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Chapter 92.2

When Cheng Yu saw that Jiang Xu was gone and that Jiang Li Ying’s voice had disappeared, he looked down at Lin An Lan and saw that he was still sorting out the New Year’s Eve goods.

“Aren’t you going to check it out?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “They’ll sort their affairs out on their own.”

Cheng Yu nodded, but still wasn’t very reassured, “Can Jiang Xu solve it? If he doesn’t handle it well, won’t it implicate you?”

Once Jiang Liying and Jiang Xu come to the surface, Jiang Liying would inevitably drag Lin An Lan into the water, and it was inevitable that someone would pick up on Lin An Lan’s past and find out that he had once been abandoned by his mother, and then throw these problems at Lin An Lan, causing secondary damage.

“It’s best I go take care of it. I don’t feel at ease with Jiang Xu handling it.” Cheng Yu told him.

Lin An Lan felt that it was actually unnecessary, but looking at Cheng Yu like this, it seemed that if he wasn’t allowed to intervene, he would start worrying about him again, so Lin An Lan didn’t refuse, “Alright, if you want to.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yu walked into his bedroom to make a phone call, avoiding him.

Lin An Lan laughed when he came out of the bedroom, “Not making the call in front of me, it seems my little flower has two faces.”

Cheng Yu smiled, “More than two faces.”

“A seven-colored flower, huh?”

“It’s not impossible.”

Lin An Lan smiled a little, put everything away and then sat down on the sofa, “Sit.”

The moment Cheng Yu sat down, Lin An Lan leaned on his shoulder then slid down slowly, lying on his lap and leaning into his arms, “So tired.”

“Rest for a while, and then we’ll cook.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan whispered.

He grabbed Cheng Yu’s hand and held it in his own, “Little flower, don’t worry. Jiang Xu won’t be around. I said I’d spend New Year’s Eve with you and I’ll spend it with you only.”

Cheng Yu was silent for a moment before asking hesitantly, “Can you… bear to let go?”

From the moment Jiang Xu appeared, even before that. From the moment Lin An Lan said he was going home for the New Year, Cheng Yu became worried.

Of course he knew that Jiang Xu had always spent New Year’s Eve with Lin An Lan, so he was afraid, afraid that Jiang Xu would come to Lin An Lan, afraid that Lin An Lan, seeing him alone and miserable, would have a moment of weakness and agree to spend the New Year’s Eve with him.

Of course he knew that Jiang Xu had sent many text messages to Lin An Lan recently, and he also knew that Lin An Lan had replied to one of Jiang Xu’s text messages.

He didn’t know what they had talked about but he had guessed, with this timing, that it could only be related to the New Year.

Cheng Yu had even thought hard about it. If Lin An Lan really asked him if he could allow Jiang Xu to spend the New Year’s Eve with them, how should he answer?

He had thought about it for a long time and felt as if he too had no other choice but to say yes.

He wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with Lin An Lan, and only this had to happen, so the rest, whether he spent New Year’s alone with Lin An Lan, or whether he, Jiang Xu and Lin An Lan spent New Year’s together, didn’t seem that important.

It would certainly be best if there was no Jiang Xu, but if Jiang Xu was around, he could also accept it.

He had already accepted Jiang Xu’s presence by Lin An Lan’s side for so many years, so how could he care about this one more day?

“Yes.” Lin An Lan answered him.

His voice wasn’t loud but his tone was firm. Looking up at Cheng Yu, he let go of his hand and touched his face, “I told you, I won’t let you suffer.”

Looking at the warmth in his eyes, Cheng Yu wanted to tell him that he didn’t care about this occasional loss, that he could actually accept it, that he didn’t want this one New Year’s day where he was happy and joyful while Lin An Lan felt guilty and blamed himself.

But as he looked at Lin An Lan lying on his lap, he could hardly restrain his selfish feeling that it would be best without Jiang Xu.

He had already had so many New Year’s Eves with Lin An Lan, while he himself, perhaps only had this one time.

So, could he be absent this time?

Just this once.

Obviously at the very beginning, what Lin An Lan had said was also just them, just the two of them.

Cheng Yu thought to himself selfishly, but then sighed and gently covering Lin An Lan’s eyes, asked him, “Won’t you feel guilty? Won’t you feel guilty when you think about it later?”

“Why would I feel guilty?” Lin An Lan asked in return, “He was the one who lied to me first, wasn’t he? Hiding it from me for so long.”

“But it’s only because he was afraid that you’d be angry, that’s why he didn’t dare tell you. He knew he was wrong, that’s why he dared not tell you even more and could only hide it from you.”

“Isn’t it more deserving to be punished for knowingly breaking the law?”

Cheng Yu was silent for a moment.

And not knowing whether he was talking about himself or Jiang Xu, said, “He actually, just cares about you. He cares about you too much, that’s why he didn’t tell you.”

Lin An Lan felt that he was simply like a little white flower that was untouched by the mud.

He moved Cheng Yu’s hand away from his eyes, looked him in the eyes and said to him, “You shouldn’t always speak for him. I know you don’t want me to regret it when I regain my memory, but I have part of my memory now, so I can make my own decisions. I won’t regret my decisions; at least, there will definitely be no reversal in this matter, right?”

“We both agreed that he wouldn’t see Cheng Feng, but he did, more than once, and even met your grandfather. That’s true, isn’t it?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head.

“He didn’t go to see your father and your grandfather for your own good, nor for mine, and there is no such thing as him having gone to see your father and your grandfather for my sake, let alone him going to crusade against Cheng Feng because he felt his mother or his birth had hurt you and your mother, is that right?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head again.

“Then isn’t that the end of this matter?” Lin An Lan said sensibly, “In this matter, there is no possibility of me having wronged him. It’s his fault, so he must pay for his mistake.”

“I won’t regret it and if I do regret it later, I’ll take the blame myself.”

Seeing the determination in his eyes, Cheng Yu vaguely saw his future.

He asked Lin An Lan, “Is there any possibility, even a little possibility, that you would forgive the other party even after he has knowingly violated the law?”

Lin An Lan thought this was unlikely, “If one makes a mistake, then one should be punished. Even if the person is forgiven, there should be a price to pay, and even if there’s forgiveness, the two may not be able to return to their previous relationship. At least now, I don’t really want to care about Jiang Xu. I know we’ve known each other since we were kids and were very close, but I can’t accept that he’s grown up to be like this.”

“So I don’t want to see him and I don’t want to talk to him about forgiveness.”

“Maybe it’s because I haven’t fully recovered my memories, that’s why my existing feelings can’t counter his current mistakes, but that can’t be helped. Who told me to lose my memories? I can’t hit my head to recover my memories immediately, can I?”

Not knowing what to say for a moment, Cheng Yu could only nod and look at him with a smile.

Lin An Lan poked him in the face, “So you shouldn’t speak for him and don’t worry about me, I know what’s going on in my heart.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu responded.

Lin An Lan hugged him, thinking that luckily his little flower was a decent and kind flower, however it was odd. They both obviously had the same father and their mothers had left early, so how come Cheng Yu grew up to be so straight and empathetic, while Jiang Xu grew up crooked?

The growth of people was really inscrutable.

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