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Chapter 76.1

Lin An Lan sighed, “Plus at that time Jiang Xu was emotionally unstable and I was the only one around him. He was afraid that I would leave and even more so that you were approaching me deliberately to try to steal me away, so he didn’t want me to link up with you and I agreed to do so in order to keep him in check.”

“So,” Cheng Yu was surprised, “you were, in fact, thinking of me?”

Lin An Lan laughed a little and said, “Little flower, I’m not a saint. If you ask me, was I thinking of you? That’s for sure, but more importantly, it was actually for Jiang Xu. For me, even if at that time, Jiang Xu’s father wasn’t your father but someone else’s, I would have stopped him from appearing in front of his father and disturbing his father’s family’s life now.”

“Because it is cruel and unnecessary, but if the other person wasn’t Jiang Xu, I would have advised but I probably wouldn’t have gone to such lengths.”

Cheng Yu didn’t care about this; all he remembered were Lin An Lan’s words, “If you ask me, was I thinking of you? That’s for sure.”

He looked at Lin An Lan with a smile, “But you were still thinking of me, weren’t you? Because Jiang Xu’s father isn’t anyone else’s, but mine, so you were thinking of me, weren’t you?”

He asked with such sincerity and honesty that Lin An Lan couldn’t bear to deny it. He could only nod his head.

Cheng Yu’s eyes curved in a smile and he moved closer to him, staring at him tenderly, “Thank you.”

He continued, “This is a surprise I didn’t expect and when I think about it now, I don’t feel so bad about all those days when you ignored me.”

Cheng Yu hugged him, “Because, you were protecting me secretly.”

“Secretly, silently, when I didn’t know it, you were trying to protect the integrity of my family, my happiness and joy.”

“An An, thank you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t expect him to be so understanding.

He may have inadvertently protected Cheng Yu’s upbringing, so that he wouldn’t learn that his father had an illegitimate son elsewhere at such an important time as his senior year, but his starting point was, in fact, still for Jiang Xu.

Even Lin An Lan felt that without this, Jiang Xu was just an ordinary, unassuming teenager with no identity attached to him, so he would have promised Jiang Xu that he wouldn’t associate with Cheng Yu.

It was already clear to him that this was his character, and that for him, those he cared about would always take precedence over those he didn’t care about.

So he didn’t feel that Cheng Yu had anything to thank him for.

Moreover, he didn’t feel that he had protected him.

He had just done what he felt was right. In this case, if there is one person who needed to thank him, it was definitely not Cheng Yu, but Jiang Xu.

Because of his perseverance, Jiang Xu hadn’t degenerated.

Because of his obstruction, Jiang Xu didn’t go astray at the beginning.

Because of his companionship, Jiang Xu got through the most painful times.

But Jiang Xu didn’t thank him.

The one who should have thanked him the most didn’t thank him, and the one who shouldn’t have thanked him was thanking him for his thoughtfulness.

It was amazing how people could have half the same genes and yet have opposite personalities.

Jiang Xu was still too far behind Cheng Yu.

Not only did he not thank him, he even went behind his back and met Cheng Feng in his freshman year.

Lin An Lan didn’t think that his freshman year self knew that Jiang Xu had gone to see Cheng Feng. If he had known, then things would have never come to this.

According to his senior year plan, he and Cheng Yu, Jiang Xu and Cheng Yu, should have never come into contact with each other.

Cheng Yu would never know the true nature of Jiang Xu’s relationship with him.

And Jiang Xu, on the other hand, would keep the secret far away from Cheng Yu, in his own restraint, known only to the two of them and his parents.

But then, Jiang Xu went to see Cheng Feng.

Even now, Jiang Xu and Cheng Yu had met three times.

Was there something else that had happened in between?

Had he found out that Jiang Xu had gone to see Cheng Feng behind his back?

Otherwise, how else would he and Cheng Yu have become lovers?

According to his plan, he would have never gotten close to Cheng Yu, not even as a friend, let alone as a lover, right?

But what had happened that he had actually become Cheng Yu’s boyfriend?

Was it that Cheng Yu had done something? Or was it that Jiang Xu had done something?

Lin An Lan was curious, but he couldn’t remember so he could only turn to Cheng Yu, “Why did we become lovers?”

He frowned, “According to my plan at that time, I would have never gotten together with you, so how did I agree to be your boyfriend?”

“Did Jiang Xu do something?”

Cheng Yu panicked instantly, the joy and tenderness that had just filled his heart fading to a pale shade of white at that moment.

He could only try to cover up dryly, “Because I had been pursuing you for a long time.”

Lin An Lan didn’t think that was the real reason.

Cheng Yu might have really pursued him for a long time, but that was definitely not the main reason why he was with him.

His father’s passing might count as one.

But something else must have happened on Jiang Xu’s side as well.

Otherwise, with his character, he would never have stirred up the muddy waters with Cheng Yu.

But what was it?

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