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Chapter 48.1

“That’s fine.”

The straight man of steel, Ma Junshan, walked up to the host, pointed at the two remaining cards and shouted, “Come on out, I’ve decided it’s you, my lover!”

However as soon as he opened it, it said two words clearly: friend.

Ma Junshan sighed, “This is too boring, no fun at all.”

Compared to the others’ identities, this friend card had nothing interesting about it.

And wasn’t interesting what variety shows were all about? This card had no point in drawing fans.

Ma Junshan looked at Lin An Lan enviously, feeling that his and Cheng Yu’s identity card was simply an explosion of points. This was totally a predetermined hot search.

However, Lin An Lan didn’t want this identity at all, because he was too worried! He couldn’t afford it!

Cheng Yu really didn’t expect such a surprise. He urged Lin An Lan excitedly, “An An, it’s your turn.”

Lin An Lan walked over with heavy steps and took the only card in the host’s hand.

Li Yongshi was surprised, “Then Lin Ge, you and Cheng Ge are….”

Yuan Leren didn’t expect this either, “A couple?”

“Oh my god, oh my god.” Jian Yada almost jumped up; what kind of blooming beautiful duo was this? She liked it!

Jian Yada restrained her inner boiling emotions, her eyes glowing as she looked at Lin An Lan, then looked silently at Cheng Yu.

Once they used this identity, many things would instantly be different.

Chen Yingjie clenched his fist jealously, wishing he were the one holding the card right now.

Ma Junshan was just as envious. Such a great identity card, why wasn’t it him? He was feeling too sour!

The director looked at the instantly excited crowd and felt that this card drawing session was simply great, especially since Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu actually drew the couple’s card. This was such a beautiful accident.

He even had a title for this issue – [Lin An Lan couple revealed, Cheng Yu talks about his boyfriend for the first time].

What an explosive point!

Up to 99, then down to just under 9, anyone who browsed the web would definitely click on it!

At that time, if the hot search topics were [Lin An Lan relationship], [Cheng Yu couple], [Lin An Lan Cheng Yu], would he still have to worry about the airtime and ratings of this issue?

It would definitely be a hit!

So, when Lin An Lan asked the director if they could change their identities, he refused with a serious expression on his face, “Xiao Lin, if you change this, we will have to re-record this issue and it’s too much trouble, moreover this is a game. Look, even Guan Fei has acknowledged Chen Yingjie as his nephew and Zhou Yuan and Yuan Leren are sisters. Don’t worry, people won’t take this seriously, it’s just an added attraction.”

As there was nothing wrong with his explanation, Lin An Lan couldn’t fault it, plus he wasn’t the kind of person to mess around. It was the variety show that had set the rules and since he was in it, he was willing to abide by them.

So he could only accept this status and start to choose his villa together with his boyfriend.

The process of choosing a villa was much easier than Lin An Lan thought. The last time’s selection had been done through literature, but this time’s selection was done through English.

The first word was villa. The guests who had already graduated looked at each other. It was only Lin An Lan who wrote out the answer on the paper calmly.

The host gave him a look that said ‘he really deserved to be a learning god’, “Then it’s better for An Lan and Cheng Yu to choose first.”

Ma Junshan felt that he instantly understood why Cheng Yu always chose Lin An Lan. He also wanted to choose Lin An Lan- who wouldn’t want to be in a team with a learning god!

However at the moment it didn’t look like it would work out, after all, the learning god only wanted to form a team with the other learning god as well.

Sigh, it seriously wasn’t easy to record a variety show. Xiao Ma sighed.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu chose a villa and moved in, but just after they put their luggage away, they were called for a post-pick.

“How did you feel when you drew the couple card?”

Lin An Lan knew the crew wouldn’t give up on this one, so he said, “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

“Were you surprised?”

“Surprised? Yes, surprised is more like it.” Lin An Lan had already prepared his words, “I was prepared to be friends, brothers, even uncle and nephew, but it turned out to be a couple, that’s too scary.”

“Then between couple or sisters, which one would you have chosen?”

Lin An Lan: ……

This question was too black bellied right?

