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Chapter 22.2

But a short while later, Lin An Lan knocked on his door again.

He shook the hairdryer in his hand, “Your hair isn’t dry yet, is it? Here.”

Cheng Yu deliberately said, “You’re just going to give it to me? Won’t you blow dry my hair for me?”

Lin An Lan: !!!

Lin An Lan looked at him helplessly, thinking, “This guy must be doing it on purpose.

“Do it yourself.” He shoved the dryer into Cheng Yu’s hand and turned to go back to his bedroom.

Cheng Yu smiled as he watched him leave, his eyes full of tolerance and doting.

He sighed in front of the camera, pretending to be sorry, “This is an old classmate.”

The camera man stood not far from him and said, “That’s right! What kind of old classmate blow drys his classmate’s hair? You’re just an old classmate, not a female classmate!

Cheng Yu took the hair dryer and dried his hair for a while, then said to the camera man who was following him, “I have to rest, you should also go back and rest too.”

The cameraman nodded at his words, “Then Cheng Ge, have a good rest.”


The cameraman turned the camera off, went to the master bedroom, called Lin An Lan’s follow-up cameraman, and the two of them went out together.

When Lin An Lan came back from seeing them off, he saw Cheng Yu leaning against the door frame, smiling at him with his arms crossed.

“Remember to turn off the camera in your room before you go to bed.” Cheng Yu reminded him.

Lin An Lan nodded.

Cheng Yu straightened, left the door frame and approached him slowly, saying thoughtfully, “Go to bed early.”

“Hmm, good night.”

“Good night.”

When Lin An Lan went back to his room, he turned the mic off, removed it, put it on the table, then waved at the camera, before turning it off.

He was so tired from all the work he had done that he went straight to bed after turning the camera off, switched off the light and prepared to sleep.

However, within a few minutes of lying down, there was a knock at the door.

He could only switch the light on again, saying to the door as he lay under the covers, “Come in.”

Cheng Yu pushed open the door and went in, and saw Lin An Lan lying under the blanket, his shoulders down under the red blanket, with only his head poking out to look at him.

His neck was very white, reflecting the red quilt, just like an evening sunset between the waters and the sky, or like a bride waiting for his lover.

Cheng Yu smiled involuntarily, closed the door and approached him, “Are you asleep?”

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“Of course I’m going to sleep.” Cheng Yu said, and got into bed.

Lin An Lan: ????

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, only to see him pull back the blanket and get in directly.

Lin An Lan: ……

No wonder. He’d asked himself why Cheng Yu had gone to the next bedroom so nicely, it turns out he was waiting for him here!

What a schemer!

“Is this what you had in mind all along?”

“What else?” Lying down, Cheng Yu hugged him, “Could it be that I should be alone when I have my wife by my side?”

“Besides, this is the wedding room and the newlywed quilt, how can I leave my wife alone in the wedding room?”

Lin An Lan laughed, “It’s not our wedding room.”

“We’re the ones living in it now, so it is.”

“It’s possible?”

“Why not?” Cheng Yu said, “A wedding house is for a young couple who want to get married. Or do you not want to get married? Do you not to be a couple with me?”

Lin An Lan was amused by his logic, “You really deserve to be a science student, so good at logic and thinking!”

**”Of course, I used to be the best at syllogism.” Cheng Yu didn’t feel shy boasting.

Seeing him like this, Lin An Lan didn’t say anything else. He just pulled the blanket for him, and fell asleep against him.

Cheng Yu put one arm around him, raised the other hand, poked his lips with his index finger and asked in a lowered voice, “Baby, what did you say just before we left the house?”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan barely needed to remember before he remembered his own words, “We will kiss when we come back.”

He opened his mouth and bit Cheng Yu’s index finger. It didn’t hurt, but it left a tooth mark, a light tooth mark.

Cheng Yu smiled, pressed his lips and coaxed him gently, “Kiss me, okay?”

His eyes were so intent, and his voice so vaguely compelling, that Lin An Lan was actually a little shy and embarrassed for a moment.

