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Chapter 74.1

So, as Cheng Feng listened to Jiang Xu’s cries, he didn’t let the bodyguard drop him in a rare act of kindness.

“Take your son that you had with someone else and get out,” he said calmly and cruelly, motioning for the bodyguard to return the child to Jiang Liying. “I’ll have him killed the next time you appear before me.”

Terrified, Jiang Liying hugged Jiang Xu and left in a hurry, crying as she walked back.

Cheng Feng was a generous lover, so Jiang Liying had received many gifts from him when she was with him. Now that she was leaving, relying on the jewelry and money she had saved, she lived quite well.

However she didn’t have any work skills when she left Cheng Feng, and because she was used to the easy life she had with him, when her savings ran out, she had to go be a lover for another man.

At this time, Jiang Xu’s presence became an inconvenience.

Jiang Liying wanted to get rid of him but couldn’t bring herself to do so.

Her not-so-bright brain vaguely remembered that illegitimate children had the same rights in law as legitimate children, so in other words, if Cheng Feng died, Jiang Xu would be entitled to inherit his property…

In the end, she couldn’t let go of her child or this ray of hope, so she raised Jiang Xu on her own until Jiang Xu’s second year of high school.

When Jiang Xu was 17, Jiang Liying met a man, a man she fell in love with all over again. She wanted to marry him, but he told her, “I don’t raise children for other men. It’s okay to marry you, but your son can’t follow you.”

Jiang Liying, who had fallen in love, had eyes only for that man and after a brief struggle for her love and happiness, abandoned her son, got on a plane with the man she loved and left the city.

All that was left for Jiang Xu when he came back from school was an empty house, a goodbye letter, and a card with 50,000 yuan in it.

Jiang Liying had since disappeared and had never returned to see Jiang Xu or call him.

Until this year, until yesterday, when she came back.

Suddenly, without warning, she came back.

Cheng Yu wasn’t surprised to see Jiang Xu at Lin An Lan’s place tonight. Jiang Liying’s return was too much of a stimulus for Jiang Xu, who was bound to experience mood swings and visit Lin An Lan.

He just didn’t expect that Lin An Lan would reveal his memory loss because of Jiang Liying.

But it was okay, he had known that this day would come so he could accept it.

However he didn’t want Lin An Lan to pity Jiang Xu, so he didn’t want to tell him that Jiang Xu’s mother had left him for someone else when Jiang Xu was 17 years old.

He only shook his head with a smile, “I’m not sure, I just know that his mother’s name is Jiang Liying and she was with my dad for a while, that’s all.”

Lin An Lan didn’t doubt it, after all it was normal for Cheng Yu to not know.

Jiang Liying was Cheng Feng’s lover, if Cheng Yu was concerned about her, naturally he would have had her investigated.

But Cheng Yu didn’t even care about Cheng Feng and Jiang Xu, so it was only natural that he wouldn’t care about Jiang Liying, his father’s former lover.

So whether he knew or not, it was very normal.

“Has Jiang Xu dated before?” Lin An Lan asked him, “He said ‘she’s back’, is this she his girlfriend?”

Cheng Yu shook his head, “No, he hasn’t had a girlfriend before.”

“Then who is it?”

“Don’t think about that.” Smiling, Cheng Yu picked him up, “Go to bed; it’s so late, we should also go to bed.”

“But I’m a little worried.” Lin An Lan leaned into his arms, frowning as he elaborated on what he was feeling, “I think he’s already starting to suspect that I’ve lost my memory, which is why I’m a little worried that he’ll try to test me the next time he comes and then he’ll find out that, indeed, I’ve lost my memory.”

“So the question he kept asking you to answer today is?”

”He asked who the person he had mentioned when he said ‘she’s back’ the moment he walked in was.”

Putting him on the bed, Cheng Yu taught him, “If he asks you that question again next time, tell him she’s Jiang Liying.”

“Jiang Xu seems to have lived alone for the past few years, so it could be his mother who left and has come back.”

“But if it’s his mother, it isn’t worth him reacting so strongly right? He didn’t look good and it was as if he had been stimulated, the expression on his face scared as he desperately tried to suppress himself.”

“Then I don’t know.”

Sighing, Lin An Lan knocked his head, “If only I had that part of my memory.”

Cheng Yu took his hand off his head hurriedly, kissing and soothing Lin An Lan, “It’s alright, take your time, just go with the flow.”

Nodding, Lin An Lan lay back under the covers.

He didn’t dream that night. He’d expected to, but instead he slept soundly and dreamed of nothing until the next day.

Lin An Lan had a fever.

He had planned to film his scenes despite being sick, but Cheng Yu didn’t want him to, so he put him back down on the bed on the spot, “It’s not necessary, you should rest and then resume filming when you’re feeling better. Otherwise, if you don’t shoot well because you’re sick, Director Zhang will find it difficult to scold you.”

Lin An Lan thought he had a point, “Alright then, you have a good shoot.”

“Mm.” Cheng Yu kissed him.

Scared, Lin An Lan covered his mouth, “It’s contagious.”

Laughing, Cheng Yu took his hand away and kissed him directly on the lips, even going so far as to lengthen long kiss, “I’m not afraid.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh.

Cheng Yu kissed him again before getting up and going to the bathroom.

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