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Chapter 39.2

Fan Ruiwen laughed a little but didn’t shy away from asking directly, “Then would you be willing to practice a bed scene script with me?”

Cheng Yu said in a low voice, “Do I look like someone who is willing?”

He lifted his chin, “The door is behind you, get out yourself.'”

“Don’t be so cruel.” Fan Ruiwen’s tone turn coquettish, “I didn’t actually come to practice a bed scene script with you, I just wanted to hype up a CP with you.”

“I know you’re popular and very popular at that, but I’ve been in the entertainment circle longer than you have, so I have more contacts and resources than you do. Director Zhang is the best director you’ve ever worked with, right? But he’s not the best director I’ve ever worked with.”

“So, I want popularity, you need resources and I’m not too low on the list. Besides I’m pretty, so you wouldn’t be at a disadvantage if you hype up a CP with me, right?”

Cheng Yu listened to her confident words then asked rhetorically, “Where did you get the idea that I need resources?”

He continued in a calm and unperturbed tone, “I thought it became common knowledge from the drama I debuted in, where I was a newcomer who hadn’t acted before but took the lead role directly, shows that I must have resources in this circle.”

“Have you been led astray by all the ‘Ge-ge only has us’ on the internet?”

Fan Ruiwen froze for a moment but quickly calmed down again, “Who would mind having more resources? Not to mention it comes with a romantic encounter.”

Cheng Yu looked at her with a soft smile, “In the words romantic encounter, the key point is ‘romantic’, not wearing bright red clothes and heavy makeup, that’s just colorful. The ghost in red also wears a bright red dress but no one thinks there’s anything romantic about her.”

“You…..” Fan Ruiwen frowned, “Cheng Yu, I don’t have to hype up a CP with you, I just think it would be a good idea for both of us so there’s no reason to let go of this opportunity. Don’t you want to take your career to the next level? Don’t you want your next film to be with a director more powerful than Director Zhang?”

“I don’t want it.” Cheng Yu said calmly “And I’m not interested either.”

“You’re very career-minded and bold, unfortunately I’m not that career-minded. Filming is just a sideline for me and I don’t intend to make money from it, let alone realise the value of my life through it, so resources or popularity, in essence, don’t matter to me.”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu said honestly, “It’s always good to be popular– I’m happy with the popularity I have now.”

Fan Ruiwen let out a laugh, “Cheng Yu, do you really not understand or are you pretending to not understand? Popularity for resources, resources for popularity, and with better resources, are you worried about not being popular?”

“If you say so, why would you be looking for me now? You should have already become a super star by now, right?”

Fan Ruiwen: …

The expression on Fan Ruiwen’s face turned indifferent, “Alright, since you’ve said this then forget it. You’re not the only male star in the cast.”

“You want to go to Lin An Lan?”

“Objectively speaking, Lin An Lan is the best person for me, after all, we’re a couple in the drama so it would be much easier to create a CP based on that. It’s just that I prefer someone like you to him, which is why I came to you first but since you don’t want to, then he’s the best choice.”

“Then I advise you to give up while you’re ahead.” Cheng Yu suddenly straightened, going closer to her, “Lin An Lan won’t say yes to you. It’s you who’s lucky to be rejected by me, but won’t you be embarrassed if you get rejected again?”

“You’re sure he won’t say yes?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Fan Ruiwen, I know him better than you do, and if there is ever a day when he is willing to create a CP hype, then that person will definitely not be you.”

Fan Ruiwen didn’t believe it, “If it’s not me, will it be with you?”

Cheng Yu smiled but didn’t say anything.

Looking at the expression on his face, Fan Ruiwen suddenly realized that Gu Shuyu had two relationship lines in the drama. In other words, it wasn’t impossible for Lin An Lan to create a CP hype with Cheng Yu.

These days, male-male cp’s were no less popular than male-female cp’s, but they were much safer.

After all, male-male cp was always a minority and fans don’t take them seriously, but they took male-female cp seriously.

If Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan were willing to create a male-male cp hype, it would indeed be more cost effective than creating a cp hype with a girl.

“I can’t believe you two have this in mind.” Fan Ruiwen said helplessly “Alright then, I wish you guys great success and prosperity.”

“Thank you, but I didn’t say anything.”

Yes, you didn’t say anything, you just implied it.

Fan Ruiwen nodded, “Don’t worry, I won’t blow the whistle. Honesty and trustworthiness, traditional Chinese virtues.”

Cheng Yu felt that she had clearly misunderstood but it was a kind of beautiful misunderstanding he couldn’t be bothered with, much less even bother to correct.

“So you think Lin An Lan and I are suitable?” He said curiously.

“If you just look at your faces, then you guys are quite suitable. I don’t know exactly what your personalities are, but netizens get high on cp just by looking at your face, so from a netizen’s point of view, you are indeed quite suitable.”

It was rare for Cheng Yu to hear that someone other than Wang Cheng thought they were suitable, making him happy as he said with satisfaction, “That seems to be the case.”

Only then did he finally look at Fan Ruiwen in a favorable light, “You have a bit of vision.”

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