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Chapter 22.3

Lin An Lan was in charge of the first language class and after Li Yongsi gave him a pep talk, he grabbed his snacks and books and left the office, heading for the classroom.

As soon as he entered the classroom, he was stunned — Cheng Yu was sitting in the last row of the classroom, and as soon as he saw him, he sat upright, just like a model student.

He blinked. Shouldn’t he be in another classroom preparing the ingredients for the day? How could he be here?

And Chen Yingjie next to him, why was he here too?

Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu in confusion, but Cheng Yu only smiled back at him, blinking his right eye as he gave him a wink.

Lin An Lan could only turn a blind eye and let him continue to sit, pretending he was one of the students.

He went up to the podium, introduced himself to everyone, and then said to the children at the bottom of the podium, “Now it’s time for you to introduce yourselves, starting with the students in the first row by the door. Can you tell me what your names are? Then come to teacher to receive your gift.”

The students’ eyes lit up when they heard the mention of gifts, all looking at him with bated breath, wondering what he had in store for them.

“Now,” Lin An Lan smiled and looked at the little girl in the first row by the door, “What’s your name?”

The girl stood up timidly, her voice soft, not very tall, “My name is Wang Yingying.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Come and get your gift.”

Wang Yingying ran to the podium with her short legs happily. Lin An Lan crouched and made her close her eyes, then opened the bag.

“Reach out and see what you can catch, whatever you catch will be your gift.”

Wang Yingying stretched out her hand and grabbed a bag of crisps.

With her eyes still closed, she held the chips, and thanked Lin An Lan, “Thank you, teacher.”

“You’re welcome, you can open your eyes now and go back.”

Wang Yingying opened her eyes and seeing the crisps in her arms, ran back to her seat with a joyful expression.

When the other children saw that she had really received a gift, they all introduced themselves in turn, some of them being more outgoing, and after saying their names, they automatically said their age and hobbies.

The children laughed and the tense atmosphere turned lively instantly.

Lin An Lan smiled and allowed all the children to finish receiving their gifts before starting the lesson.

Cheng Yu watched as he turned his back and began to write on the blackboard, his eyes filled with tenderness and concentration.

He remembered that when he was in high school, he used to sit at the bottom of the podium like this, quietly watching Lin An Lan’s back on the stage.

He had seen him in white short-sleeved shirt with his back to him, he had seen him writing with his hands up in a big sweater, and he had seen him in a university style jumper, as elegant as a nobleman in Western history.

He had seen his back many times, and every time, he had wanted to walk up to him and hug him from behind, thinking in his heart, ‘If he is so thin, then his waist must be very thin too, so he should be able to hug him very tightly.’

He had sketched Lin An Lan’s back on the paper, but in the end he took a black marker and hastily erased it, pretending he had never drawn it.

At that time, he had never dreamed that he would be able to hug him one day.

Cheng Yu stared at him closely for a long time, then lowered his head, picked up the pen on the table and prepared to sketch his back once again.

However, before he could put pen to paper, Chen Yingjie, who was next to him, wrote on his paper: ‘Should we stay until the end of the lesson?’

Cheng Yu was actually quite surprised that he had come to class with him.

Their job today was to be primary school cooks, and the programme team was afraid that they wouldn’t know how to use a rural stove, so they had asked Auntie Wang, who used to cook at the primary school before to teach them.

Very enthusiastic, Auntie Wang had showed them around the school cooking area, saying that she would teach them exactly what to do when they actually started cooking later.

Cheng Yu and the others agreed, but when they did, the three of them realized that they were free until then.

It was only eight o’clock, not yet time to cook, so the crew allowed them to make their own arrangements, as long as they didn’t delay in cooking.

Cheng Yu hadn’t hesitated to turn around and go to the classroom, intending to admire Lin An Lan’s style as a teacher.

And Chen Yingjie, for some reason, had followed him in.

Cheng Yu didn’t know him well, so he hadn’t bothered, but it was obvious that Chen Yingjie couldn’t sit still now.

