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Chapter 16

Cheng Yu:!!!

“Other people’s dates are just watching movies and eating, so we should have them too, right?”

Cheng Yu almost didn’t know what mood he should be in for a moment as he looked at Lin An Lan in a daze, “Us? On a date?”

“You don’t want to?”

“I want to!” Cheng Yu was afraid that he would regret it, so he immediately agreed.

He looked at Lin An Lan excitedly, his eyes full of joy. His heart seemed to be soaked in honey, so much so that the corners of his lips couldn’t stop rising.

“An An, you want to go out with me?”

“Yes, can’t we?”

“Of course we can.” His heart filled to the brim with sweetness, Cheng Yu stared at him unblinkingly.

A little embarrassed by his stare, Lin An Lan said, “Let’s get out.”

“Oh.” Cheng Yu unbuckled his seat belt hurriedly and got out of the car.

He still hadn’t come out of the surprise of the date at this moment, his whole heart floating as he was wrapped in sweetness when he spoke to Lin An Lan.

“What movie are we going to see? Have you chosen it already?”


Cheng Yu couldn’t help but lower his head, smiling secretly as he reached out to hold Lin An Lan’s hand tightly in his.

He followed Lin An Lan to the elevator, and with hats, glasses and masks on, they took their tickets from the ticket machine.

Lin An Lan told him to sit in an unoccupied seat first, then went to buy popcorn and coke.

Looking at his back, Cheng Yu felt as if he was dreaming.

It was such a good dream, he thought, if only he could live in such a dream-like state for the rest of his life.

As he was thinking this, someone suddenly tapped him on the shoulder, saying in surprise, “It’s really you, Ah Yu, you’re finally willing to come out. What movie are you watching, want to watch it together?”

The person who had come was a friend of Cheng Yu’s, named Xu Sheng.

Cheng Yu looked at him then said with disgust, “Go away, I don’t have time to go watch with you today, let’s do it some other time.”

“How long will it take for this other time to come? Why is it so difficult to meet with you these days, you don’t come out of your house, have you become a lady?”

“I’m with my boyfriend, I don’t have time to meet you guys.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Xu Sheng was surprised, “When did you start talking to him? Don’t you like Lin An Lan?”

Cheng Yu unconsciously glanced at Lin An Lan. Xu Sheng followed his gaze and was shocked, “You’re with Lin An Lan?”


“When did that happen? Damn, after all these years, you’ve finally caught him, amazing.”

Xu Sheng couldn’t help but marvel, “This is really dripping water wears through rock and rope sawing through the wood, metal and stone yielding to power of sincerity, with hard work an iron rod can become a needle!”

Cheng Yu: “…. You’ve been reading books lately?”

“My new girlfriend is a language teacher.” Xu Sheng said proudly.

Cheng Yu nodded his head, “No wonder.”

“Alright, stop lingering around, he’s coming over soon, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you about it later.”

“Okay.” Xu Sheng said reluctantly.

“Don’t tell anyone first.”

“I know.” Xu Sheng patted him on the shoulder, “You’re both stars, you have to behave yourselves, I understand.”

“I mean everyone, no matter who it is, don’t tell anyone first.”

“So secretive.”

“I’ll talk to you later.”

“All right.”

Xu Sheng saw that Lin An Lan seemed to be paying the bill, so he stood up and patted Cheng Yu on the shoulder, “I’m leaving.”


When Lin An Lan turned around, he saw Xu Sheng’s back as he left, but he didn’t care, he just smiled at Cheng Yu, took his drink and popcorn and walked back.

Cheng Yu stood up, walked over and took them for him. The two of them checked their tickets and entered the cinema.

It was only when they entered the cinema that Cheng Yu realized that there was no one else in the cinema.

“The attendance for this film is so low?” Cheng Yu was surprised, “I thought even a bad movie should have at least two people.”

Lin An Lan smiled, laughed quietly, and said quietly, “I booked the entire venue.”

Cheng Yu:!!!

As Cheng Yu looked at him in surprise, Lin An Lan smiled with bright eyes, “I was afraid that we would be recognized, so I bought all the tickets for this one.”

“Then you broke the bank.”

Lin An Lan sighed exaggeratedly, “Fortunately I’ve found a place to spend my money, otherwise my money would only be entering the bank and not coming out!”

“Isn’t it good for it to just get in and not come out?” Cheng Yu laughed, “Money doesn’t burn your hands. When we get married later, I will transfer all my property to your name.”

Lin An Lan:!!!

Lin An Lan asked a key question, “Aren’t you even worried about me running away with the money?”

“That’s fine.” Cheng Yu didn’t care, “This way you’ll think of me once you use a sum of money, and I’ll have a different way for you to remember me forever.”

Lin An Lan:…. Reasonable and convincing, really admirable!

“Then I would rather suggest you take the long route to catch the big fish,” Cheng Yu sincerely suggested, “You see, I am only in my twenties now, with two fortunes, Cheng and Yu, and I am also a star, I belong to the value-added stage. When I’m in my thirties, I would have taken over the Cheng family’s property and my fortune would have multiplied, so it’s still not a good time to get rid of me. You can wait until I’m in my fifties when I give the power to the younger generation, at that time, you can flee with the money, you can take the most property and live the best life.”

Lin An Lan:….

“How energetic do I have to be to run away at fifty?”

Then he could really live another five hundred years!

“It’s not really worth it for you to run away until you’re fifty anyway, but if we’re going to do it, let’s do it big, make the most money, and live the best life possible.”