The lady host laughed, “Do you suddenly feel that the couple card is acceptable?”

“Not really.”

“Well, then hopefully in the next few days, you’ll get used to it soon.”

“I hope so too.”

Compared to him, Cheng Yu was much happier.

“Ha ha ha, I’m quite surprised.” Cheng Yu didn’t hide his pleasure, “I haven’t played like this before. This is the first time, but because it’s very unexpected, I think it is quite fun .”

“But An Lan didn’t seem so surprised.”

“That’s normal, after all it doesn’t fit convention. He thought we would draw the friend, sisters, or even the uncle and nephew card. Who would have expected that we’d end up with this?”

“So you’ve accepted it?”

“I’ve accepted it.” Cheng Yu crossed his arms and said, “This is quite a new feeling and it’s the unexpected that makes it fun.”

“Then did you guess that Ying Jie would want to team up with you this time?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Then if you get the chance later, would you want to try teaming up with Ying Jie?”

“No.” Cheng Yu didn’t hesitate.

The lady host was a bit surprised. So determined?

“I’m having fun teaming up with An An, so I don’t want to change anyone else. I’m happy that we teamed up.”

“Then don’t you want to try teaming up with anyone else? Maybe there will be unexpected surprises too?”

“There’s no need.”

“Well then, I hope you and An Lan can stay together as a team.”

“I guess we will.” Cheng Yu laughed.

After finishing the post-pick, the two sat on the sofa, discussing what to eat later.

The crew had prepared fruits, vegetables, rice and noodles in advance, along with the cash on the coffee table.

“It’s just this.” Lin An Lan waved the money at Cheng Yu, “I’ve seen the dishes in the fridge, it’s enough to last a day.”

“That means if we want to consume the least, then we should make the most.” Cheng Yu as a businessman, answered in a very business like manner.

Lin An Lan only thought before that the show was trying to get them to save some money and to live frugally; never would he have expected that it could be like this. Instantly seeing things in a new direction, he praised, “Awesome, President Cheng. One word from you is enough to wake up this dreamer. So we have to find a way to make money?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head.

“Do you have any good suggestions?”

“I do, for example, let’s eat first, I’m starving.”

Saying this, he stood up, asking Lin An Lan, “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

“Whatever, make whatever you think is convenient.”

Cheng Yu perused the fridge and looking at the limited amount of rice noodles given by the program team said as he mulled over, “Let’s do stir fried rice.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan wasn’t a picky eater.

They were preparing to steam the rice when the doorbell rang. Lin An Lan opened the door and saw Yuan Leren and Zhou Yuan standing just outside.

“An emergency in Jiang Hu!” Yuan Leren pleaded with Lin An Lan as she held vegetables in a bowl, “The crew took away our dry food and my sister and I don’t know how to cook, so we’re willing to bring vegetables and money in exchange for a meal. Please save us children.”

Lin An Lan sidled up to let them walk in, thinking she was quite cute, “But you’ll have to talk to Cheng Yu, he’s the chef.”

Yuan Leren naturally knew that he was the chef. It was precisely because she had just remembered that Cheng Yu was the primary school chef in the first issue, that was why she had thought of Cheng Yu first.

She walked into the kitchen with the bowl in her arms and starting giving compliments as she said pitifully, “Cheng Ge, save us children, you’re the most handsome!”

“Then I’m not the most handsome if I don’t save you?”

“Of course not, you are the most handsome even if you don’t save us, it’s just that you’ll be the most handsome of them all if you do!”

Cheng Yu took the bowl from her arms but didn’t take her money, “Keep it for yourself, it’s only enough for one day, you’ll have to buy some things later.”

“Thank you Cheng Ge.” Yuan Leren gave him a big bow.

“Don’t, don’t, bowing isn’t necessary.”

Seeing that he had agreed, Lin An Lan washed some fruits to entertain Yuan Leren and Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was just about to sit down when he heard Yuan Leren say incredulously, “Sis, you even want to sit down?”

“What else?”

