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Chapter 100.2

Hua Rong looked out the door and saw that the two had gone from a verbal confrontation to a tug of war, with the agent saying angrily, “It is written in the contract that if there is a disagreement, my opinion will prevail. Are you going to break the contract and pay for the breach?”

“I’ll pay.”

“Can you afford to pay? The breach of contract fee is five million yuan, how can you pay for that?”

Xie Hui didn’t say anything. Although he had made some money in the past few years, the agency had taken most of it and what was left with him had been used to buy clothes and accessories to package himself. He hadn’t even saved enough money to buy a house, let alone the money for the breach of contract.

“So behave yourself.” The agent said disgruntledly.

It was only after watching a good show that Hua Rong walked out in style.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he said as he walked up to the surprised duo, lifted Xie Hui’s chin and examined him for a few seconds. Yes, he bared a slight resemblance to Lin An Lan.

“What are you doing?” Zhang Ge asked, glaring at him.

Xie Hui also moved his face away, not allowing him touch his face again.

Clapping his hands, Hua Rong turned to Zhang Ge, “The amount you agreed on with President Li, I’ll double it. Just let him stay with me for a few days.”

Zhang Ge was shocked, “It’s not about the money.”

“I know, there is still a drama in the works, but I don’t want to put up this investment, so it’s just money. You can think about it.”

“Or,” he turned his head to Xie Hui, “you can think about it.”

Xie Hui felt sad in his heart. He never expected that he would one day be picked up like a piece of merchandise, labelled and sold for money.

He was like an animal in the market. He was clearly a living thing, but was like a dead thing.

Looking at Hua Rong, Xie Hui clenched his fist slowly. At this moment he had a rare moment of sanity and knew that if he opened this door today, Zhang Ge would only treat him less like a human being in the future and send him to numerous big bosses if he needed to.

But this wasn’t what he wanted. He didn’t really care if he was popular or not, because in this business, whether one was popular or not didn’t matter. As long as one had a movie to do, he or she would be able to earn more than the average person and with that, he would actually be satisfied.

But his satisfaction didn’t matter, his opinion didn’t matter, even his looks didn’t matter. Just because he once looked a little bit like Lin An Lan after putting make-up on, ever since then, his agent had been dying to put that make-up on his face just to rub off of Lin An Lan’s popularity.

Gritting his teeth, Xie Hui looked up at Hua Rong, “I’ll choose you, but five million.”

Hua Rong was slightly surprised, “You’re quite brave enough to ask for that.”

“Can I have that?”

“Do you think you’re worth it?”

Xie Hui instantly felt a bucket of cold water pouring down on him. He wasn’t worth it, he didn’t deserve it.

He lowered his head silently, not saying another word.

Zhang Ge sneered, “I didn’t see that coming. You really want to get out of your contract, what, have I treated you badly?”

Xie Hui didn’t say anything.

“Come on, come back with me. In the end, I’m the only one who cares about you.”

Done saying this, he reached to pull Xie Hui back.

Xie Hui didn’t want to go back and so struggled to look at Hua Rong who was standing on the side watching the show.

He was so deceptively handsome, elegant, made one starry-eyed and so kind.

Xie Hui tugged at him, looking at him pleadingly, “Four million, can I have that?”

Hua Rong: ……

Hua Rong thought he was really stupid. Even though Zhang Ge was a tiger’s den, he was at least a tiger’s den that he was familiar with. As long as this tiger’s den was familiar, then the situation could be turned into a victory; in this case, although going with Zhang Ge wasn’t the best idea, it was definitely not the worst idea either.

But to ask for help from a stranger, hoping that the stranger would help. Was he not thinking, that if he spent four million to help him, what he would use to pay for his four million?

Even if he sold him out, he would only be forced to stand by watching helplessly.

Too stupid, Hua Rong shook his head. He wasn’t even a tenth of Lin An Lan, no wonder he couldn’t be popular.

Spending four million for such a person, unless he was a fool.

For some reason, when Xie Hui saw him leaving, he instinctively grabbed him by the shirt, afraid that he would really just leave.

“Three million, three million, that’s enough, right?”

He said anxiously. He really had no money left, so three million was the lowest price he could accept. As long as he gave him three million, plus his own one million, and borrowed a few hundred thousand from others, he could break his contract.

He wouldn’t need to go with those President Li’s or President Wang’s, and he wouldn’t need to wear the Lin An Lan facade all the time. He could start his life again.

Hua Rong was amused by his repeated price drops, “Are you doing an auction?”

“And a cheap one at that.” Zhang Ge taunted.

Feeling a sting in his heart, Xie Hui let go of Hua Rong’s shirt.

He seemed to have reacted to the fact that he had done something untimely and stupid again, too stupid.

He had really, really thought of himself as a commodity with a price tag.

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