I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 10

Lin An Lan, who was on his mind, was still watching the first season of at this time. He wanted to see it early and learn from the experience of those who had gone before him so that he could perform better when the time came.

As he was watching, he received a call from Zhuo Siya, “Director Zhang has a new drama and is casting, do you want to try out for it? I’ve emailed you the script, it’s the one for [Yun Yun].”

“No.” Lin An Lan refused, “I don’t want to act in a movie related to a same-sex theme.”

“It’s not a same-sex theme.” Zhuo Siya said, “Although Jing Huan likes Gu Shuyu, this only takes up a very small part of the film, and the film isn’t about their love, so it doesn’t count as a same-sex theme.”

“That doesn’t work either, I like guys myself, and then acting in this kind of drama, am I planning to come out of the closet openly and honestly?”

That was also true. When Zhuo Siya heard him say this, he thought it made sense, but, “I heard that Xie Hui went to the audition.”

“Xie Hui?”

“You don’t know because you’ve lost your memory. Xie Hui started a year after you and has been attending various events under the name of Little Lin An Lan. If he succeeds in his audition for this film, and if he gets to work with director Zhang, then his road to film will definitely be much smoother. If this film is a hit or wins an award, it might have an impact on you, and then, your sunspots will definitely come to a head.”

“You just said it might, how can it be that easy?” Lin An Lan searched for Xie Hui and looking at his face, which looked three times like his own, asked, “Does he look like me, or is he made up?”

“Makeup, I know people who say he doesn’t really look like you that much when he’s plain, but when he’s made up he looks a bit like you.”

“So it’s like this.” He closed Xie Hui’s related webpage, “Then let him be.”

“You’re really not going to audition?”


Seeing this, Zhou Siya stopped trying to persuade him.

Lin An Lan, on the other hand somehow, suddenly thought of what Cheng Yu had said at dinner yesterday – “Do you mind if I like other guys?”

Of course he didn’t mind. An actor’s job was to act, and emotional scenes were part of it, it was just…

An actor’s greatest fear in acting was getting too deeply involved in a scene, and Cheng Yu liked the character Jing Huan so much, moreover Jing Huan was in love with Gu Shuyu, would Cheng Yu fall in love with Xie Hui, who looked a little like him, because of Jing Huan’s feelings?

Cheng Yu already loved him very much, and with a Xie Hui looking like him, him playing the role of Gu Shuyu was too dangerous.

For the first time, Lin An Lan felt that he minded, he minded a lot.

This dislike became more and more obvious when he saw that Cheng Yu and Xie Hui were on the hot search together.

He looked at the picture of the hazy car park, and although he couldn’t see his face, he could see Cheng Yu with his head down, seemingly saying something to the other party, who was looking at Cheng Yu carefully, with a vague sense of innocence.

Netizens were surprised, “Are Cheng Yu and Xie Hui going to collaborate?”

“Da**, these two look pretty good together!”

“Cheng Yu is so handsome, it’s just the side of his face but it’s also handsome!”

“Of course, there’s a collaboration, otherwise how could they have met?”

“Heavens, this CP is simply wonderful!”

Lin An Lan was annoyed as he read the lively discussion.

But soon, Cheng Yu’s fans, the tulips, cleaned up the comments sections with efficiency and speed, and even the comments underneath the marketing accounts were controlled clearly.

“Front row for Cheng Yu’s works [Evening Wind] [Invisible Stories], new drama coming soon, stay tuned!”

Lin An Lan was a little less annoyed when he saw this.

It was only when Sun Meng was about to drop Cheng Yu off at home that he received the news from his assistant that Cheng Yu had made it to the top of the search. When he opened it, he saw that the search term was [Cheng Yu Xie Hui].

The moment he saw the picture, it was clear to Sun Meng that in all likelihood it was Xie Hui’s team that bought the hot search.

No wonder they didn’t see Xie Hui’s agent at that time, he must have been busy taking pictures in the car, but their attention had been drawn to the girl who was also taking pictures them, that was why they didn’t notice the hidden danger behind them.

Sun Meng actually understood this kind of thing. Cheng Yu was very popular and had a lot of fans, so there were always people in the circle who wanted to rub off his heat him and get him to hype with them; it was normal.

The search only said that someone had bumped into them and speculated if they were working together, but it didn’t really have any negative impact on Cheng Yu himself, and it had also earned him a search for free.

So he didn’t take it seriously. He just turned to Cheng Yu and said, “You’re in the hot search, Xie Hui’s team bought it, saying you might be having a collaboration.”

When Cheng Yu heard this, he opened his eyes and asked for his cell phone.

When Sun Meng handed it over, Cheng Yu looked at it twice and said to him, “Take it down.”

“It’s better to forget it.” Sun Meng said, “It’s not like it’s going to affect you, so just let it be.”

“Take it down.” Cheng Yu was brief and concise, “He annoys me.”

When he said that, Sun Meng had no choice but to contact Weibo and ask them to take the hot search down.

Netizens were discussing this topic when they suddenly saw that the search was gone, making them wonder what was going on. Who took it down? Was it Cheng Yu’s team?

“I told you that Xie Hui’s team must have bought the hot search, I’m guessing Cheng Yu’s team must have seen it and taken it down. When has Cheng Yu ever been on the hot search with anyone else? He’s always on it by himself or because of his work.”

“Cheng Yu really isn’t willing to give anyone heat at all.”

“Is this awkward for Xie Hui’s team?”

