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Chapter 15

“Of course.” Lin An Lan didn’t hesitate, “You are a perfect boyfriend.”

“Then, do you think I’m good to you?”

“Aren’t you the best with me already? You’re simply better than any model boyfriend on TV.”

Feeling more relieved, Cheng Yu hugged him tighter, “That’s good.”

He said, “I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough for you to like.”

“You’re already good enough.” Lin An Lan poked him over the heart.

Cheng Yu laughed, nodding.

Then suddenly thinking of something, he said to Lin An Lan, “But since Jiang Xu dislikes me so much, it’s better not to tell him about your memory loss, otherwise, I’m afraid he’ll say something else to provoke our relationship.”

Lin An Lan didn’t doubt him, moreover he himself didn’t want to talk to Jiang Xu anymore, so he simply agreed, “Sure.”

Cheng Yu kissed him fiercely, “My wife is so nice.”

Lin An Lan smiled at him, then patted him on the hand to let go, “Drive, it’s time to go back.”

Cheng Yu kissed him again reluctantly before letting go.

Lin An Lan sat back in the passenger seat, put on his seatbelt and turned his head to talk to Cheng Yu but was suddenly surprised to find that Cheng Yu looked a little bit like Jiang Xu.

Puzzled, he said, “Cheng Yu, when I look at you from the side like this, you look a little bit like Jiang Xu, though it’s only a little.”

Cheng Yu froze for a moment, but then glanced at him quickly and said in disdain, “Is he worthy, I’m much more handsome than him.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile.

Cheng Yu turned his head to look at him, pinching his face as he asked, “Am I wrong?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “You’re right.”

“Right about what?” Cheng Yu asked deliberately.

“You’re much more handsome than he is.” Lin An Lan said readily.

“How handsome?”

“Exceptionally handsome!” Lin An Lan gave him a thumbs up, “The most handsome man in the world.”

Satisfied, Cheng Yu tickled him on the nose then started the car again.

Lin An Lan looked at him, only thinking that he was quite cute.

He couldn’t help but say, “Little flower.”

“What do you mean?” Cheng Yu asked as he steered the car, preparing to leave the underground car park.

“Isn’t Xiao Yu a little tulip, and isn’t a little tulip a little flower?”

Cheng Yu laughed, “You’re overthinking it.”

He said, “My name, Cheng is my father’s surname, Yu is my mother’s surname, Cheng Yu represents both the Cheng and Yu families, not tulip.”

He thought for a moment, then said softly, “But my mother likes tulips.”

Lin An Lan hadn’t expected this. He looked at the  side of Cheng Yu’s face quietly, remembering what he had said before about his parents’ relationship with him.

“It’s okay.” Lin An Lan reached out and took his right hand, which was hanging to the side in his and rubbed the back of it gently, “Cheng belongs to your father, Yu belongs to your mother, and little flower belongs to me.”

Cheng Yu’s heart fluttered and he stopped the car to look at him.

Lin An Lan’s smile was very gentle, his eyes were full of emotion.

Cheng Yu looked at him quietly for a long time before he took his hand and kissed him on the back of it.

“Okay.” He whispered.

Then you have to take good care of your little flower, Cheng Yu thought in his heart. However, he didn’t dare say it out loud.

But that didn’t stop him from being in a good mood all day.

Even in the evening, when he heard the report of Jiang Xu’s trip, he didn’t let it affect his mood.

He had decided not to guess, because what was the point of guessing? It was better to believe that Lin An Lan had lost his memory and that he was only interested in him now.

Wasn’t it better? Thinking about it like this made him happy.

What’s more, Lin An Lan even scolded Jiang Xu for him and said he belonged to him.

That was enough.

Cheng Yu hung up the phone in a good mood, went back to the bedroom, and took Lin An Lan into his arms after he came out of the shower.

“Let me blow-dry your hair, okay?” Cheng Yu hugged him from behind, holding his whole body in his arms as he tilted his head and kissed his face.

Lin An Lan had already gotten used to this, so he said “mmm”, drank his some water and allowed him to blow-dry his hair.

Cheng Yu dried his hair carefully and as Lin An Lan felt the force of the heat from the dryer, he looked at his phone then said to him, “Let’s go out tomorrow.”

“What for?”

“To buy some things for the variety show, so we can be prepared.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu didn’t have a problem with that.

Lin An Lan glanced at him secretly, thinking that if there was time, he would watch a movie with him.

Although they had already watched a lot of movies at home, they hadn’t seen them outside.

Didn’t couples always go out to watch movies?

Then they should too.

Although his little tulip looked good, pest-free and disease-free, the buds were not as strong as they looked on the outside, so he had to take care of them too.

He had to water him when others did, and he had to make appointments when others did.

But he didn’t have to tell Cheng Yu beforehand, so he could surprise him.

He smiled as he thought about this.

The two of them made a list of purchases, and after lunch the next day, they went straight to the supermarket.

Lin An Lan was afraid that people would recognize them, so he was fully armed. It was almost as if he had changed his face.

