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Chapter 119.1 Cell phone pendant show of affection

Cheng Yu was relieved to see that Lin An Lan didn’t mind.

Because although it was true that he had nothing to do with it, that he didn’t even look at Xie Hui, and that it was Hua Rong who had done that stupid thing, it was only human for Lin An Lan to be upset and have a problem with him because of it.

But luckily, he didn’t mind.

Cheng Yu took a sip of his wine to suppress his shock.

Xu Sheng reacted as an afterthought. Hua Rong saying this to Lin An Lan meant that the matter was over, so he quickly toasted Lin An Lan and took a drink from his glass.

After they drank for a while, Lin An Lan became a little hungry, so Cheng Yu ordered a meal and they chatted while waiting for the food to be served.

Xu Sheng was still very deeply moved about Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan being together, “I really didn’t think you guys would make it. Back in high school, Ah Yu tried to make friends with you every day, but you kept him at arm’s length. He even invited you to his birthday, but you didn’t attend.”

“You invited me to your birthday?” Lin An Lan was surprised.

“Of course.” Cheng Yu looked at him, very aggrieved, “I invited you and you refused.”

Lin An Lan: ??? He really didn’t remember.

Smiling shyly, he said to Cheng Yu, “Next time, this year for sure!”

“You’ve said it.”

“I promise.”

Cheng Yu was satisfied, “Actually, it’s nothing, really. It seems like something happened to Jiang Xu at that time, so you were busy with his business that’s why you refused.”

Lin An Lan seemed to have vaguely remembered.

It must have been the second half of their sophomore year. Cheng Yu’s birthday was in June, and at that time everyone was still on holiday. Cheng Yu had come up to him and invited him to his birthday party.

However something had happened to Jiang Xu at the time, so his mind had been on Jiang Xu, therefore he didn’t go, turning Cheng Yu down.

Cheng Yu had been very insistent and tried to persuade him, but then his cell phone rang and it had been a call from Jiang Xu, so he’d just said ‘excuse me’ then moved to answer it. The call had lasted for a while and at the beginning Cheng Yu had been standing next to him, but then left.

When Lin An Lan hung up and realised he wasn’t there, he had been a bit embarrassed, but he knew he wouldn’t be there, so he didn’t go looking for him.

Thinking about it now, his heart ached a little. At that time, Cheng Yu must have wanted him to be there for his birthday.

He could only make it up to him this year.

“Speaking of Jiang Xu, doesn’t Jiang Xu have a problem with you and Ah Yu being together?” Xu Sheng asked, “Will he try to break you two up?”

“I think he will have a problem with it.” Lin An Lan said truthfully, “But I’m not going to take it into consideration. Jiang Xu and I aren’t really good friends anymore, we’re just normal friends at best, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“That’s good then.”

Xu Sheng gave Cheng Yu a silent look. This was really the double standard he had mentioned. Previously, he had assumed that Cheng Yu was exaggerating, he didn’t expect that it was actually true.

His Ah Yu was amazing!

Although this was the first time Lin An Lan was having dinner with Hua Rong and Xu Sheng, they had all graduated from the same school, especially Xu Sheng, who had been in the same class as him, so it wasn’t awkward. After they finished talking about high school, they spoke of their university days, then lamented and sighed about high school again. It wasn’t until the wine was all gone that they finally ended this reminiscence of the past state.

Lin An Lan went to the bathroom and when Cheng Yu saw that he was gone, he put his phone in front of Hua Rong and Xu Sheng in a very impatient manner, “Take a look.”

“At what?” Hua Rong was puzzled, “It’s still your old phone, but this brand has recently come out with a new model, should I get you a new one?”

“Shallow!” Cheng Yu pointed to his cell phone pendant, “Look at this!”

“Which girl gave it to you?” Xu Sheng asked him, “It can’t be that you bought it yourself, right? You’ve never used this stuff.”

“What girl, do you think I would accept a gift from a girl?!”

It was only then that Hua Rong reacted, “Lin An Lan?”

Cheng Yu said smugly, “He made this himself. I picked the pearls up for him when we were out playing.”

Xu Sheng was shocked, “Lin An Lan!! Doing crafts!!!”

As he looked at the pearl flower in front of him, his eyes almost popped out, “I always thought he was quite aloof. I never thought he was so exquisite.”

“He’s actually very gentle, otherwise the Hua Rong thing wouldn’t have passed with a flick of his wrist and him not saying anything.”

When Cheng Yu finished saying this, he gave Hua Rong a look.

Hua Rong felt helpless, but, “He’s really not quite the same as I had imagined.”

“He’s not what I imagined either.” Xu Sheng was in a very delicate mood, “I’ve seen him since high school as a school top academic, aloof and distant, but he actually makes you crafts! My girlfriend has never even made me one!”

Cheng Yu was proud, “You can’t think he’s aloof just because he was a top academic and didn’t interact with you much, he’s actually very nice and easy to talk to. Didn’t he always answer me when I asked him questions in school?”

“Now I know.” Xu Sheng sighed, “I’m envious.”

Cheng Yu: Heh heh heh.

Looking at the happiness and pride on his face, Hua Rong thought to himself that his happiness was quite simple, but he did have the capital to be happy and proud. He had persevered for so many years and had finally reaped his love, so of course he would be happy.

And Lin An Lan’s trust in him, as well as the specialness of his attention to the smallest details were enough to make Cheng Yu, who was his lover proud.

Hua Rong was a little envious of him in this moment.

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