“Who knows? But then there must be no collaboration, otherwise it would be a slap in the face after doing this.”

“Actually I’d like to see the two of them work together.”

“Me too.”

“Not me, I want to see Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan work together.”

“Upstairs, you’re just dreaming whilst it’s light outside right? Everyone knows that these two kings don’t see eye to eye.”

“Sigh, don’t mention it. I’ve dreamed of them acting together since they started out, but they’ve never even been on stage together, let alone acted together.”

“Magnolia1Magnolia is the CP name for Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan fans. – the coldest cp in the whole entertainment circle, doesn’t everyone know?”

“Today is also another day to shed tears for the magnolia not being in full bloom.”

“Not only did it not bloom, it doesn’t even have seeds, woo woo woo.”

“Stop, it’s too cruel, I’m going to cry first.”

When Cheng Yu arrived home, it was almost five o’clock. He rarely left the house, hence after the audition, Sun Meng took him to the office to take care of some other matters before returning home.

Lin An Lan was just coming out of the bedroom, ready to eat some fruit when he saw that he had returned. He smiled, “You’re back.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “I went to the office that’s why I came back late.”

“Oh.” Lin An Lan responded, went to the fridge and took the raisins out.

Cheng Yu took it from him, saying, “I’ll wash it.”

Lin An Lan didn’t refuse.

He followed Cheng Yu to the kitchen and asked him, “How did the audition go?”

“It was okay.”

“Apart from you, who else went to the audition?”

Cheng Yu instantly thought of Jiang Xu and washing the raisin in his hand slowly, he replied, “There were quite a lot of people, I didn’t pay attention.”

“That Xie Hui, did he audition too?”

Cheng Yu didn’t expect him to mention Xie Hui, “You saw the hot search?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “He seems to look a bit like me.”

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, “It’s makeup, not a real resemblance.”

“Hot search says you might have collaborated.”

“It depends on whether he and I aced the audition or not.”

Looking at his back, Lin An Lan wanted to ask him, “Do you hope that the two of you will ace the audition?

But then felt that there was no point in asking. Cheng Yu would definitely want to succeed, and as for Xie Hui, Cheng Yu probably didn’t care.

But he cared.

However what could he do if he did? He wasn’t going to play Gu Shuyu, so why not let someone else do it?

So, it was useless to ask.

After Cheng Yu finished washing the raisins, he turned off the tap, walked over to him, plucked one and fed it to him.

Lin An Lan opened his mouth obediently, eating it.

He looked at the person in front of him, slowly stood on his tiptoe, placed his hands behind Cheng Yu’s neck, and shared half of the raisins in his mouth.

Cheng Yu hugged him closer with one arm around him, smiling as he bit his lips, “So sweet.”

Lin An Lan didn’t say anything and lowering his head, took the fruit plate with the raisins into his hand.

The two of them ate the raisins and talked for a while. Cheng Yu didn’t talk much about the audition today, so Lin An Lan didn’t ask.

Before going to bed, Cheng Yu went to take a shower as usual, while Lin An Lan lay in bed reading a novel.

He was halfway through when his phone rang.

He looked at the string of numbers on the caller ID, and picked it up suspiciously, “Hello. “

“Xiao Lan, did you really sign up for season 2 of ?”

“You are?”

“You deleted my phone?” Jiang Xu was incredulous, “I can’t believe you don’t remember my cell phone number. “

Lin An Lan frowned, so who the h*ll was this?

Because he didn’t say anything, Jiang Xu thought he was still angry that was why he deliberately didn’t say anything, so he said hurriedly, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have made that kind of request with you, I was wrong.”

“You might as well start by saying who you are first.”

Jiang Xu had no choice but to go along with him first, “I’m Jiang Xu.”

Now Lin An Lan understood. It was his best friend, Jiang Xu, who he had known since childhood but was against his relationship with Cheng Yu.

What is it?

“Why did you take , don’t you know Cheng Yu took this too?”

“I know.”

“And you still picked it up!”

“Can’t I pick up if he does?” Lin An Lan asked in reply.

As soon as Jiang Xu heard this, he knew he was still angry, “You’re still mad at me, aren’t you? You’re still blaming me aren’t you?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Hmm.”

“I’ve apologized to you, I was wrong, Lan I really know I was wrong, but you can’t pick this up because you’re mad at me.”

He had been in a good mood all day, especially after the audition, until he overheard someone talking about this season’s lineup of in the evening.

The other party cried as he said, “Brother Jiang, why am I so miserable Brother Jiang, this variety show has Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan, you can tell at first glance that it’s going to explode, but I’m one step late, how come I’m always one step late?”

Jiang Xu didn’t believe it, “What nonsense are you going on about? How could Lin An Lan record a variety show with Cheng Yu.”

But the other party swore, “It’s true, they’ve already signed the contract, and now the show is using them for promotion. “

Anxious, he contacted his agent and asked him to check, but the result was that it was true, the contract had already been signed and the recording of the first issue would start in a few days.

He couldn’t accept it. How could Lin An Lan be recording a variety show with Cheng Yu?

How could he?

Lin An Lan knew he disliked Cheng Yu the most and hated any and all dealings with him the most, so how could he be on a variety show with Cheng Yu?

Flustered, he sent him a message, but it was rejected.

Not caring about anything else, he called him.

“Xiao Lan, you know that I don’t like Cheng Yu, you promised me that you won’t get involved with him, and you won’t share the stage with him, have you forgotten?”

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