I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 54.2

Zhuo Siya arrived earlier than Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan, so when he saw Lin An Lan coming, he told him about what had happened with Jiang Xu last night, “His assistant called Xiao Yang, but Xiao Yang was very tight-lipped and didn’t say anything. Jiang Xu didn’t wait for you and went back.”

Lin An Lan pursed his lips, “What’s he doing? Why is he suddenly pretending to be affectionate.”

“Maybe because he’s sick and vulnerable and you’re his best friend, so he misses you a lot.”

Lin An Lan: “…”

“Do you want to see him?” Zhuo Siya asked him.

Lin An Lan shook his head, “I’d advise him to go to a doctor, I don’t know how to cure him, so it’s useless to come to me… Besides, will Cheng Yu be happy if he comes to see me?”

Zhuo Siya looked at him with an inexplicably helpless look in his eyes, “All right, then.”

As Lin An Lan went to the dressing room to put on his make-up and change his clothes, his expression was calm, not affected in the slightest by what had happened with Jiang Xu.

As Zhuo Siya looked on, he felt that this memory loss had changed Lin An Lan so much.

When Director Zhang saw that they were back, he exchanged a few pleasantries with them and then began to tell them the highlights of the scenes they were going to shoot today.

He didn’t give Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu any major scenes, but rather simple over-the-top scenes to help them get into the swing of things.

Lin An Lan was very relaxed and finished his scene in one take. He then sat on a chair to wait for Cheng Yu after he was done.

It was very cold in winter, so Lin An Lan was wearing a thin coat. When Cheng Yu saw this, he asked Wang Cheng to give Lin An Lan his trench coat to wear while he was filming.

Taking Cheng Yu’s trench coat excitedly, Wang Cheng went over to Lin An Lan, almost putting it on his shoulders himself, and he didn’t forget to say beautifully for Cheng Yu, “Cheng Ge is afraid that you’ll be cold. Cheng Ge really cares about you all the time, Lin Ge, I’ve never seen Cheng Ge treat anyone with such care, it’s only you… “

Lin An Lan: …

Looking at the light in his eyes, Lin An Lan felt that this wasn’t the emotion of an ordinary assistant, but more like a cp fan!

Obviously, he guessed it right.

As Lin An Lan sat back down, he only saw Zhuo Siya walk towards him and whisper in his ear, “Jiang Xu is here.”

Lin An Lan: ????

“What is he doing here?”

“He said he wants to see you and is waiting in the artist’s van. He asked if you want him to come over, or you want to come over?”

Lin An Lan: …

Lin An Lan didn’t want anything.

“Tell him I’m tired and that I’m ready to go to bed, so he should go home.”


After saying this, Zhuo Siya went to the other side to make a phone call.

Lin An Lan wrapped Cheng Yu’s trench coat around himself tightly, feeling that Jiang Xu was extraordinarily persistent this time.

Why bother?

Shouldn’t he go see a doctor if he was sick?

What was he doing?

He wasn’t a miracle cure.

He didn’t pay any attention until Cheng Yu finished filming, then he finally got up and prepared to go back.

It was already late and Lin An Lan was a bit sleepy, so thinking that Cheng Yu would be back about half an hour later, he planned to use the time to take a shower.

However just as he reached his room, he saw Jiang Xu standing in front of his door.

Lin An Lan: …

Hearing his footsteps, Jiang Xu turned to look at him and smiled, “I guessed you weren’t asleep, so I asked the staff and sure enough, you weren’t finished at that time.”

Lin An Lan: …

He walked helplessly to the door, swiped his card and entered, with Jiang Xu following him.

Lin An Lan really didn’t want to argue with him in the corridor, so he allowed him to enter.

“Aren’t you sick? What are you doing here instead of going to see a doctor?”

Jiang Xu was surprised, “Xiao Lan, so you did see my text message. I knew it, Cheng Yu didn’t allow you to reply to my message, that’s why you acted like you didn’t care about me.”

Lin An Lan: … I’m sorry, I really don’t care about you much.

But he pretended to go along with Jiang Xu’s words, “If you know all this, why did you come?”

“Because I wanted to see you.” Jiang Xu whispered, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Xiao Lan, I miss you so much.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Then now that you’ve seen me, can you go now?”

“Are you worried that Cheng Yu will return?”

“Yes,” Lin An Lan was very cooperative, “If he comes back to see you, it would be bad for the two of us.”

Jiang Xu instantly felt sorry for him.

Lin An Lan could have ignored all this, he could have been free to do whatever he wanted to do, but instead, because of him, to help him, he came to Cheng Yu and condescended to him just for the sake of his wish.

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Xu apologized, “I’m sorry for giving you trouble.”

Lin An Lan smiled, “It’s okay, so you should go first.”

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