I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 149.1

Cheng Xiao had no words and as he looked at the ruthlessness in Cheng Yu’s eyes, for the first time, he saw the true nature of his grandson– heartless, ruthless, insane and serious.

He had never imagined that Cheng Yu was like this. He had always assumed he was gentle, smart and indifferent to many things.

Cheng Feng had once asked him, ‘Don’t you know your own grandson’s character?’

He thought he had always known clearly, but now he realized that he had been mistaken.

Cheng Yu was far more ruthless than he had ever been. In this world, most people could be cruel to others but not to themselves. However, Cheng Yu was cruel to both others and to himself.

He used what Cheng Xiao valued the most to blackmail him and even told him not to be angry because he had no intention of living either, that they were both heading towards the worst ending, and that wasn’t that fair?

He didn’t care about himself at all. All of his concerns were tied to another person.

For the first time, Cheng Xiao felt the power of the new generation flourish, surging through his life and and pushing towards the vast sky.

He was truly old, he already couldn’t stop Cheng Yu any longer. He actually hadn’t even noticed that his grandson had made so many secret arrangements.

He had assumed that his grandson wasn’t focused on his professional career and was just playing in the entertainment industry, but Cheng Yu had already set his sights on the meat in his bowl and didn’t intend to wait for him to give it up. Instead, he had jumped up to fight for it.

Cheng Yu had grown up and had sharp teeth and claws while he was getting older and couldn’t win this victory anymore.

He had lost. He looked quietly at Cheng Yu, not saying another word.

Cheng Yu picked up the brush that had fallen and placed it in his brush holder. “An An told me that he won’t pursue this matter and so asked that I don’t pursue it either. He said that you and my dad are among the few relatives I have and that regardless of our feelings, we are at least related both in name and by blood. He doesn’t want me to lose what I already have because of him.”

“Although I don’t think that is a big deal, I’m willing to listen to him. So I won’t pursue this matter any further.”

“But if one day he’s no longer here, I won’t listen to anyone. When I was a child, I wanted to listen to you and have you tell me what’s right and what’s wrong, but nobody taught me or looked after me. Fortunately, someone can teach and guide me now.”

“This is a good thing. You should be happy, right?”

Smiling, he looked at his grandfather one last time then turned to leave.

Looking at his retreating figure, Cheng Xiao was reminded of his grandson’s childhood. At that time, he had been so small and cute, following behind Cheng Feng with admiration. But at some point, he suddenly stopped following Cheng Feng and left home and in the blink of an eye, he had grown up.

He had always known that Cheng Yu was the most outstanding among the younger generation of the Cheng family, which was why he had told him long ago that sooner or later everything in this family would be his.

But now, his grandson seemed to be even more exceptional than he thought and he should be happy, but he couldn’t feel any joy.

Just like how his grandson, who growing up in a family like theirs should have been happy but rarely was.

Perhaps, this was their fate.

Sitting in his chair, Cheng Xiao was unable to write for a long time.

Cheng Yu drove back to Yu Heng’s company.

“Done taking care of things?” Yu Heng asked him.

“En.” Cheng Yu nodded.

Sitting in a chair, he sighed silently as he thought about what had happened at the Cheng residence.

Yu Heng filled a glass with water then walked to his side, placing the water next to him.

He didn’t speak, he just patted his shoulder.

Feeling his tenderness, Cheng Yu looked up at his cousin, saying softly, “Thank you.”

In this world, the only person who made him feel the warmth and the existence of family was his big brother.

He smiled at Yu Heng, took the glass of water then drank slowly.

It was over now, he thought to himself. In the future, he would have other relatives. After he and Lin An Lan got married, he would have a new family then, they could build the warm and loving home that they liked.

People couldn’t choose the families there were born into, but they could choose the type of family they wanted to build.

He had already found the right person for him, the one who was most suitable for him and was just waiting for them to get married.

When Cheng Feng returned home, he saw his father looking out the window with a rice paper spread out in front of him, however he wasn’t writing.

Approaching him, Cheng Feng asked, “Xiao Yu came back?”

“He did.” Then Cheng Xiao said, “You’ve raised a good son. You can’t control him and I can’t control him either.”

Cheng Feng wasn’t sure what to make of his words.

Cheng Xiao sighed. “Check the company’s shares. According to him, he should be the largest shareholder now.”

Cheng Feng was shocked. “How is that possible?”

“I know, I said the same thing, but he told me that with effort, one can achieve anything then asked me why it couldn’t be possible.”

Cheng Xiao looked at his son. “He said himself that if Lin An Lan dies, he would make me go to prison then kill himself as compensation. As for the shares he holds, he’ll give them all to that kid from the Yu family. He really dares to think then act on it. Tell me, do you think I should believe him?”

Stunned, Cheng Feng couldn’t speak.

“I believe him.” Cheng Xiao said, “In this regard, he is right. He is indeed like me. He has my determination and my ruthlessness, he’s worthy of being my, Cheng Xiao’s grandson.”


“So nothing.” Cheng Xiao leaned back in his chair. “I still don’t like Lin An Lan and I still don’t want them to be together, but I also believe he can do what he said. I can die, but the Cheng family can’t be named Yu. So, nothing.”

Saying this, he laughed, “He’s very smart, isn’t he? He knows where to strike the snake’s seven inches. He knows where my weakness is and has already taken advantage of it. I’ve said before that he’s very clever, that he’s the smartest child of the Cheng family and my favorite grandson. But now, it seems he’s even smarter than I thought.”

“It’s such a waste not to pass down such good genes, but I’m already old and can’t control him anymore.”

He waved his hand, “You can leave. Come and call me when it’s time for dinner.”

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