Cheng Yu thought about it then wrote a reply on the paper: ‘Mhm, going out now will disrupt the lesson, let’s go out after class.’

This was Lin An Lan’s first class, so Cheng Yu didn’t want Chen Yingjie’s departure to cause chaos in the classroom.

When Chen Yingjie read his reply, he was a little annoyed.

He looked at Lin An Lan on the podium, then at Cheng Yu who was staring at Lin An Lan and seemed to be listening intently.

What was there to listen to that he was so focused?!

Was this the spiritual realm of top students?

Even the simplest spelling of Chinese characters was interesting to them?

Not understanding, he even began to feel sleepy.

At the end of the lesson, Chen Yingjie felt like he was falling asleep. He patted his face, stood up and said to Cheng Yu, “Come on, Yu Ge, we should go back.”

“You can go back first.” Cheng Yu said.

It wasn’t time to cook yet, he wasn’t in a rush.

“But, didn’t you just say we’d go out after class?”

“I was just giving you a reply, I didn’t say I was going back.”

Saying this, Cheng Yu stepped over the bench, turned around and walked out of the classroom.

Chen Yingjie chased after him hurriedly, only for Cheng Yu to turn around and say, “Don’t follow me, I’m going to take care of some personal matters.”

Chen Yingjie: ….

Chen Yingjie had to stop reluctantly and frowned as he walked back to the classroom.

Lin Anlan had just reached the office door when he heard Cheng Yu calling him.

He looked back at Cheng Yu and wondered, “Aren’t you supposed to be cooking today? Why did you come to the classroom?”

“I came to listen to Teacher Lin’s lesson,” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

As he said this, the expression on his face changed again and he complained in a fake aggrieved manner, “Teacher Lin is so unfair.”

“Why am I unfair?” Lin An Lan was confused.

“We are all in the same class, so why did the other students get gifts but I didn’t? Is it because I’m taller?”

Lin An Lan: ……

Not prepared for this sentence but amused , Lin An Lan asked him, “So you chased me to the office after class just to ask for a gift?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “I also listened to the class well, I should have a gift too.”

Lin An Lan said graciously, “Fine, you can pick one yourself.”

He opened the bag of snacks, motioning for Cheng Yu to pick one.

Cheng Yu looked at the wide range of food inside, and finally took out a lollipop.

Lin An Lan suddenly felt that he really liked candy.

“Are you satisfied?” He asked Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu shook his head and handed him the lollipop, “Teacher Lin, please peel the wrapper for me.”

Lin An Lan laughed lightly, “Teacher Lin will even ate the candy for you, peel it yourself.”

Finished saying this, he turned around and went into the office.

Cheng Yu followed him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I want to see how Teacher Lin prepares his lessons.” Cheng Yu responded. “It’s not time to cook yet, so we’re free to do whatever we want.”

Lin An Lan understood then and pointed to the chair opposite his, “Sit here, then.”

When the bell rang, Li Yongshi took her books and the snacks Lin An Lan had given her and left the office, leaving Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu alone.

Cheng Yu moved around restlessly, excited and was just about to make a move when he noticed the cameraman following Lin An Lan.

When he turned around, alright, there was a tail behind him too.

“Are you guys tired?” Cheng Yu asked the camera man beside him.

The cameraman smiled, “No, I’m fine.”

“Go and take a rest.” Cheng Yu looked very considerate, “drink some water, have a cigarette, relax, there are fixed cameras here, it won’t miss what needs to be recorded.”

Lin An Lan agreed, “Yes, besides I’m just preparing for the class and he’s just sitting here, there’s nothing else to do, so go and take a break.”

The camera men had been shooting for more than an hour, so they looked at each other, said, “Let’s go have a smoke”, then went out with their cameras.

When Cheng Yu saw them leave, he went to the front of the fixed camera, waved his hand and said in a gentle tone, “This scene reminds me of my student days, so I’m going to talk to Lin An Lan about our old classmates, which involves a lot more people, so I’ll help the crew by editing this part out manually.”

