I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 158.1

“Gradually, you’ll improve and learn drawing techniques. You might even draw many people, but I’m the first person you’ve drawn, drawn with pure dedication without any skills. That’s why I like it so much. I think it’s precious. The act of you drawing for me in itself is precious.”

Listening to Cheng Yu talking as if he was coaxing a child, Lin An Lan’s mood improved gradually.

“I will learn to draw, I’ll get better over time.” He promised.

“I believe you.” Cheng Yu said gently.

But Lin An Lan still felt a little unconvinced, “Obviously everyone thought that the previous oil painting was okay, but this time it’s not. I didn’t think I’d be that bad. I’ve never been stumped by any subject since I was a kid. I thought art would be the same.”

Listening to his slightly complaining tone, Cheng Yu found him adorable.

“Mhmm, our An An is an academic shark. This time was just an accident.”

“Once I enroll in a class for myself, I’ll definitely improve, for sure.”

“Then would I have the honor of being your tutor?” Tilting his head, Cheng Yu looked at him. “I wanted you to be my tutor when we were in school but never succeeded. Can I be your tutor now?”

Smiling, Lin An Lan kissed his face. “You’re so handsome, of course you can be anything.”

Cheng Yu returned the kiss immediately. “Thank you wife.”

Laughing, Lin An Lan pinched his cheek before looking at the drawing in front of him again.

This drawing couldn’t be considered exquisite because of his contribution, but it was their first drawing together, the first portrait of the two of them.

Lin An Lan wrote the date and his name with a pencil then handed it to Cheng Yu who took it, wrote his name, then added: “Happy 1st anniversary. Thank you for remembering me a year ago.”

Lin An Lan thought for a moment then took the pencil and wrote under that line: “I only remembered you.”

Cheng Yu’s heart skipped a beat unconsciously.

Looking up at him, Lin An Lan smiled, “Little flower, I’ve only ever drawn you. Although it’s not good, once I get better, I’ll still draw only you. I won’t draw anyone else.”

Cheng Yu’s heart rippled with tenderness, sweetness and satisfaction once again.

“En.” He hugged Lin An Lan happily, cheek pressed against his as they gazed at the artwork for their first anniversary.

This was the most pleasant drawing he had created in all these years.

Because this was only this time, that the person he had drawn was standing right in front of him, looking at him with the same love and tenderness that was in the drawing.

This was the most precious work, bar none, of his brush.

The day after their first anniversary, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu embarked on a new tour.

Throughout September, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were either on tours or preparing for a tour.

He and Cheng Yu were the focus of the tour, with many questions revolving around the two of them. Moreover, they both valued this film, so they didn’t miss any of the tour events.

Watching their close interactions along the way, netizens speculated wildly. A very astute host who understood the audience’s preferences asked Lin An Lan, “An Lan, this is your first film, right? How was it working with Cheng Yu? You two had great chemistry in the variety show. Is it the same in daily life? Do you often hang out together?”

Lin An Lan picked up the microphone and answered calmly, “Our collaboration was wonderful. Our daily life is actually similar to what everyone saw in the variety show. We meet up frequently, but we don’t go out much. We’re both quite busy and don’t have the time. However, if there’s the chance in the future, we will probably go out together.”

The audience screamed immediately.

“Have you listened to the theme song Cheng Yu wrote for this film recently? What are your thoughts?”

“It’s very good.” Lin An Lan responded truthfully. “The emotions are sincere and the lyrics are touching. But the most moving part is his feelings. He sings it very well. I really like this song.”

“Why not have Mr. Cheng perform it live now since he’s here?” The host suggested.

The audience screamed again.

Cheng Yu refused quickly, “No, I can’t sing it now.”

He explained, “I don’t have the same emotions anymore, so I can’t bring out the most touching parts. To be honest, I’m not a professional singer. People like my song not because of my great singing ability or the complexity of the technique, but because my emotions touched everyone. However, I no longer have that sad and desperate feeling now, so I can’t sing it.”

The audience below shouted in unison, “We don’t believe it.”

“It’s impossible.”

“Just sing a little.”

However Cheng Yu was very firm. “I hope this song remains beautiful in everyone’s heart forever, so since I can’t sing it with the emotions I had back then, I won’t sing it again.”

He paused for a moment then added, “I probably won’t sing this song again for the rest of my life.”

Everyone was shocked.

The host was shocked as well. “Is this….. really necessary?”

She couldn’t understand why he would never sing the song again when it had just been released and was so popular. It was like giving up on readily available money. What was the point?

But Cheng Yu laughed, very certain, “Mhmm, I’ll never sing it again.”

After saying this, he looked, without the expression on his face changing at Lin An Lan beside him who was also looking at him, eyes curved and full of smiles, seemingly affirming his answer.

Cheng Yu instantly became even more firm of his answer.

He loved Lin An Lan and Lin An Lan loved him as well. They would be together forever, loving each other for the rest of their lives, so he would never be able to return to the emotions he’d had back then.

Thus, this song would be sealed away in the period when he was most disheartened.

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