. The Cheng family had such a large company, they were waiting for him to go back to inherit it, so he thought he would one day go back, that after playing for two years, he would go back.

Having first love was good, but if one couldn’t have it, then one should give up.

But he didn’t expect that he would accidentally lose his memory, that he would knock on Cheng Yu’s door, and that Cheng Yu would lie to him, making him really become his boyfriend.

Lin An Lan hated deception, and his hatred of deception came from the fact that his mother left him at the door of the orphanage with the words, ‘she was just going to buy him ice cream’.

But he also longed to be loved. His adoptive parents’ love was tender and long lasting, which taught him about affection. He and Jiang Xu kept each other company– Jiang Xu warmed his early years and kept him company as a teenager, but Cheng Yu….

Cheng Yu’s feelings blazed fiercely and were sincere. He didn’t need it to be returned, he just pursued him one-sidedly, coming towards him.

Lin An Lan had never longed for romantic love because no one taught him about it. He didn’t feel he needed it, so he didn’t love, nor did he accept the likes of others.

But now, Cheng Yu had taught him about that kind of love. Although it had been done in a deceitful way, for the first time he saw the beauty of romantic love in a real and vivid way.

It was indeed a very likeable feeling. Passionate but not abrupt, sincere and honest. Lin An Lan loved Cheng Yu’s love, his love was pleasant and comfortable, so he had truly been happy during his amnesia period.

It had definitely been the happiest time for him. He’d had no memories, no feeling of abandonment and there hadn’t been any need for him to try too hard. He just stayed in the sunshine Cheng Yu wove for him.

He was indeed a very good lover, it was just….

Lin An Lan looked at the ring on his hand. It was just that the man he was now, wasn’t the man he had been when he lost his memory.

Sighing, Lin An Lan wanted to take the ring off, but then hesitantly let go when it reached his knuckle.

He was silent for a long time, then finally put the ring back on and let it remain on his finger.

Making himself a sandwich, he grabbed a bottle of yoghurt and ate his breakfast while swiping through his phone.

As he swiped, Zhuo Siya’s call came through, “You have a magazine shoot in a couple of days. Remember to eat less, go to bed early and get up early. Stay in good shape.”

“En.” Lin An Lan said calmly, “Do you have something planned today? If not, come over to my house, I have something to tell you.”

“Your house?” Zhuo Siya was surprised, “You don’t live with Cheng Yu anymore?”


“Okay.” Zhuo Siya felt that something was strange but didn’t think much of it.

Arriving quickly, he entered the house and vaguely felt that something was different about Lin An Lan today, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“Why aren’t you living with Cheng Yu anymore?”

“Am I supposed to be living with him?”

“Aren’t you lovers?”

Laughing a little, Lin An Lan asked him, “Are we lovers?”

His heart thumping, Zhuo Siya stared at him quietly then asked, “Aren’t you?”

“Whether we are or aren’t lovers, shouldn’t you be able to guess it? Do you think we look like lovers?”

Zhuo Siya felt that he really couldn’t guess, so he asked, “An Lan, what do your words mean?”

“I’ve got my memories back.” Lin An Lan poured him a cup of tea, “As my manager, my best and most trusted partner in my career, I am frankly disappointed in you.”

Zhuo Siya looked at him in surprise, but then saw him smile slightly with his lips curved as he pushed the cup of tea in front of him, “Have some tea.”

Zhuo Siya had no desire to drink tea. Looking at Lin An Lan, he said bitterly, “I’m sorry, I had no choice. Cheng Yu said some harsh words to me. He wouldn’t hurt you, but with a background like his, it couldn’t have been easier for him to deal with me, but I have a wife and kids. I couldn’t leave them alone.”

“I understand.” Lin An Lan nodded, “I can accept that too.”

“Then you….”

“Don’t worry, you’re not to blame for this. Everyone has a weakness, especially those with parents, wives and children. You’re just an ordinary person, so I can understand.”

“Thank you.” Zhuo Siya was incredulous, but couldn’t help but ask again as if to confirm, “You really don’t blame me?”

“There’s nothing to blame you for, and although you didn’t expose him, you didn’t help him either, so there’s nothing to blame you for.”

“Then what did you do to him….” Zhuo Siya asked tentatively, “You’re back to living in your own house now, are you separated from him?”

“Pretty much.” Lin An Lan said, “We are separated for now.”

“For now?”

Lin An Lan smiled at him, “Yes, for now.”

“So you’ll get back together?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“Do you hate him?” Zhuo Siya was curious, “He lied to you, do you hate him?”

Lin An Lan pondered the question very carefully for a while then answered seriously, “To be honest, not so much.”

Zhuo Siya was surprised. He had assumed that Lin An Lan would especially hate Cheng Yu after he recovered his memories, but the answer was….not so much?

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