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Chapter 109.2 Cheng Yu hugged him

Lin An Lan washed his hands, panned the rice, then looked in the fridge to see what else was there.

And then was stunned, seeing the sandwich he had bought a while ago.

“This is a new one.” Cheng Yu said behind him, “The one you bought before had expired, so I bought a new one in case you came back and wanted to eat it only to find that it has expired.”

Lin An Lan was speechless for a moment.

He thought he would never come back, but he still bought his favorite food on time, in case he came back and wanted it but couldn’t get it.

“Weren’t you afraid that I wouldn’t come back?”

Cheng Yu was silent for a while then answered him, “An An, do you know when I learned how to cook?”

Lin An Lan turned his head to look at him, “When?”

“Senior year of high school.” Cheng Yu smiled, “At that time, I heard Jiang Xu talking to a girl who liked you. He was talking about the types of people you might like and one of them was someone who was able to cook. I thought about it for a while and felt that I could easily satisfy all the other requirements, but not this one, so I started to learn how to cook.”

His tone was very soft, “I learned how to cook very quickly, but I waited so many years. It wasn’t until last year that I was finally able to really cook for you, so I’m not afraid.”

“I can wait for you. I can always wait for you, and with you, the last thing I lack is waiting and patience.”

“There is nothing to be afraid of in waiting. More than waiting, I’m more afraid that one day you will come back and I wouldn’t be prepared enough, thus causing me to miss you again. Then I will regret it.”

Lin An Lan lowered his eyes silently then turned to get the vegetables and shrimps he needed from the fridge, ready to make him some porridge and stir-fry some dishes.

Entering the kitchen, he took out the casserole pan and Cheng Yu stood behind him, watching him quietly without saying a word.

Lin An Lan washed the vegetables and started to chop them. Cheng Yu looked at his clear and handsome side profile and for a moment it was as if he had gone back to that night when he had just gotten off the plane, rushed home, held Lin An Lan to sleep for a while and when he woke up, Lin An Lan went to the kitchen to make him dinner.

Had he forgiven him?

Or had he just come back to see him briefly?

Cheng Yu didn’t know. He wanted to ask but didn’t dare.

However if he was willing to come back, didn’t that mean he didn’t hate him so much and that what he had done wasn’t so unforgivable?

Cheng Yu walked up behind him slowly and carefully, then reached out to hug him from behind.

Lin An Lan’s hand that was cutting the vegetables stopped for a moment unconsciously and he was instantly transported back to that night.

He had been cutting vegetables in front of the counter when Cheng Yu hugged him from behind and said to him, “I’ll stay here by myself, so that when you turn around, you can see me.”

He unconsciously wanted to turn back, but at the moment he was about to turn his head, he calmed down and didn’t move.

Hugging him, Cheng Yu pressed his face against his side and murmured, “I miss you so much.”

“Every day, I miss you so much.”

Lowering his head, Lin An Lan didn’t say anything.

“I went to look for you and drove down to your apartment, but I didn’t dare to go to you for fear that you would get angry.”

Lin An Lan was surprised, but then on second thought, he was really like that. He had said that he didn’t want to share the same stage with him, so Cheng Yu never dared to share the stage with him, and he had been so determined to leave that day, so naturally Cheng Yu didn’t dare appear in front of him of his own accord.

Cheng Yu was always like this. He would never force him to do anything. Even when he had lied to him that they were lovers, he had never forced him to do anything; he always considered his wishes every time and in everything.

He really was a great lover, and even though he had only ever had him as a boyfriend, Lin An Lan knew that he was definitely the best boyfriend in the world, bar none.

When Cheng Yu saw that there was no anger on his face, he continued, “I know I shouldn’t have lied to you. I won’t do it again. This is the first time and also the last time, so is it okay if you just punish me?”

“Come back, okay?”

“An An, tell me, what can I do to get you back?”

“I love you, and the more I love you, the more I couldn’t resist the temptation. I didn’t mean to lie to you, but the moment the words came out of my mouth, I had already done it.”

“I shouldn’t have lied to you, I’m sorry, I won’t lie to you again, okay?”

He unconsciously tightened his grip, hugging Lin An Lan tighter, “Come back, okay? We’ve already made a toast and exchanged rings. You’re my wife, don’t you want to be my wife anymore?”

“But I still want to marry you and still want to be with you for the rest of my life, what should I do?”

“An An, what should I do?”

Lin An Lan’s hands stopped moving, his heart sore and soft.

“Look back at me,” Cheng Yu coaxed on a whisper, “Look at me, I’ve always been behind you, I’ve always been here. Look at me okay?”

Lin An Lan closed his eyes then he looked up, resisted the urge to turn back and said, “Cheng Yu, you’re disturbing my cooking.”

Cheng Yu was so shocked that he shut his mouth and dared not say anything else.

After a long time, Lin An Lan felt Cheng Yu rubbing against his shoulder as if he was aggrieved, “I won’t say anything.”

He didn’t say anything else, but he still held him and didn’t let go.

Lin An Lan didn’t drive him away. Instead, he continued to cut the vegetables quietly.

Cheng Yu looked at the side of his face and then at the way he was cutting the vegetables, but as he watched, his eyes slowly dimmed. The ring wasn’t on Lin An Lan’s left hand.

He had taken their ring off.

He remembered that he had left with the ring on, but now he had taken it off.

How could he bear to take it off?

How could he bear to let go?

Cheng Yu was having a hard time as his eyes stared straight at Lin An Lan’s fingers. He wanted to say something but couldn’t.

Removing his arms from around Lin An Lan’s body, he lifted his hand to cover Lin An Lan’s left hand and in Lin An Lan’s confusion, lifted his right hand and held it to help him cut the vegetables.

Lin An Lan didn’t understand, “I can do it myself.”

“I’ll help you.”

“There’s no need.” Lin An Lan said in response.

When he finished, he raised his hand to try to break away, but Cheng Yu held his hand, interlocking their fingers and holding him tight.

However his eyes were fixed on his left hand and following his gaze, Lin An Lan saw the ring on his finger.

Cheng Yu’s ring was still on his finger, but there was no ring on his.

Immediately, he understood why Cheng Yu had done what he had just done. It was because he had discovered it and he felt uncomfortable, so he covered his left hand so that he wouldn’t see it.

“I had a magazine shoot today, so I couldn’t wear accessories.” He explained.

Cheng Yu looked at him in surprise and he himself didn’t know whether it was because of his explanation or at the fact that he hadn’t wanted to take the ring off.

Lin An Lan sighed helplessly, smiled, then turned around to continue cutting the vegetables.

Cheng Yu stood beside him and, after a while, hugged him like a koala.

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