I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 152.1

After taking a bath, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu put on bathrobes then left the bathroom.

And walking into the kitchen, Lin An Lan opened the fridge and took a cake out.

“Little Flower, do you want to wear a crown?” Lin An Lan teased him intentionally, “The store even provided a crown.”

Picking up the crown beside the cake, Cheng Yu placed it on his head, “For you.”

Lin An Lan was caught off guard when Cheng Yu placed the crown on his head and as he was holding the cake, was unable to take it off in that moment.

Having a white bathrobe on together with the golden crown on his head— even though it was made of paper— made him look like a little prince straight out of a fairytale, cute and beautiful.

Looking at him appreciatingly, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but give him a kiss on the cheek, complimenting, “My little prince is so adorable.”

Hearing him say this, the slight helplessness that Lin An Lan had just felt turned into a smile then shooting Cheng Yu a rebuking glance, walked to the dining table.

Not taking off the crown, he opened the cake box, took out the candles then after inserting them into the cake, lit them up.

“Although it’s already past midnight, Little Flower, you should still make a wish and blow out the candles.” Lin An Lan said with a smile.

Cheng Yu sat down cooperatively, clasping his hands together, “I wish An An and I will be together forever and that we will always be happy.”

His wish was quite simple that hearing it, Lin An Lan couldn’t help but reach out and smear a bit of chocolate from the cake onto Cheng Yu’s nose as he was about to open his eyes, saying with a laugh, “I promise.”

Cheng Yu couldn’t help but touch his nose only to see chocolate on his fingers.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he tried to smear some of the chocolate onto Lin An Lan’s face with his chocolate-covered finger.

Lin An Lan dodged quickly, but Cheng Yu grabbed him and held him tightly in his arms, “Try to escape.”

Lin An Lan giggled, “Don’t be mad, I’ll clean it for you.”

As he said this, he kissed Cheng Yu’s nose gently, licking the chocolate off.

“See, it’s all clean now.”

“There’s more.” Cheng Yu extended his chocolate covered finger.

Feeling helpless, Lin An Lan held his hand, kissed it gently, then bit it mischievously. Withdrawing his finger, Cheng Yu pressed it against his lips, making them moist and soft before finally kissing him after being satisfied.

Lin An Lan smiled as he tilted his head back, accepting his kiss willingly.

As they were the only people around, Cheng Yu didn’t bother cutting the cake. He simply used a fork to pick up a piece and fed it to Lin An Lan.

“I want to eat fruit.” Lin An Lan mumbled, his mouth filled with the cake.

Cheng Yu picked a strawberry up with the fork and fed it to him.

Biting into it, Lin An Lan’s cheeks puffed out like a little squirrel’s.

Cheng Yu smiled as he watched, then slowly forked a piece for himself.

“How is it? Is it delicious?” Lin An Lan asked him.

In reality, this question wasn’t necessary at all. He had chosen this cake shop because last year on his birthday, Cheng Yu had ordered a cake from there that both of them had loved, which was why he decided to choose the same shop again this year.

This feeling was probably similar to when one gave a gift. Once a gift was given, there would always be a sense of anticipation for the moment when the recipient would see the surprise and then the worry whether they would like it and the wonder whether one had made the right choice.

Naturally, Cheng Yu liked it. He had already gained enough happiness tonight that even if it were a steamed bun with a candle on it, he would still think it was the most delicious food in the world.

“It’s delicious.” He added, “I really like it.”

Relieved, Lin An Lan unconsciously let out a smile, “Then I like it too.”

Seeing the smile on his face, Cheng Yu couldn’t resist giving him another kiss.

He really adored the Lin An Lan now too much, the one who was willing to stay in his arms and say that he liked something just because he liked it.

He held him tighter intimately, continuing to kiss him, feeling as if he couldn’t love him enough.

They were clearly already very close, yet he still wanted to meld him into his embrace, to merge him into his bones and blood.

