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Chapter 43.2

“So do we have to go and thank him?”

“We have to, after all, it’s a repost of our Ge’s Weibo, if we don’t go, won’t it look like we’re indifferent?”

After discussing the matter, the Tulip girls politely ran under Lin An Lan’s Weibo and stated politely, “Thank you little brother An Lan for the promotion, I hope you will have a good time working with our Ge.”

The groove girls who had been hesitant to repost: ……

Alright, the people have already come to say thank you. If the number of reposts were too low, wouldn’t it look like their An An was less popular than Cheng Yu?

The groove girls moved immediately as they started to forward the repost and control the comments.

Seeing this, the Tulip sisters weren’t to be left behind either, making it a rare moment when the two fan groups acted in unison.

Just as the Yu Lan fans were envious of the sudden bite of candy from the Jiang Lan CP next door, they didn’t expect to be caught off guard by a bite of candy themselves, and it was even bigger and sweeter than the Jiang Lan CP next door!

“My goodness, An An actually helped Cheng Yu promote? This is the first time, right?!”

“It’s the first time, it’s indeed the first time, and I’m thinking it’s a special repost. This drama only released its final trailer yesterday and Cheng Ge himself just reposted it. He didn’t even ask his friends in the circle to promote it, after all, it has only been finalized, I didn’t expect that An An would even help promote it.”

“Woo woo woo, it must be that An An swiped Weibo today, saw Jiang Xu’s new drama promotion on the front page and helped repost it, and then seeing our Cheng Ge’s own, reposted it as well.”

“Master of standing on two boats Lin An Lan.”

“!!! Who said anything about standing on two boats? An An clearly isn’t on two boats. Jiang Xu’s repost was just that, a repost without a single word, while Cheng Ge’s repost had three lines of words! Moreover Jiang Xu’s repost is about a drama almost about to be broadcast, while Cheng Ge’s repost is about a movie that has only been scheduled. How is that ‘two boats’? It’s clearly one alright!”

“Sisters your are right. An An is obviously more biased towards our Yu Yu, the repost words has three lines written with emoticons, but Jiang Xu’s doesn’t even have a single punctuation mark.”

“And did you guys notice that Jiang Xu and An An’s hot searches are gone? At this point in time, with these kinds of hot searches, Jiang Xu’s side will definitely not take it down and Weibo itself will not give up on this KPI. The only way this could have happened is if An An’s side took it down. An An didn’t even pull it before with Cheng Ge, but took it down this time with Jiang Xu just after it went up. What does this mean? It means that our Yu Lan is real! And Jiang Lin is fake!”

“Wow, sisters, what you said seems to make sense, you guys are too powerful.”

“With this analysis, I instantly feel that we Yu Lan have it too sweet. It’s sweet and real, woo woo woo, although we bloomed late, we are be the most fragrant and aromatic blooms!”

“Fragrance for ten miles!”

“Fragrant for ten thousand miles!”

The Yu Lan fan group was discussing excitedly when suddenly they heard someone come to report, “Da**, An An and Yu Yu are on the hot search again!”


“Yes, it seems that An An prompting for Cheng Ge was moved to the forum, and because this topic on the forum was highly discussed, it was reposted to Weibo by a marketing account, then more marketing accounts reposted it, so it went up on the hot search again.”

Crowd: …… It’s really, just a common pattern.

The Yu Lan fans immediately rolled up their sleeves and rushed into the hot search with their own amenities, actively selling them to any passersby who clicked into the hot search.

The girls in the grooves had just witnessed the Jiang Lin CP fans next door shut down when they saw the Yu Lan CP fans jump out once again. What was with all the rush?

But with the contrast of Jiang Lin, Yu Lan was much more pleasing to the eyes to the groove girls.

At least Cheng Yu was a movie emperor, was very popular red and didn’t suck blood. He was much better than that Jiang Xu.

If worst came to worst, if the Tulip girls sucked their bl**d up, they’d do the same to them. They all had about the same level of popularity anyways, so no one would lose.

When the tulip sisters saw the hot search [Cheng Yu, Lin An Lan], they wanted to scold but couldn’t, they didn’t want to scold too but couldn’t do that as well.

If they scolded it wasn’t right, because even as Lin An Lan was promoting the movie for Cheng Yu, in essence he was also helping himself.

But if you they didn’t scold, the two of them were on the hot search for the second time! There had been no precedent like this before or ever!

The only thing they could do was send private messages to Sun Meng, asking him to pull down the search while promoting Cheng Yu’s new movie on Weibo.

However withdrawing this hot search wasn’t possible and not in this lifetime.

So the three fan groups watched as the hot search climbed to number one, and just like last time, the pure fans were silent while the CP fans were moved to tears.

The Yu Lan fans wailed in the group as they chewed on their little handkerchiefs, “It’s so sweet, this is the second time it’s topped the hot search, Ge is fantastic!”

“On the one hand An An withdrew his hot search with Jiang Xu, and then on the other hand is on the hot search with our Cheng Ge but still hasn’t taken it down, this is true love, right? It’s true love, isn’t it?”

“It must be because Cheng was jealous, that’s why An An immediately took down the hot search with Jiang Xu and replaced it with one with Cheng Ge’s! An An is really too sweet!”

“An An really isn’t subtle at all, this is blatant double standard!”

“Heavens, mum, I’ve come full circle again!”

“A week ago I was humble as a dog, satisfied when Yu Lan could even breathe in a breath of air, but a week later I’m gorging myself on sugar every day. Thank you Cheng Ge, thank you An An! Today is also a day to shed tears for Yu Lan’s absolute beautiful love.”

“Ge, fighting, Yu Lan, fighting!'”

Jiang Xu got up after more than an hour of sleep and just opened Weibo to see that the number one hot search was [Cheng Yu Lin An Lan].

Instantly awake, he frowned as he clicked in, and saw that Lin An Lan had helped Cheng Yu promote his new movie.

Unlike the promotion repost he had done for him, this time, Lin An Lan wrote three lines, and also with an obviously very serious attitude.

A promotion repost or forwarding, was a very delicate thing. Too few words would look perfunctory, too many words would give people the idea that it was too long, causing them to not read it, so three lines, no more, no less, was just right.

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