Yuan Leren pointed to the kitchen, “I’m the one who did the begging, so sis, go to the kitchen and learn how to cook with Cheng Ge.”

Zhou Yuan: ……

He moved closer to her and whispered, “Can you not call me sis?”

Yuan Leren shook her head with an innocent expression, “This is the identity setting of the show, what are you afraid of? It’s not as if I’m asking you to wear a dress.”

Zhou Yuan: ……

He walked into the kitchen silently.

Lin An Lan smiled lightly as he lowered his head, “You eat the fruit first, I’ll go see if Cheng Yu needs any help.”

“Then won’t I be bored when you all go inside? I’ll go with you.”

The two of them were just about to head to the kitchen when the doorbell rang again.

Puzzled, Lin An Lan went to the door, opened it and found that it was Guan Fei and Chen Yingjie.

“Neither Guan Fei nor I can cook and I remembered that Yu Ge can, so I came to bum off a meal. Of course, we can pay for it.” Chen Yingjie laughed.

Although Lin An Lan didn’t have very good feelings towards Chen Yingjie after what had happened during the previous selection where Chen Yingjie had suddenly jumped out and asked him to give Cheng Yu to him, in the end the camera was still on and if he refused at this time, anti-fans would definitely jump out and write the most vicious psychological portrayal of him.

So he didn’t refuse. He just opened the door and let him in together with Guan Fei.

“But I’m not the one in charge of the cooking, so you’ll have to ask Cheng Yu.”


Chen Yingjie rushed into the kitchen with great enthusiasm. After Cheng Yu heard what he had to say, he asked him, “Did you bring the money?”


“Alright then, go out and give the money to An An. We’ll have stir fried rice tonight.”

“Okay.” Chen Yingjie turned around and walked over to Lin An Lan, asking him how much a portion was.

“Sure enough, I just knew Yu Ge wouldn’t say no.” He bragged.

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan had originally wanted to say that it was just a symbolic collection of money. The result, after listening to his confident words, he was inexplicably a little upset and nonchalantly charged double the price.

What sure enough! Go to the side with it!

He looked at the money in his hand, and said in his heart, ‘His little tulip was really awesome’, just the first night of stay and they had income.

President Cheng, not bad!

“Sit on the couch first, I’ll go check the kitchen.”

“I’ll go with you,” Chen Yingjie volunteered, “I can help Yu Ge. I helped him when we cooked at the primary school before.”

Lin An Lan: …..

He took a rare close look at him. This person was really unabashedly enthusiastic about Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was chopping vegetables and as Zhou Yuan couldn’t help, he could only watch and chat with him. Just as they were chatting, they saw Lin An Lan and Chen Yingjie come in.

Chen Yingjie said very enthusiastically, “I’ll help you.”

“No.” Cheng Yu refused, “After taking your money, you’re a guest and there’s no reason for guests to cook.”

“Yu Ge, it’s okay. I was your helper in the primary school before, have you forgotten?”

It would have been better if he hadn’t mentioned the school because as soon as he did, Cheng Yu remembered his live broadcast where Chen Yingjie had deliberately entered the frame. He laughed, “That’s even more why I don’t need you, you don’t know how to cook.”

Seeing this, Lin An Lan advised, “You go out first, otherwise with everyone here, it will be too crowded.”

When Chen Yingjie saw that he couldn’t achieve what he wanted, he could only go back out first.

Lin An Lan went to Cheng Yu’s side, “You don’t need his help, I can help you.'”

Cheng Yu smiled a little, “That’s even more unnecessary.'”

He softened his tone, “Be a good boy and go sit outside, this is not difficult, it will be ready in a while.”

“You really don’t want my help?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Go ahead.”

Are you kidding, he hadn’t even let Lin An Lan cook for him at home, so how could he let Lin An Lan cook for these people?

Were they worthy?

Seeing Lin An Lan come out, Chen Yingjie was inexplicably happy, “Lin Ge, you’re also out. Yu Ge doesn’t want you to help, right?”

Lin An Lan: …..

Lin An Lan thought to himself, this person was really a talent. Otherwise how could he make every sentence sound unpleasant?

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