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Chapter 123.2 Cheng Yu, who was jealous of himself, and Lin An Lan, who smoothed his feathers

Zhuo Siya felt that this could only be the reason. Lin An Lan liked Cheng Yu, not only after his amnesia, but also now, which was why Cheng Yu’s mistake, to the point that he had made errors, didn’t matter.

He had turned a blind eye and chosen to get back together with Cheng Yu and chosen to forgive him.

Otherwise, given Lin An Lan’s temper, he wouldn’t have let it go so easily. In the end, it was because he didn’t want to take it into account that he didn’t bother to do so.

This was really surprising, Zhuo Siya sighed with emotion. He was actually willing to abandon his reasoning for Cheng Yu. If this had happened six months ago, this would have simply been unthinkable.

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you in the parking lot.” He replied.

“En.” Lin An Lan responded.

The director of ‘Breaking Dawn’ was Zhao Peng Hai, a new director who had just come to prominence in the past few years. Zhao Peng Hai was in his early thirties, not too old in the directors circle, but with a very distinctive personality.

His first movie was a small budget literary movie that was well received but didn’t do so well at the box office, so in his third year, he made a small budget commercial movie that wasn’t well received but did well at the box office.

This time, Zhao Peng Hai decided to learn from his experience with his first two movies and build on his previous successes to make a movie with both good word-of-mouth and good box office results.

For this reason, he chose his actors and actresses– except for Lin An Lan, a popular actor with a lot of traffic– and used veteran actors, lesser-known actors and actresses, as well as promising newcomers for all the roles.

Zhuo Siya made an analysis for Lin An Lan. Although Zhao Peng Hai wasn’t a well-known director, his two movies, one of which was a critical success and one of which was a box office success, amounted to two successful movies, hence his third movie, wouldn’t be too bad, especially given the script, so he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

After all, he was still a newcomer to the movie industry, and it was unrealistic for a newcomer to expect double success both on the word-of-mouth aspect and at the box office. If one could achieve any one of them, then one was already successful.

Lin An Lan also felt the same way, so after three days of intense preparation, he took Cheng Yu’s car and went to the venue of the audition.

Zhao Peng Hai was already waiting for him.

When he had first suggested that Lin An Lan could act as Li Hao, everyone had been against it.

Lin An Lan hadn’t done this type of drama at all, hadn’t played this type of role, and everyone knew that he was eyeing Lin An Lan because he was practically living on the hot search lately because of that variety show with Cheng Yu, and everywhere he went he heard his name, which was why he wanted him on board to boost the box office.

But it didn’t necessarily have to be him.

“Cheng Yu is a great actor. He’s done this type of drama before, he’s familiar with it, he’s popular, and he’s a good box office draw, just like the recent release of ‘8th Sunday Night’. He’s the reason for the new box office for domestic speculation. Since it’s all about traffic, isn’t Cheng Yu better?”

Zhao Peng Hai disagreed, “Just because he was in ‘8th Sunday Night’, he definitely won’t take on this movie. Both are murderer personas and both will turn themselves in later. Although the content of the story, character motivations, character personalities and so on are different, there is still somewhat of a high overlap. He shouldn’t be taking on this genre again anytime soon, unless he wants to become a pro at murdering characters.”

“Moreover, if he acts as Li Hao in this movie, after it is aired, it will inevitably give people a sense that there’s something there. Some people will undoubtedly believe that Li Hao isn’t such a simple character due to his outstanding performance in this movie and that his brother-in-law’s death isn’t necessarily an accident, and when the truth is revealed at the end, it will lack shocking power. But Lin An Lan, on the other hand, is unique in that he has never played a role like this before and he looks innocent and harmless, so when the truth is revealed at the end, it will give people an ‘it turns out that this is what happened, but it makes sense’ feeling.”

“But what if Lin An Lan isn’t the right fit? Didn’t that other person before who, relying on his traffic acted in a movie but when the movie came out, everyone scolded him? That one person ruined the whole movie.” Someone chimed in.

“No one forced that director to use him. If you dare to use him, then you must have the strength to temper him. Since he saw his traffic, then he naturally had to pay for the corresponding risk that came attached to his traffic. Let Lin An Lan audition first and let’s see. He worked with Director Zhang on ‘Yun Yun’ last year. If Director Zhang can choose him, then there is definitely something outstanding about him.”

“Besides.” Zhao Peng Hai tapped his pen on the table, “There are so many roles, so let him audition first. The big deal is that if he’s not suitable for the male lead, we’ll change the male supporting role to one that allows him to act in his own right. Anyway, this time I want both word-of-mouth and box office, so regarding Lin An Lan, I’m not going to give up.”

When the others heard this, they understood that their Director Zhao was making every effort to prove to everyone that, ‘I can’t only win by just word-of-mouth only or at the box office only. I can also rely on two different means and fly at lightning speed.’

For Zhao Peng Hai, he would have cast Lin An Lan in this movie regardless of his acting skills. At most, it would only be that the role would be different.

So when Lin An Lan came in, Zhao Peng Hai immediately smiled at him, his expression very kind.

Lin An Lan, unaware of Zhao Peng Hai’s thoughts, said hello politely, answered Zhao Peng Hai’s questions, then auditioned for the solo scene that had Li Hao sitting on a chair, just as Zhao Peng Hai had asked.

This was one of Li Hao’s signature moves. Ever since he was a little boy, he had always liked to sit on a chair and look at his mother and sister.

Later, when his sister got married, he would still sit on the chair and look at his mother.

He was a very quiet person. He could watch them in silence for more than half an hour or sit patiently in his chair and think about his problems.

Zhao Peng Hai gave Lin An Lan a chair and told him to start his performance.

Sitting on the chair, Lin An Lan looked towards a certain point.

His expression was light, his brows stretched as he watched quietly, however he never changed his posture, only the mood in his eyes changed slowly.

After a long time, he blinked softly, a slight light in his eyes as he seemed to be thinking about something. He lowered his eyes then lifted them slowly, his thick eyelashes haloed like ink, but willfully revealing the fluttering corners of his eyes in preference.

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