Lin An Lan thought he was a real talent, “I think I’d rather stay by your side, not only would I have money, I’d also have you.”

Cheng Yu looked at him with a smile, “I think so too. Besides, I can continue to help you make money, I’m better than money that can be replaced.”

Lin An Lan nodded, feeding him a popcorn, “Your reward.”

“Thank you, wife.” Cheng Yu smiled.

The two of them picked the best viewing area and sat down.

Lin An Lan bought a couple’s room, plus there were only two of them in the room, so Cheng Yu didn’t restrain himself, wrapping his arms around him after sitting down.

Lin An Lan didn’t mind either, leaning against him while eating popcorn and watching the movie.

It was actually not much different from watching a movie at home, but probably because the location was different, the two of them were a little excited and there was an inexplicable ambiguity in the air.

Cheng Yu obviously enjoyed watching Lin An Lan more than watching the movie. Seeing that the drama was reaching its climax and Lin An Lan was staring at the screen with unblinking eyes, he stared at Lin An Lan, took the popcorn and fed it to him one by one.

Amused by the way he was feeding him, Lin An Lan asked, “What are you doing?”

“Watch the movie, I’ll feed you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Grabbing a few popcorns, he stuffed them in his mouth, “Eat some too.”

Cheng Yu chewed the popcorn in his mouth and didn’t bother him again.

At the end of the movie, when the bucket of popcorn was finished, Cheng Yu put the bucket to the side and held Lin An Lan’s hand.

Lin An Lan looked at him and leaned into his arms.

In the movie, as the male lead kissed the female lead at the end, Cheng Yu lowered his head, kissed Lin An Lan’s face and asked him as the end credits appeared, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Lin An Lan thought for a moment then replied, “Cheese ribs.”

“Then I’ll make them for you at home.”

Lin An Lan smiled and kissed him, “No need, it’s a date today, so I’ll treat you.”

He smiled with arched eyebrows, “Let’s go, the movie has finished, we should go eat now.”

Other people ate on their dates, so naturally they had to eat on their date too.

Cheng Yu hadn’t expected this delightful event. The surprise of it all knocked him on his head, then kissed him on the mouth, hugging him tightly.

“Have you thought about this all along?”

“Not really, I just thought about it yesterday.”

“And you didn’t tell me.”

“I wanted to give you a surprise.” Lin An Lan asked, “Are you surprised?”

Cheng Yu nodded, removed his arms that were around Lin An Lan and said while pressing his forehead against his, “Baby, you’re so nice, are you a marshmallow reincarnation? So sweet.”

Lin An Lan felt that if he were a candy, he would be a mint, cold, refreshing, and only occasionally sweet.

But it didn’t matter, he was willing to leave his sweet taste to Cheng Yu, so that what Cheng Yu had eaten was also sweet.

He had eaten too much bitterness, so Lin An Lan wanted to give him more sweet flavours.

He was about to say something when the lights in the hall suddenly came on and Lin An Lan quickly straightened his back, separating himself from Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu almost laughed out loud as he watched him go from a honey soft candy to a mint hard candy in an instant.

He used his index finger to scratch Lin An Lan’s palm. Lin An Lan held his hand then let go again, standing up, “Let’s go.”

Cheng Yu smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

He leaned close to Lin An Lan’s ear and whispered, “Whatever my wife says goes.”

Lin An Lan didn’t respond, smiling as he walked out.

Cheng Yu followed behind, leaving the cinema with him.

The cheesesteak restaurant wasn’t far away, so it didn’t take the two of them much time to arrive and Lin An Lan asked for a private room. The waiter was busy serving food and didn’t pay much attention to them, successfully allowing the two of them to muddle through.

When Cheng Yu saw that the waiter had left and that the door was closed, he picked up the ribs, feeding Lin An Lan.

“You eat, I want to eat it myself.” Lin An Lan said.

“It’s okay, just this one.”

Lin An Lan saw that he really wanted to feed him, so he just took his hand and ate the ribs.

Cheng Yu looked at him tenderly, asking him, “Is it good?”

Lin An Lan nodded his head, “It’s quite delicious.”

The ribs were quite big and there was a lot of sauce, so Lin An Lan got some black sauce on the corner of his mouth. Cheng Yu took some tissue and wiped the corner of his mouth.

“You don’t have to take care of me like I’m still a child.” Lin An Lan said, reaching out to take some of the tissue, ready to wipe it himself.

Cheng Yu laughed, “You’re my baby.”

“That’s just a term of endearment.”

“It’s the same.”

Cheng Yu looked at him, silently put down the ribs in his hand, stood up, bent down and kissed him on the lips, “I like taking care of you like this.”

He really liked taking care of Lin An Lan like this. He took pleasure in it, and also indulged in it.

He bit Lin An Lan on the lips gently, kissing him slowly for a long time.

Lin An Lan put the tissue he was holding down silently, absorbed in the kiss.

By the time they finished eating, it was already dark, and the two of them went home together. Just as they got out of the elevator, Lin An Lan saw a man standing at the door.

The man was holding his cell phone and seemed to be about to make a phone call. When he turned around and saw the two of them, he stopped what he was doing, but the expression on his face slowly changed from surprise to seriousness.

His gaze was cold as he stared at Lin An Lan in silence.

Lin An Lan blinked unconsciously then looked at Cheng Yu beside him.

Cheng Yu subconsciously blocked Lin An Lan from him, smiling at the person in front of him, “Brother, why are you here?”

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