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Chapter 129.1 Lin An Lan hugged him

Looking at the excitement on his face as well as the light in his eyes, Yu Heng smiled slowly, “That’s true. After all, I don’t think he’s ever said something like that to you before.”

“That’s why…” Cheng Yu laughed, “It’s rare for him to say such things to me, so of course I have to go see him.”

“Go ahead.” Yu Heng teased him, “If you don’t go, I’m afraid you’ll toss and turn in the bed in my house at night, sitting up awake and thinking about him. Physically there but in another place in mind and heart.”

Cheng Yu: ……

Standing up, Cheng Yu poured him a cup of tea, saying in a flattering tone: “Come, big brother, drink tea.”

Yu Heng smiled lightly, thinking that it was just fine. As long as Cheng Yu was happy, then, the rest didn’t matter.

And now, Cheng Yu was obviously happy.

Lin An Lan’s first scene of the afternoon was with Zhou Yan.

While Zhuo Siya and Yang Wang were a little worried, Lin An Lan was calm as he listened to Zhao Peng Hai finish explaining the scene then stood in the designated location, brewing his emotions.

The moment Zhao Peng Hai shouted ‘action’, Lin An Lan opened his eyes and looked at the person in front of him in shock, his voice trembling with shock and hatred, “You killed her.”

“You killed her, you killed your wife, my sister, with your own hands!”

“No, I didn’t mean to do it, I didn’t want her to die.” Zhou Yan argued.

His entire body was filled with tension and fear, “I just wanted to teach her a lesson. She was too ignorant and I was already so annoyed but then she just had to come up and give me a hard time.”

He looked at Lin An Lan angrily, “It’s her fault, she shouldn’t have come up at this time. It’s your sister who wasn’t intelligent. I’m innocent.”

As the two of them went back and forth, Zhao Peng Hai looked at Zhou Yan’s whole almost uncontrollable slightly nervous performance and interrupted, “Cut. Zhou Yan, your emotions in this piece aren’t right, so stop.”

The crowd of onlookers looked at Zhao Peng Hai in surprise, not understanding what he meant by this. In their opinion, Zhou Yan’s performance was vivid and delicate, with rich layers of emotions, almost crushing Lin An Lan who only had anger and hatred going on for him.

How could it be that there was something wrong with Zhou Yan’s performance?

Zhou Yan felt the same way.

He knew his handling of emotions in this piece was subtly different from the one depicted in the script, but it was only subtly, not an impossibility, so how could he say that his emotions were wrong?

Zhou Yan walked up to Zhao Peng Hai to have a discussion with him about it.

Lin An Lan stood calmly, turned around then asked Yang Wang for a glass of water. Yang Wang looked at him worriedly then whispered close to him, “Ge, they all think Zhou Yan acted better than you just now.”

“It’s fine.” Lin An Lan said calmly.

While the connoisseur recognized the artistry, the layman simply enjoyed the show. Zhou Yan’s performance just now did seem more subtle and realistic to the layman, but anyone who had read the script would have noticed that he was clearly at odds with the setting of the characters in the scene.

The brother-in-law in the movie was a bastard who pretended to be a person on the outside but who beat his wife violently at home; this wasn’t the first time he had beaten his wife, and this wasn’t the first time he had seen his wife fall to the ground; he had long been mentally prepared for it.

He just hadn’t expect to be happened upon by Li Hao, hence his nervousness and fear didn’t stem from his wife’s death, but from Li Hao’s appearance, so he didn’t need to be nervous and generally afraid. What he needed to do was to be on guard in his nervousness and fear.

These were two diametrically opposed emotions, and it was clear that Zhou Yan had gone the other way, the south way.

This was normal as he was hell bent on teaching him a lesson by putting pressure on his acting skills through a scene, so of course he had to choose a scene he was familiar with, and this type of acting was the one he was familiar with and so the easiest to use to deal a blow to his opponent.

It was just a pity that it was so out there that it didn’t fit the persona instead.

Even after Lin An Lan returned the glass to Yang Wang, Zhao Peng Hai and Zhou Yan’s conversation hadn’t ended yet.

Zhou Yan felt that what he had done was only a slight change which was fine, and that Zhao Peng Hai didn’t need to be this serious about it at all.

Zhao Peng Hai was furious, “What do you mean by I don’t need to be this serious? What’s the point of filming if you don’t take it seriously? Spelling out your inadequacy means being serious? What actor has never been criticized during filming? How come when it’s your turn it’s being serious? Can’t you be criticized?”

His voice was a bit loud, causing everyone to unconsciously look over.

Zhou Yan felt embarrassed, but because he was the director, he could only endure, “I just think there’s nothing wrong with me being like this.”

“Who told you there’s nothing wrong?! Look at the set-up in your script for this scene. He is confronting Li Hao and at the same time he has to think about how to deal with this wife’s brother and how to absolve himself, but based on the way you are acting it, Wang Yue is just a little bit nervous, so how can he think about all this? Have you thought about showing his inner thoughts? Have you thought about showing everyone your outer emotions besides your inner tension and fear?”

Zhou Yan hadn’t thought about this. He had just wanted to overpower Lin An Lan in terms of acting skills so that everyone could see that Lin An Lan was inferior to him and that he had thoroughly dominated him so much that he couldn’t fight back.

He had just thought that inner dramas were like this. When the time came, it would be paired with a monologue and that was that. And with a monologue, which audience would still be unable to understand?

But obviously, Zhao Peng Hai didn’t like his idea of putting the cart before the horse.

Acting was supposed to serve the script, not become a tool for one to use to attack others.

What was appropriate was the best. Overly showing off ones skills would only lead to one deviating from the script.

“Think about it, I’ll shoot the next scene first.”

After Zhao Peng Hai finished saying this, he changed the scene, making Lin An Lan go change his clothes to film an opposite scene with the Miss of the Li family.

The onlookers at this time also finally understood the problem through Zhao Peng Hai’s words. They didn’t have the script, so they didn’t know that in the scene, Zhou Yan, as the brother-in-law had so many thoughts in his mind. What they only saw was the fear and nervousness and therefore thought that his acting was very accurate, however when compared to the setting in the script setting, there was indeed too much of a discrepancy.

In contrast, it was Lin An Lan’s performance that was surprising. Despite the fact that Zhou Yan’s emotions were different from the one depicted in the script, he seemed unaffected and had maintained a steady performance.

The eyes with which everyone used to look at him changed instantly as they thought in their hearts that he was worthy of being the male lead handpicked by Director Zhao. He was really skilled.

Zhou Yan went off to reflect while Lin An Lan continued to film on set.

When Zhou Yan’s agent saw this, he advised him to listen to Zhao Peng Hai for the time being and that even if he couldn’t beat Lin An Lan this time, he would always have a chance in the future.

“Anyways filming has just started, there’s still a long way to go after this.”

Zhou Yan nodded his head reluctantly, however he was unhappy in his heart.

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