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Chapter 157.2 One Year Anniversary Gift

In his pajamas, Lin An Lan sat in front of Cheng Yu, allowing Cheng Yu draw him and taking it seriously, Cheng Yu spent two hours drawing before finally finishing.

Taking the pencil, Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu who was sitting in front of him and began to draw his face.

However, imagination was beautiful, but reality was cruel.

Although he already knew that his skills wouldn’t be able to capture Cheng Yu’s handsomeness, he never expected that his drawing wouldn’t resemble Cheng Yu at all.

He had drawn each line and every stroke carefully while looking at Cheng Yu, wishing he could make him look like a heavenly deity. However, it had turned out to be quite comical instead of looking like a deity.

Lin An Lan fell silent. He had been outstanding for half his life but was suddenly reduced to the level of an average person when it came to drawing. He was having difficulty accepting this reality.

Seeing Lin An Lan’s increasingly furrowed brow, Cheng Yu asked curiously, “Is it done?”

“Not yet.” Lin An Lan erased the parts he thought weren’t good quickly and started drawing again. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t achieve the effect he wanted, so he kept erasing and redrawing.

Cheng Yu sat patiently for three hours before eventually needing to use the bathroom. He asked Lin An Lan for permission to go to the bathroom.

Not hesitating at all, Lin An Lan permitted, “Go ahead.”

Standing up, Cheng Yu walked out, but just before he closed the door, he glanced curiously in the direction of the easel, only to see Lin An Lan tilting his head, facing away from him with his drawing blocked completely from view.

Cheng Yu became even more curious.

However even after returning from the bathroom and sitting for another hour, Lin An Lan still hadn’t finished his drawing.

“How about we stop here for now?” He suggested carefully. “It’s getting late, we should go to bed.”

Lin An Lan looked up reluctantly, “Are we going back to the room?”

“Do you want to continue drawing for a while?” Cheng Yu asked.

Lin An Lan: ….

Lin An Lan thought to himself, it wasn’t a matter of time, but rather that he needed to take a class to improve his skills.

“I didn’t draw it well.” He said honestly, feeling both embarrassed and inexplicably aggrieved.

Getting up, Cheng Yu walked over. “It’s okay. My drawing is just average too.”

Lin An Lan immediately leaned against the easel, blocking his drawing. “Your drawing is clearly very good.”

“Yours is definitely good too.” Cheng Yu reassured him.

Lin An Lan shook his head. “It’s very ugly.”

“That’s because I’m not as good looking as you are.”

Lin An Lan: !!!

“You’re lying.” Lin An Lan argued. “You’re clearly very good looking, even more handsome than I am!”

“In my heart, you are the most handsome.” Cheng Yu coaxed gently, “So let me have a look.”

Lin An Lan didn’t want him to. He hugged the easel tightly, “It really doesn’t look good. Can we just forget about this one? I’ll take a class, learn to draw better, then we can try again.”

“It’s okay, I’ll like it.”

“It doesn’t do you justice.”

“Your drawing does me justice.”

With tears in his eyes, Lin An Lan could only step away from the easel reluctantly, revealing his poorly drawn portrait.

He looked at the double portrait in front of him. Cheng Yu’s drawing was so good. The depiction of Lin An Lan sitting in a chair, smiling and gazing affectionately at the painter, was enough to make anyone’s heart swell with joy.

His drawing, on the other hand, was completely different: it was a dry, stiff-faced figure with unrecognizable features. It didn’t look like his ‘little flower’ at all even though he had deliberately drawn tulips on the pajamas.

He felt that he was on the verge of a breakdown.

Cheng Yu hadn’t expected Lin An Lan’s drawing to turn out like this either. The last time he had seen Lin An Lan’s oil painting, it had been full of vitality despite its immaturity and the overall effect seemed decent as it was mostly still life.

But this time, when it came to drawing a portrait, Lin An Lan’s true skill level was exposed: it was at the level of a middle school student’s after school assignment.

He laughed unconsciously, causing Lin An Lan to instantly explode, “You’re laughing! You’re laughing at me!”

“I’m not.” Cheng Yu said quickly. “I think it’s quite cute actually.”

“Cute? More like ridiculous.” Lin An Lan said, disheartened.

“It’s really quite cute.” Cheng Yu laughed, “I’m quite cute this way too.”

“Besides,” He pointed to the tulips drawn on the pajamas in the painting, “you drew the tulips very well.”

Picking up the pencil, he helped Lin An Lan make a few adjustments, modifying the facial expression and hand movements, making it so that the painting now depicted Lin An Lan smiling at the painter, while Cheng Yu pretended not to care as he glanced at him, their little fingers touching carefully.

Suddenly, Lin An Lan felt that the figure he had drawn didn’t seem as stiff as before.

“Isn’t this very cute? It suits me very well.” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Ruffling Lin An Lan’s hair, he wrapped his arms around him and holding his hands, bent down and rested his head on his shoulder. “I’m so happy, I have a portrait drawn by An An just for me, and you put so much effort into it.”

Lin An Lan glanced at him, “But it doesn’t look good.”

“But this is An An’s first portrait.” Cheng Yu kissed him on the lips. “It captures the most youthful and unskilled me.”

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