But he was used to being intimate with Cheng Yu, so after the little embarrassment, he wrapped his arms around his waist and tilted his head up to kiss him on the lips.

Cheng Yu tightened his grip, hugging him tightly as he kissed him delicately.

Lin An Lan’s breath became unstable as he kissed him, and he unconsciously leaned into his arms, resting softly on his shoulders.

Cheng Yu wrapped his arms around his shoulders, allowing him rest on his arms.

He looked at the person in his arms, pinched Lin An Lan’s face which was a bit hot, and pressed his lips again which were red from their kiss just now.

Lin An Lan reached out and grabbed his index finger, glaring at him in anger, not allowing him to abuse his lips again.

Cheng Yu smiled and took his hand in return, kissing him on the ring finger.

As he held Lin An Lan’s hand, looked at him, and then looked at the word ‘happy’ on the bed, his heart was full of tenderness.

“An An, what do you call me?” He said.

Lin An Lan lifted his eyes, not understanding why he suddenly asked this question. He examined Cheng Yu carefully and saw that his eyes were full of warmth and he couldn’t see a trace of sadness, which made him feel slightly more at ease.

If there was no sadness, then it meant he wasn’t feeling insecure. That was good.

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Cheng Yu moved closer to him, “Tell me.”

“Why are you asking this all of a sudden?” Lin An Lan whispered.

“I want to hear it.” Cheng Yu said, “Can you answer me?”

“What do you call me?”

Lin An Lan had no choice but to say, “Husband.”

Cheng Yu was instantly satisfied, hugging him tightly as he whispered near his ear, “My wife is so nice.”

“Happy now?” Lin An Lan asked him.


He hugged Cheng Yu and asked him gently, “Can we go to bed now?”

“Of course!” Cheng Yu reached out and turned off the light, “One half hour of a spring night is worth a thousand taels. We don’t need a thousand taels, but we must have a moment of spring night1One half hour of a spring night is worth a thousand taels — it means every minute of the wedding night is precious!”

Lin An Lan laughed instantly, “You even want a spring night, in your dreams!”

“If there’s to be a spring night in my dreams, it would be with you.”

“Who wants to have a night with you?”

“Of course it’s my wife.”

Silenced by his words, Lin An Lan’s eyes curved into a smile as he lowered his eyelashes slowly.

The next morning, at six o’clock, the two of them were woken up by the alarm clock.

Lin An Lan rubbed his eyes, dazed and confused.

Cheng Yu saw that he was still sleepy and advised him, “Sleep a little longer, I’ll get you some water.”

“No need.”

Lin An Lan yawned, got out of bed, changed his clothes, and went out with Cheng Yu to the water jar to fetch water for washing up.

They ate a box of biscuits for breakfast, cleaned up hastily, and headed for the primary school.

Li Yongshi had arrived earlier than the two of them and was in the teacher’s office working on the class timetable.

When Lin An Lan arrived, she had already arranged the lessons, “Maths, English and Art in the morning, Maths, English and PE in the afternoon, is that ok?”

Lin An Lan thought about it, “Let’s take out the English class in the afternoon. English needs to be studied systematically, otherwise it’s easy to forget the previous ones and it’s not practical for them, let’s replace it with Maths, Maths is more practical and more important.”

“Alright.” Li Yongshi switched from English to Maths in the afternoon and put the timetable on the wall.

The office was small, with only two desks, which were larger and had chairs on either side for the two teachers to prepare their lessons, but Lin An Lan sat politely at the other desk, keeping his distance from her.

He took out the snacks he had bought yesterday and gave some of them to Li Yongshi, “Give them to the children before the lesson.”

Li Yongshi was surprised, not having expected him to buy snacks for the students, “Lin Ge, you’re so thoughtful, I didn’t think about this. Thank you.”

“It’s fine.” Lin An Lan said, going back to his desk and starting to prepare for the lesson.

By eight o’clock, the students started arriving one by one.

T/N: Syllogism (deduction in logic)

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