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Chapter 140.2

“As long as you leave Xiao Yu, I’m willing to give Jiang Xu that identity.” Cheng Feng said calmly.

Lin An Lan found his words ridiculous, “In the past twenty or so years, I’ve been far from Cheng Yu, yet Jiang Xu met you behind my back, longing for your recognition, but you didn’t even look at him. Now that I’m close to Cheng Yu, you’re telling me that if I leave him you can give Jiang Xu this identity? Why didn’t you give it to him back then?”

“If you had recognized him then, how would all this have happened now? You and Jiang Xu really like to go around in circles then go back to the past. In this regard, you two are truly like father and son.”

“Do you want me to recognize him?” Cheng Feng sidestepped the main issue.

“I don’t want you to.” Lin An Lan said honestly, “I originally hoped that he would grow up healthy and have nothing to do with you, but my hope is not his hope.”

“But if you’re with Xiao Yu, I’ll probably have to recognize him.”

“That’s your business, not mine.”

“Xiao Yu being kicked out of his home and everything that belongs to him now belonging to Jiang Xu is also none of your business?”

“That, is relevant to me, but I won’t leave Cheng Yu and I can’t change your decision without leaving Cheng Yu, so it becomes irrelevant.”

“At this point, it doesn’t look like you love him.” Cheng Feng said.

“What do you call love then?” Lin An Lan asked, “In order to prevent what should belong to him from being taken by Jiang Xu, I should agree to leave him? But I should also belong to him, so if we go by that theory, then shouldn’t I be even more unable to leave?”

Cheng Feng: ……

Cheng Feng didn’t expect him to have this kind of sophomoric logic and for a moment, didn’t know how to respond.

“In this world, you can’t have both the fish and the bear’s paw, but you can decide what he gets: the fish or the bear’s paw.”

“If you love him enough, step back then he can have both the fish and the bear’s paw.” Lin An Lan laughed.

Laughing as well, Cheng Feng said, “Of course I love him enough. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you about this. But Lin An Lan, you need to understand your position. You have no background and you’re a man. I’m not just asking you to step back, I’m asking you to fall off a cliff.”

“So this is what you call love?”

“This is the most love I can give him.”

“Then your love isn’t worth mentioning.” Lin An Lan mocked.

“So your love is so valuable that you’re letting him be left with nothing? That’s your valuable love?”

“It’s unquestionably more valuable than your fatherly love. At least I’m trying to give him what he wants: love, trust, understanding, communication and being together. I’ll give him everything I have and I’ll change myself to give him what I don’t have. But what have you given him? Did you give him your fatherly love when he wanted it as a child?”

“As an adult, he wants his own love, but you’re not willing to fulfill that either.”

“You think you’ve already given some leeway, you feel you’re remarkable and you seem to have even impressed yourself. But apart from impressing yourself have you ever stopped to think about what you’ve given him? Wealth? Your mistresses have that too don’t they; power? Your lovers have that too. What else have you given him? Good looks? You’ve given that to more than just him. Jiang Xu has that too.”

“So, what is it that you’ve truly given to him and only him? Probably just the identity of being your son, the heir of the Cheng family. And now, you’re using that identity to threaten me. And you still say you love him, isn’t that ridiculous?”

“In comparison, my love is given only to him, my trust given only to him and change given only to him. Isn’t that worth more than your so-called love for him?”

Furious, Cheng Feng said with a sneer, “You talk a good game. I may have indeed given him very little, but the Cheng Yu you keep saying you love, is my son, my child who grew up in the Cheng family, so what do you mean by saying you love him on one hand and talking to me, his father, like this on the other?”

“Because not every parent, is worthy of being a parent.”

Cheng Feng glared at him in anger, “Say that again.”

“I’ll say it as many times as it takes. Cheng Yu is your son, that’s not a lie, but you should know better than I do how much his upbringing has to do with you. You don’t actually think you’re a good father, do you? He grew up like this today not because of your good education, not because of your superior genes, but because he himself is a person with a very determined mind. I’m grateful to you for providing your sperm as well as your good looks and even your wealth. In these three areas, you have indeed made an indelible contribution to him.”

“But, it’s only limited to this.”

“You are his father, so even if he doesn’t like you, you’re still the closest person to him in terms of blood relations. That’s why I came to see you, to communicate with you, but I won’t leave him. I also hope you won’t waste any more time on this issue. I have enough money, so I don’t care if he’s left with nothing. I only have myself, so there’s nothing you can threaten me with. As far as I am concerned, the only weakness I have is Cheng Yu himself. As long as he doesn’t want us to be apart, I won’t be apart from him.”

Cheng Feng fell silent.

He sat quietly, until Pei Qiu and Cheng Yu on the other end of the phone relaxed and just as they were thinking that the conversation had ended, he started speaking again.

His tone light, he asked, “And what about your career? You’ve been running this business for so long, you don’t care about it? And your biological mother, don’t you want to know why she doesn’t want you? Don’t you want to see her?”

Cheng Yu’s heart tightened.

Lin An Lan felt that he probably didn’t understand what he had just said, “I don’t care and don’t want to see her. Of course, I also don’t care if you expose her to the public.”

“As I said earlier, my only weakness right now is Cheng Yu, so I don’t care about what you said. I’m trying very hard to go all out for my career, but if I can’t make it in the entertainment industry, I can find another path. I have enough savings, so even if I don’t work, it’s enough for Cheng Yu and I to live a simple life.”

“I had indeed been abandoned before, I did hate her and I really don’t want her to appear in front of me again and I don’t want her to appear in front of the public, to expose my adoptive parents’ well-intentioned lies or to be morally blackmailed by some people. What’s more, the interviews in the future won’t be complete without the questions, ‘Is she your mother? Are you willing to recognize her? Why don’t you recognize her?’ But if you insist, I don’t care. The worst case scenario is to withdraw from the entertainment industry. I can bear it.”

“What else?” Lin An Lan asked him, his elbow resting on the arm of the seat, seemingly angered by Cheng Feng’s words from before, “What else do you want to do? At most, it’s just tearing up my old wounds again, but what’s the point? They’re all old scars so even if they hurt again, they’re all experiences I’ve been through before. I could bear it then and I could care less now.”

“So I accept everything, all that you’ll do to me, to Cheng Yu, I accept it all.”

Cheng Feng didn’t say anything.

Standing up, Lin An Lan looked at him one last time, “Today’s conversation wasn’t pleasant, but it’s good that we both understand each other better. We probably won’t see each other again, so thank you again for bringing a person called Cheng Yu into this world.”

He bowed to Cheng Feng then straightened up, “But unfortunately, you have failed to live up to his once admiration of you. You aren’t a good father, so you don’t have the right to demand that he be a good son according to your wishes. When he was young, you didn’t take care of him, so how can you expect him, after growing up to, according to your wishes, give up his feelings and marry and have children?”

“But you can rest assured. In the days before, you didn’t take care of him but in the days to come, I will take care of him for you.”

Done saying this, Lin An Lan turned around and walked out of the private room.

In this world, the people who made one be at their wit’s end were never the rich and powerful, but those who were alone, and because they only had themselves, they weren’t afraid of anything.

This was how Lin An Lan was. He only had himself, so he accepted any threat. As long as he didn’t die, he didn’t care about anything.

And he believed that Cheng Yu would never allow something to really happen to him.

“Let’s go.” He patted the shoulder of Pei Qiu who was sitting in the lobby when he passed by him.

See, wasn’t the bodyguard he had arranged for him still here?

So, as long as he didn’t die, what did he have to fear?

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