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Chapter 64.2

By the time Cheng Yu turned back, he found that Lin An Lan had fallen asleep.

He smiled as he looked at Lin An Lan who was leaning against the window of the car and reaching out, poked his cheeks then withdrew his finger.

Looking at him quietly, his gaze moved down slowly, landing on his left hand, which had a wristwatch on it and then his gaze continued to move down, finally resting on his white, slender fingers.

He had prepared another gift, a gift he wanted to give to him, but he was afraid that Lin An Lan wouldn’t accept it.

Reaching out, he touched his finger, then took it in his hand slowly, but not tightly, for fear of waking him up.

He waited for the traffic light to change to green before he let go and drove on home.

The journey home was fairly uneventful.

Cheng Yu didn’t rush to wake Lin An Lan up but waited for a while until he woke up naturally then pinched his red cheeks, “Are you awake?”

Rubbing his face, Lin An Lan nodded dazedly, “En.”

“Are we home yet?” He asked Cheng Yu.


“Then let’s get out of the car.” He unbuckled his seatbelt.

Cheng Yu followed suit, got out of the car, and got into the elevator with him.

It was then Lin An Lan remembered he was supposed to be thinking about something before he fell asleep, but as he couldn’t remember anything at the moment, he just gave up.

Coming out of the elevator, he went inside, and flung himself onto the bed, “I’m so tired.”

“Do you want me to carry you?” Cheng Yu asked him.

Lin An Lan turned around and lifted his arms, looking at him, “Carry me.”

Picking him up, Cheng Yu carried him into the bathroom.

While taking a bath, Lin An Lan finally remembered, “How strange, Jiang Xu didn’t even look for me.”

Cheng Yu was surprised, “Why are you saying that all of a sudden?”

Leaning back against him as he sat in the bathtub, Lin An Lan allowed him to scrub him as he explained, “Because it’s really unscientific.”

“He usually loves jumping in front of me but now that it’s my birthday, such an important day, he hasn’t sent a text message or posted a word and hasn’t made a single harassing phone call, isn’t that strange?”

When he put it like this, Cheng Yu also thought it was a bit strange.

“Could it be that he has forgotten?”

“But my birthday buzz is still up on Weibo, so he should be able to see it if he opens it.”

“Could it be that he’s waiting for you to reach out to him?”

Lin An Lan: “…… Then he will probably wait for a long time.”

Cheng Yu kissed him on the face, “Forget it, don’t think about it. It’s a rare occasion when he doesn’t show up, it’s a good thing.”

“That’s true.” Lin An Lan kissed Cheng Yu back, “Then let’s hope he doesn’t show up at all.”

“That would be best.” Cheng Yu said sincerely.

Holding Lin An Lan to him in the bathtub, he kissed him slowly, the water in the bathtub overflowing. Pulling him closer, Cheng Yu held Lin An Lan and kissed him patiently, and when the ends of his eyes turned red, he kissed him tenderly, then attacked.

Lin An Lan hugged him tightly, enjoying the delightful pleasure as he leaned on his shoulders.

The two of them tossed around in the bathroom for a while before Cheng Yu carried him out.

Lin An Lan had been sleepy for a long time‥and was now even more tired and drained‥so he just pulled the covers up and slipped into his arms.

Kissing his forehead lovingly, Cheng Yu watched him drift off to sleep.

He held Lin An Lan in silence for a long time before pulling open the drawer and taking out the small square box inside.

He hesitated for a long time before he finally opened the box slowly.

Inside the box were two rings, Cheng Yu picked one of them up.

He kissed the ring then took Lin An Lan’s left hand and put the ring on it with great care and attention.

It was a common round ring, except that on the face of the ring and at the intersection was an intricately carved tulip.

The tulip was exquisite and vivid and suited Lin An Lan’s long and fair finger well.

He had been afraid that Lin An Lan would reject it, that he wouldn’t accept it or wear it, which was why he hadn’t had the courage to take it out when Lin An Lan was awake.

Now that Lin An Lan was asleep, he finally dared to take it out and put it on his hand without his permission.

He thought to himself, perhaps Lin An Lan would be surprised when he woke up tomorrow morning, or perhaps he would be so shocked that he would take the ring off and give it back to him.

But it didn’t matter. At least this night, he was wearing his ring.

Fulfilling a daydream he had had for a long time.

And that was enough.

“It’s beautiful.” Cheng Yu whispered, “It suits you well.”

Will you marry me?

Looking at the sleeping Lin An Lan, he leaned in and kissed his cheek, replying to himself in his mind: “I will.”

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