Finished saying this, he covered the camera with something.

Then he turned off the microphone and closed the door hurriedly.

Looking at his impatient speed, Lin An Lan felt that what he was about to do was definitely not as simple as reminiscing with him about the old days!

He silently turned his mic off then cast a sidelong glance at him.

Cheng Yu smiled, “Continue to prepare for the lesson, don’t worry about me.”

His words made Lin An Lan feel more and more that he had ulterior motives, “Which old classmate do you want to talk to me about?”

“Let’s talk about that Cheng Yu. He’s handsome, has a good personality, rich and devoted.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan looked down to prepare for class.

Cheng Yu smiled as he watched him lower his head to his book and slowly walked up behind him.

Lin An Lan was about to say something when he felt Cheng Yu lean down and hug him from behind.

Lin An Lan turned his head to look at him and asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just feel like hugging you.” Cheng Yu kissed him on the face.

He had looked at Lin An Lan’s back countless times and had wanted to come closer and hug him from behind, but he didn’t dare, he wasn’t qualified.

He unconsciously increased the strength of his hand as he whispered, “An An, you looked good standing on the podium.”

When he was a teenager, Lin An Lan had been young and slender, wearing a blue and white school uniform, standing on the podium in a dashing manner.

At that time, Cheng Yu had thought that he was very beautiful.

And now, still young and slender, wearing a white shirt and standing elegantly on the podium,

Cheng Yu still thought he was beautiful.

The moment he had stepped onto the podium and he had looked at him, it was as if he had returned to the past when he was a student.

All those wishes that he hadn’t been able to get were finally fulfilled at this moment.

What a lucky and rare opportunity it was!

He felt that all his luck in life had probably been used this year, on Lin An Lan’s memory loss.

He hugged him for a while before he finally let go, saying softly, “I’ve wanted to hug you like this since we were in school, but I didn’t have the chance back then, however I do now.”

It was only then that Lin An Lan understand that the scene had made him recall past memories.

He stood up and gave Cheng Yu a hug, “Then I’ll give you a hug too.”


The two of them hugged each other quietly for a while before Lin An Lan let go and asked him, “What time are you guys going to start cooking?”

“We’ll start at ten.”

“Then you can only listen to half of my English class.”

“Then it’s better to forget it.” Cheng Yu said for his sake, “Leaving after I’ve heard half of the lesson when there’s not even a back door in the classroom will attract the attention of the children. It would disrupt your class.”

“That’s true.”

“So I’ll just watch you from the door.”

Lin An Lan: !!!

“Aren’t you making it too obvious?”

From the beginning of the show, Lin An Lan kept on feeling that Cheng Yu was ready to come out to the public at any time and anywhere. If not for the fact that Cheng Yu had played the old school friend card from the beginning, Lin An Lan really felt that the show’s crew would have suspected them.

“No, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

“Really?” Lin An Lan was skeptical.

Cheng Yu looked at him discontentedly, “You have to trust your husband.”

“It’s precisely because you say husband all the time that I don’t dare believe you.”

Cheng Yu laughed then took out the lollipop he had just gotten from him out of his pocket, “Now that no one is watching, can you peel it for me?”

Feeling helpless, Lin An Lan took the lollipop, removed the wrapper around it and stuffed it into his mouth.

“It’s quite sweet.” Cheng Yu hummed.

“Is it really sweet?”

“It’s really sweet.” Cheng Yu smiled, looking at him.

Lin An Lan smiled back then kissed his lips with the lollipop between them.

Cheng Yu was about to kiss him back when he heard a knock at the door, “Cheng Ge, it’s me.”

Cheng Yu: …..

Cracking the lollipop, he went over to open the door reluctantly.

The cameraman came in with his camera only to see Cheng Yu turn on his mic and remove the cloth covering the indoor camera unhurriedly.

The cameraman: …… Is this what you mean by it won’t miss what needs to be recorded?

The cameraman looked at him sorrowfully, saying in his heart, Liar! Sure enough, handsome men were unreliable! Liar!