When Cheng Yu saw that he had even put on his glasses, he said, “You really don’t give your fans any chance of recognizing us.”

Lin An Lan handed a pair of glasses over, “Wear them too.”

Cheng Yu put them on helplessly, looking at his appearance in the mirror, “I don’t look too bad in glasses, I’m quite handsome.”

Lin An Lan laughed all of a sudden, “Narcissistic.”

“Aren’t I handsome?” Cheng Yu looked back at him.

Lin An Lan accepted his words, “You are handsome, very handsome, a young handsome man!”

“I think so too.” Cheng Yu said shamelessly.

Lin An Lan smiled, pulling him out the door, “Let’s go.”

Cheng Yu knew that he was afraid of being recognized, so he took him to a exclusive supermarket in the city where there were few families.

And probably because it was a weekday, the supermarket was even less crowded than they thought.

Lin An Lan said with surprise as he pushed the cart, “I’ve definitely never been to a place like this before, I don’t remember anything.”

Cheng Yu helped him push it along, replying as he walked beside him, “If you like it, I’ll bring you here more often.”

Saying this, he took a box of candy off a shelf.

“Alright. There aren’t a lot of people here, so we don’t have to worry about being recognized.”

Cheng Yu laughed, putting another bag of candy into the shopping cart, “I didn’t say I was worried.”

Lin An Lan turned his head to look at him, “You’re not worried?”

Cheng Yu lowered his head to his ear, “I want the whole world to know that we are shopping together.”

Lin An Lan:….

Cheng Yu took another box of mint candy proudly then threw it into the shopping cart with style.

Lin An Lan looked at the shopping cart, “Don’t you think you’ve taken too much candy?”

“It’s to quit smoking,” Cheng Yu explained, “you have to eat something. I saw someone eating mint candy, someone eating fruit candy, and someone eating milk candy, so I’m trying them all.”

After saying this, he threw in another box of chocolates.

Lin An Lan, “You are going to try this too?”

Cheng Yu smiled, “I’m not trying this one, I heard others say that it’s very good, so I’m giving it to you.”

He kissed Lin An Lan on the mouth quickly, “If you eat my chocolate, you are my person.”

Scared to death by his actions, Lin An Lan looked around hurriedly and seeing that no one was around, looked at him in rebuke, “You’re not allowed to do that outside.”

Cheng Yu sighed helplessly, “Okay.”
But then he quickly thought of something and leaned close to Lin An Lan’s ear to whisper, “Who can blame me for listening to my wife?”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh, smiling as he saw Cheng Yu browse through the other snacks on the shelves with a smile.

Looking at him, Lin An Lan felt a warm feeling flow in his heart.

They bought food and some other items that might be used in the variety show, and then slowly went to the fruit and vegetable section.

Lin An Lan picked up two boxes of vegetables, compared them and asked Cheng Yu, “Which one should I buy?”

Cheng Yu pointed to the one he was holding in his left hand.

“Why?” Lin An Lan asked him.

“It’s good-looking.” Cheng Yu said honestly.

Lin An Lan:….

Lin An Lan was curious, “Did you chase me because I’m good-looking too?”

Cheng Yu didn’t expect him to be so good at asking questions. He laughed, “And you call me a narcissist. Don’t you also think you’re good-looking?”

“I’m not boasting.” Lin An Lan said.

“That’s right, my An An only tells the truth.”

Cheng Yu saw that no one was around, so he hugged him gently and put his head on his shoulder.

Lin An Lan reminded him as he looked around, “Hug me after we go out.”

“Just for a second.” Cheng Yu said, then let go, right on time.

Lin An Lan put the groceries into the shopping cart, “You haven’t answered my question?”

“Of course not.” Cheng Yu said, “Although you are good looking, what I like isn’t your good looks, what I like is you as a person.”

“So now that I’ve lost my memory, do I still look the way you like?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Although you’ve lost your memory, you’re still you, maybe you’ve changed a bit compared to before, but your essence is still the same.”

“An An, no matter who you were before, or who you are now, you are still the same, you may not know it yourself, but I know it well, I can see it.”

Lin An Lan smiled, “Then do you like the present me more, or the previous me?”

It was a loaded question, but Cheng Yu had clearly studied the comparison.

“I like both, the present me likes the present you more, the before me likes the before you more, and the future me likes the future you more.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but give him a round of applause, “Perfect answer.”

“That’s right, I’m very wise in philosophy.” Cheng Yu winked, said proudly.

They shopped for more than an hour before swiping their cards and leaving the supermarket.

Not far from the supermarket was a shopping mall, and looking at the app on his phone, Lin An Lan said to Cheng Yu, “Let’s go to the mall.”

Cheng Yu, of course, had no problem with this. He drove the car into the underground parking garage of the mall.

“What do you want to buy?” He asked as he stopped the car.

Lin An Lan smiled, “I don’t want to buy anything, I want to treat you to a movie.”

Cheng Yu was surprised, “Treat me to watch a movie?”

“Yes.” Lin An Lan’s eyes curved as he smiled at him, “Little flower, do you want to go on a date with me?”

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