I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 106.1 Cheng Yu is sick

Cheng Yu finished singing.

He stood there in silence and Duan Yuze was about to speak when he said, “Let me sing it again.”

“Okay.” Duan Yuze didn’t refuse.

Cheng Yu, quietly sad, sang the song again.

He seemed to want to sing the song very well because he recorded it several times until his voice was a bit hoarse, but he still wanted to record it again.

“It’s OK.” Duan Yuze stopped him, unable to bear it, “You’ve already sung it very well, inputting a lot of emotion. You sound good, you don’t need to record it again.”

Hearing him say this, Cheng Yu’s mind was finally at ease and he took off the headphones.

Duan Yuze saved his audio to a folder, turned off the device and said to him, “Come on, I’ll buy you dinner, I’m hungry.”

The two of them went to a nearby restaurant together and looking at Cheng Yu, Duan Yuze wanted to ask him something but was too embarrassed to ask.

In the middle of the meal, seeing the ring on Cheng Yu’s ring finger, he asked tentatively, “Are you in a relationship?”

He deliberately looked at the ring and Cheng Yu followed his gaze, only to find that he had forgotten to take it off on the way out, hence the ring was still on his hand.

“En.” He didn’t deny it.

“With who?” Duan Yuze was curious.

Cheng Yu didn’t answer, and Duan Yuze guessed that the other party was probably also a member of the entertainment circle, so he didn’t press further.

“You guys broke up?” He asked, “That’s why you’re in so much pain.”

Cheng Yu smiled at him. It was a very beautiful smile, but unfortunately there was no trace of laughter or joy in his eyes.

Nodding, he looked down to eat.

Duan Yuze stopped asking and clinked his glass of tea with his, “It’s okay, with your conditions, you’ll definitely meet someone better and then when the time comes, you’ll show up in front of her with your new girlfriend, blind her snobbish eyes and make her regret it.”

“It’s not his fault.” Cheng Yu whispered, “It’s my fault. It has nothing to do with him, he’s fine, he doesn’t need to regret it.”

And he wouldn’t regret it either.

Because it was only when one loved someone that one would regret it, but if one didn’t, then what was there to regret?

Did Lin An Lan love him?

He loved him when he had lost his memory, right?

But only at that time, he guessed.

Because when his lies were uncovered and everything was laid bare before Lin An Lan without mercy, then the sensible Lin An Lan probably didn’t love him anymore.

He wasn’t coming back, that was why he didn’t reply to his WeChat and didn’t contact him. It was as if, everything that they had once been before, didn’t exist.

Cheng Yu felt that he was really cruel, but then he also felt that he wasn’t wrong.

It was him who was at fault, it had always been him. He had lied to Lin An Lan, deceived his feelings, stolen his love and had physical relations with him.

He knew fully well that Lin An Lan didn’t love him before he lost his memory, but he still allowed himself to do wrong, so it was normal for Lin An Lan to hate him and to not want to see him again.

He and Jiang Xu used to be such good friends, but he could even avoid him because of his mistakes, what’s more him,

Who was an ordinary classmate who he had no relationship with and who wasn’t even his friend.

“It’s my fault.” Cheng Yu said softly, “so there’s no need for him to regret it.”

Duan Yuze:……

Duan Yuze felt that he must have really loved that person. They had already broken up yet he was still speaking for that person and didn’t want that person to regret it.

What a saintly love!

Duan Yuze could only nod, agreeing with him: “Fine, fine, fine, if you say there’s no need for him to regret it, then there’s no need, just don’t feel too bad. Look how popular you are now, your variety show is airing, your movie’s box office is soaring every day and you have gained another batch of fans. This momentum, who wouldn’t be envious if they see it?”

Cheng Yu nodded.

Duan Yuze continued, “So don’t feel too bad. If you aren’t a match with this one, there’s bound to be another one. With your conditions, are you still worried about finding a girlfriend?”

“En.” Cheng Yu responded perfunctorily.

After dinner, Duan Yuze had to go back to deal with Cheng Yu’s audio and Cheng Yu was ready to go home.

After saying goodbye to Duan Yuze, he picked up his car and drove back to the house.

On the way back, almost instinctively, Cheng Yu took another detour and parked under Lin An Lan’s apartment.

He looked up at the floor where Lin An Lan was and wondered whether he was in or not.

He took his cell phone out. Lin An Lan still hadn’t sent him any messages and the WeChat page was still stuck on the two messages he had sent when he was drunk last time.

Looking at the messages he had sent, he felt sad and depressed, and his chest was tight as if he couldn’t breathe.

Opening his mouth, he exhaled, then inhaled hard, which made him feel a little better and then threw his cell phone on the passenger seat next to him.

He wanted to go and see Lin An Lan, he wanted to go and see him.

He wanted to. As long as Lin An Lan gave him a sign, a word, a look, or even a punctuation, he could muster up the courage to appear before him again, to see him.

But Lin An Lan did not.

He walked forward with determination, leaving him alone and he didn’t look back nor did he know how sad he really was.

He suddenly thought of Jing Huan, of the fate of him and Jing Huan.

Jing Huan had also been waiting for Gu Shuyu to turn around, for him to see him, for him to make a gesture, to say a word, to give an inkling that there was a possibility that he might also have a chance.

But no, what he got in the end, was Gu Shuyu getting a girlfriend and Gu Shuyu’s wedding.

He had ran hard towards Gu Shuyu before the wedding, held Gu Shuyu’s shoulder and forced him to turn around to see him.

But it didn’t work. He wasn’t what Gu Shuyu wanted, so he had to suppress his feelings and wish him happiness.

And he, too, wasn’t what Lin An Lan wanted.

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