Cheng Yu looked at him and said, “Don’t be like that, we just talked about something that couldn’t be aired, so it’s for the good of the show.”

Camera man: ???? If you know it can’t be aired, why did you still talk about it?

Cheng Yu smiled foolishly.

Lin An Lan lowered his head silently, allowing him to talk nonsense, but when his eyes fell on the snack bag under the table, he planned to pick out the lollipops inside and save them for Cheng Yu later.

After all, his boyfriend seemed to like them.

When Li Yongshi returned from her Maths lesson, Lin An Lan spoke to her about the lesson then took his water bottle and books to the classroom to start his English lesson.

Cheng Yu didn’t follow him in, leaning instead against the wall as he watched him raise his hand to write ABCD on the blackboard.

“He’s quite a good teacher.” Cheng Yu said.

After saying this, he asked the camera man deliberately, “Isn’t that right?”

The camera man could only agree, “Yes.”

“He’s quite handsome.”

The camera guy: “Yes.”

“Then let’s listen for two more minutes.”

Camera man: …..

The camera man thought to himself, this star was really unusual. He was paying too much attention and care, right? Those in the know would know that he was an old classmate, but those who didn’t know would think he was his boyfriend!

He had watched him for a long time already, but here he was watching again!

Had they changed the name of this show to ‘I Watch Lin An Lan’?

But he could only nod his head obediently, “Yes”

And then, together with Cheng Yu, they enjoyed Lin An Lan’s lesson quietly.

But truth be told, the cameraman thought to himself, Lin An Lan really did give the feeling of being a teacher, the kind of feeling of being an intellectual.

He was quite cool.

He and Cheng Yu watched Lin An Lan for a while longer before they left reluctantly.

Before they left, Cheng Yu gave Lin An Lan a thumbs up. Lin An Lan looked over and seeing his gesture, smiled at him.

Gentle and peaceful, like the light of spring, Cheng Yu looked at him with a smile, waved, then turned towards the school kitchen.

At this time, Jian Yada also hurried back from the small shop where Yuan Leren worked, and Chen Yingjie also came back to the school from the orchard.

Auntie Wang had the two boys fetch water, wash the vegetables, wash the pots, and then started to prepare the meal.

When Jian Yada poured the rice, she was surprised to find that there was no electric rice cooker.

“Then how are we going to steam the rice?” She said worriedly.

“We will steam it in this pot,” Auntie Wang answered, pointing to the large pot on the earthen stove.

Jian Yada looked confused.

Auntie Wang laughed, “It’s okay, there’s no hurry, let’s cut the vegetables first.”

This was something Cheng Yu was good at, so he took over the job of cutting the vegetables. His knife skills were so skillful that Chen Yingjie’s jaw dropped as he stammered, “Yu Ge, were you….. were you a chef before?”

“No.” Cheng Yu responded.

“Then this skill…..”

“Amazing, right?” Jian Yada boasted, “Yu Ge is simply my god.”

Cheng Yu laughed a little but didn’t say anything.

He didn’t know how to cook at first, and he didn’t like it either, but once, he had been taking a break in the classroom when he had overheard the fragmented conversation of Lin An Lan and other classmates talking.

A girl had asked Lin An Lan, “Lin An Lan, what kind of girl do you like?”

Cheng Yu had opened his eyes, lifted his head, put his chin on his arm and quietly waited for his answer.

Naturally, Lin An Lan wouldn’t answer such a question.

But Jiang Xu would. He jeered, “He likes the kind of girl who is gentle.”

Lin An Lan had looked at him discontentedly, “What are you talking about?”

“Isn’t it true?” Jiang Xu laughed, “You like the gentle kind, gentle, quiet, good, obedient, and who can cook.”

The girl’s voice had stretched out on the ‘oh’ sound she made then said, “It turns out to be this?”

“He’s talking nonsense.”

“Then what type of girl do you like?”

“I like what I like.” Lin An Lan had responded.

“Then if someone likes you very, very, very much, are you willing to try it out with them?”

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