I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 163.1 Ending Chapter

Curious, Lin An Lan asked, “What gift?”

Turning around, Cheng Yu left the room. Shortly after, he returned with a beautifully wrapped rectangular box and placed it in front of Lin An Lan.

“A necklace?” Lin An Lan asked.

Nodding, Cheng Yu opened the box.

Inside it was a stunning necklace, with a pendant shaped like a tulip. The entire tulip blossom was made of a large, radiant yellow gemstone that looked incredibly gorgeous.

Taking the necklace out, Cheng Yu placed it around Lin An Lan’s neck.

“You’re not allowed to take this off.” He warned.

Touching the tulip pendant around his neck, Lin An Lan laughed, “Alright, I’ll even wear it to sleep. Is that okay?”

“That’s not necessary.” Cheng Yu told him. “Just wear it normally.”

Looking at the tulip in his hand, he whispered, “Wearing my flower means you’re mine.”

“But even without your flower, I’d still be your gardener.” Lin An Lan leaned in closer, “After all, you’re my flower.”

Hearing these words, Cheng Yu’s eyes were instantly filled with a smile as he said, “An An, happy birthday.”

“I’m already very happy.” Lin An Lan hugged him. “I’ve been so happy this past year. Every day I spend with you, I’m incredibly happy.”

Wrapping his arms around Lin An Lan’s waist, Cheng Yu tilted his head to kiss his ear.

And taking advantage of the opportunity, Lin An Lan kissed Cheng Yu and as they kissed, Cheng Yu pressed him down onto the bed.

Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu, tracing the contours of his eyebrows and eyes with his fingers before leaning in for another kiss.

The night was long, and as Lin An Lan held Cheng Yu, he basked in the warmth of their intertwined love.

The night was filled with sweetness.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu chose to wear matching suits from the same brand to the Golden Osmanthus Awards ceremony, which was scheduled for the end of January.

As they walked the red carpet together, fans surrounding them screamed and chanted nonstop, clamoring to be the ones to shout their names first.

And when the fans watching the live broadcast saw them in suits on the red carpet, they instantly imagined a wedding scene. Excited, they shouted in their chat groups, “They’re such a perfect match, such a perfect match! An An and Yu Yu, just get married in these outfits!”

“I just saw some info. The two of them are wearing ‘G’ brand! Woo woo woo woo, they’re wearing couple outfits, right!”

“I’m already treating this like their wedding! Yu Lan is so handsome, they’re such a perfect pair!”

“Please, please let them win an award! They have to win!”

“Yes, yes, yes, they must win! Please!”

After Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu signed their names on the wall and answered the questions, they headed backstage.

Netizens, seeing the composed demeanor of the two, started posting to the discussion topic, [Between Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, who has a better chance of winning an award?]

“Probably Lin An Lan. He has more screen time and Cheng Yu’s part isn’t as big.”

“I think it’s Cheng Yu. Although he has less screen time, he has more highlights, especially towards the end. There’s the scene where Lin An Lan gets drunk and hesitates to touch him, another where Cheng Yu races to Lin An Lan’s side during the wedding but restrains his feelings to wish him happiness, and that final scene. His acting in these parts is just fantastic. It’s simply the essence of the movie!”

“But Lin An Lan also has some great highlights— the heart to heart with Cheng Yu during sunset, the break up with Sun Xinxin, and that monologue when he was alone. All are brilliant.”

“It’s so hard to choose between them. I love both, I can’t decide, woo woo woo.”

“Am I the only one who thinks neither of them might win an award? Since when did Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu qualify for the Golden Osmanthus Award?”

“I also think that their nominations are already quite impressive. Winning though? Cheng Yu is one thing, but what makes Lin An Lan qualified? If he wins, he’ll be the Best Actor. Do Lin An Lan’s fans think their Ge-ge deserves the title of Best Actor?”

“It’s not about whether they’re worthy or not. Just based on their performances in this film, they did a great job. This film is quite good and both of them did well in it, so wouldn’t it be normal for them to win an award?”

“Anyways, I don’t think Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu deserve an award. To be honest, I don’t even think it’s appropriate for them to be nominated for the Golden Osmanthus Award, let alone win it.”

“What they don’t deserve it? I think they both acted well, what’s more the quality of the film is also good. It’s suitable for them to win an award.”

“Exactly! The person above must be a sunspot, unable to see others succeed. Considering the popularity of ‘Yun Yun’ this year, it would be more inappropriate if it didn’t get any nominations. You really think you’re the only sober one in a world full of drunks, huh?”

Netizens were chattering away, but Lin An Lan was in a much calmer mood.

At this point, the results had already been determined, so there was no use speculating or being anxious. It was better to relax and accept the final outcome.

Following the staff’s guidance, he and Cheng Yu entered the venue and took their seats.

Since both of them were from the same crew, the staff had naturally placed them together, which proved to be quite convenient for them.

As Lin An Lan took his seat, Cheng Yu looked at him then intentionally brushed his hand against his, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Smiling, Lin An Lan hooked his hand around Cheng Yu’s for a moment then quickly let go.

In the presence of a large audience, in a place where no one was paying attention, they enjoyed the excitement and sweetness of love.

Before long, the awards ceremony officially began.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu sat patiently through the event until late at night, when they finally heard the host announce, “Next up is the Golden Osmanthus Award for Best Actor, and the nominees are….”

Clips from the nominated actors’ films started playing on the screen. Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s clips were separated— one was second and the other was fourth. Lin An Lan’s selected scene was of his breakup with Sun Xinxin, while Cheng Yu’s was of his final moment when he wanted to speak to Gu Shuyu yet remained silent.

Even after watching it again, Lin An Lan was still deeply moved by Cheng Yu’s performance. Jing Huan had already surpassed other film and television characters to become his favorite on-screen character.

But what he liked wasn’t Jing Huan’s unspoken, restrained and unspeakable love. What he liked was Cheng Yu’s portrayal of Jing Huan, as the former the shadow of Cheng Yu could be seen in Jing Huan.

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