However he couldn’t bear the thought of Lin An Lan truly disappearing into his body, so he chose to hold him, pulling him into his lap where he could touch him with just a stretch of his hand.

He nuzzled Lin An Lan’s nose then picked the fork up again, feeding him the cake bite by bite.

By the time Lin An Lan felt full, it was already past one o’clock.

Both of them were feeling a bit sleepy now, so Cheng Yu put the cake back in the fridge and while Lin An Lan wasn’t paying attention, scooped him up in a bridal carry and headed towards the bathroom again.

“Let’s go brush our teeth, then sleep.”

“You’re carrying me again!” Lin An Lan poked him.

Cheng Yu responded confidently, “Is it wrong for me to carry my wife? It’s only natural.”

“Hmph.” Lin An Lan snorted, deciding to wait for a day when Cheng Yu wasn’t paying attention to carry him in the same way.

He had never carried Cheng Yu in a princess carry before. He didn’t know what it would feel like….. he was somewhat looking forward to it.

Thinking this way, he couldn’t help but smile then lean into Cheng Yu’s embrace.

After they were done brushing their teeth, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu finally returned to the bedroom.

Remembering something, Cheng Yu asked him, “How did you manage this? Weren’t you with me the whole day? How did you find the time to do all these things?”

“Didn’t you notice that I checked my phone and went to the washroom more frequently than usual today?”

“I thought you had something important to attend to?”

“Could it be that this isn’t important?” Lin An Lan laughed.

Smiling, Cheng Yu hugged him, “It seems someone devised strategies even from a thousand miles away today.”

“So, did you like it?”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu replied gently, “I especially liked it.”

Lin An Lan leaned in to give him a kiss, “Then let’s go to bed.”

With that, he lay down under the covers.

Cheng Yu held him and they both drifted off to sleep together.

The next morning, before Lin An Lan woke up, Cheng Yu woke up first excitedly.

Perhaps it was because his thoughts during the day had influenced his dreams at night, because he dreamt that he had married Lin An Lan. They had been sitting on their wedding bed where he lifted the red bridal veil and Lin An Lan, with moist eyes, looked at him with a smile.

Overjoyed, Cheng Yu had been about to kiss him when he suddenly woke up.

He wasn’t annoyed though. Looking down at the person sleeping soundly in his arms, he kissed him quietly, making up for the kiss he had lost in his dream.

Suddenly, he thought of something. Picking up his phone from the pillow, he took a picture of his hand.

“Engagement ring.” He posted in his circle of friends.

Immediately, many of his classmates and friends commented like corpses coming to life.

“Engagement?? Ring!!!!”

“What the h*ll!!! I’ve looked at the name but is this our Cheng Ge? Cheng Ge, how did you get engaged?!”

“Finally engaged. @Zhang Yan, your male god is engaged now. Give up and stop mentioning him in front of me!”

“My high school heartthrob got married and now my uni heartthrob is engaged but I’m still single. Woo woo woo.”

“Cheng Ge, this ring is pretty nice, it’s so creative and original. Your fiancée must have put a lot of thought into it; she must really love you.”

“Who wouldn’t love our handsome Cheng Ge? I love him too!”

“Speaking of Cheng Ge, it reminds me of Lin An Lan. You and Lin An Lan seem to have a pretty good relationship now; you two didn’t talk much during our school days. Does he have a partner?”

“Ah ah ah! My Yu Lan, my Yu Lan is destroyed right? But Cheng Ge, your ring looks a bit like a Yu Lan flower? Or am I mistaken and it’s a different flower?”

Cheng Yu was delighted as he read the comments, but he didn’t forget to remind them, “No spreading the news outside.”

Everyone commented, “Cheng Ge, don’t worry.”

Satisfied, Cheng Yu chose to reply to a few comments.

“Thank you.”

“My partner does indeed love me a lot, but I love my partner even more.”

“Lin An Lan does have a partner now, but I can’t say anything yet.”

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