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Chapter 47.2

As the group toured the villas one by one, the host laughed and said, “This time, we’re still recording in groups of two, to form a family, and the family identity will be determined by drawing of cards. And then, after that, everyone is going to have to fight for that family!”

“What does that mean?” Li Yongshi asked.

“The show will give everyone a sum of money, it’s everyone’s family money, and for the rest of the show, you can only use this money and when the show is over, whoever has the most money left, will win and the winner will be rewarded with a surprise, so please choose your partner carefully and be careful with the money you have.”

Understanding the message, the group started writing the names of the partners they wanted to team up with on the cards given out by the host.

Cheng Yu still wrote Lin An Lan’s name and Lin An Lan also wrote his and as they had successfully chosen each other, they automatically formed a team.

Both Guan Fei and Chen Yingjie were a little disappointed that they were forced into a team after losing.

“Lin Ge, you formed a team with Yu Ge last time, so can you allow me to form a team with him this time?”

Chen Yingjie looked at Lin An Lan as he said this with a smile on his face, but the words he was saying weren’t polite at all, “I want to try it out with Yu Ge too, can I? “

Lin An Lan didn’t expect him to say this directly and was a bit surprised. After all, in the world of adults, it was more about politeness and trying to make everyone look good. Of course this kind of directness in saying what one want existed, but it was shown less.

After all, these kind of things could make one feel awkward.

“No.” Lin An Lan said gently as he opened his mouth, however it was with a gentle but unquestionable tone, “These are the rules and I follow the rules of the show.”

Chen Yingjie sighed, “What a pity.”

Cheng Yu, however, just felt happy as he looked down and smiled.

He had been about to reject Chen Yingjie right after he said it, but he held back, wanting to see what Lin An Lan would say and whether he would say yes.

He had never been affirmed like this before, so he had wanted to experience it even if it was once.

But he had been worried that Lin An Lan would agree because he was on the variety show.

Luckily, Lin An Lan refused.

Cheng Yu was in a good mood, so he didn’t bother to deal with Chen Yingjie.

Guan Fei rescued Chen Yingjie kindly as he said, “Ha ha ha, sure enough, we still have to be a team, resign yourself to your fate, come on.”

Chen Yingjie laughed, seemingly unconcerned, but seemingly still regretful.

“I actually want to form a team with Yu Ge.” He said with a sincere face afterwards. “I wanted to be with him last time, but it didn’t work out, that’s why I asked Lin Ge directly this time, but it’s okay. In life, you have to fight for what you want, otherwise you’ll regret it later but it will be too late.”

“I will try to work with Yu Ge in the future.” Chen Yingjie said with great tenacity, “If this time doesn’t work, then next time. With so many variety shows, there would always come a time when I can succeed in forming a team with you, ha ha ha. I hope Yu Ge can take notice of me.”

But this is all for later. The present Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu didn’t know this yet.

The groupings were similar to the last one. The only change was Yuan Le Ren and Zhou Yuan, who were left out of the pairings, and so were forced to form a team.

But the relationship between the two of them was more or less clear to everyone, moreover they all knew it was a script, so they all played along.

After the pairings, it was time to draw the identity cards.

This time the identity cards were: lovers, brother, sister, uncle, nephew, friend.

As Yuan Le Ren and Zhou Yuan were an item, they had called the program team in advance and asked them not to give them the lovers card, otherwise if the two of them, a man and a woman were suddenly forced to be in the same team, coupled with their couple status, it would be too obvious and would be as if they were blatantly telling their fans that they were together.

The program team was very cooperative as they replaced the lovers card when they were creating their identity cards, hence when Yuan Le Ren drew her card and opened it, they were sisters.

Yuan Le Ren smiled instantly, then started calling Zhou Yuan, “Sister!”

Zhou Yuan: ……

Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment then asked the host speechlessly, “Can’t we change it?”

The host laughed, “No.”

With their situation as the opening act, everyone was inexplicably cautious when they drew their cards.

“I don’t want to be lovers with Chen Yingjie.” Guan Fei said as he drew a card out but when he opened it, he shouted in surprise, “Eldest nephew, it’s you!”

Chen Yingjie: ……

Li Yongshi and Jian Yada drew the brothers card. Hugging each other, they acted as brothers for a while.

As Lin An Lan looked at the lovers and friends card left, he was inexplicably frightened.

When Ma Junshan saw him hesitate, he took the initiative to say, “Lin Ge, you go ahead and choose.”

Lin An Lan kept on feeling that he would draw the lovers card, so he said, “Go ahead, we’ll take whatever is left when you’re done.”

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