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Chapter 20

Sun Meng said, “I don’t think it’s too much to ask. It’s true that you two will draw the audience’s attention to you if you form a group, and the other guests’ parts will be skipped, moreover after watching your group, it would be like watching the whole show. But if you form a group with another guest, it’s not like you’ll be together all the time, just at night when you’re off, so you don’t have to resist too much, just think of it as having a live-in roommate.”

“Did I come to this show to have more roommates?” Cheng Yu asked rhetorically.

“Didn’t I come to this show to be on the same stage as Lin An Lan, to do tasks with him, to satisfy my selfish desires and to develop our cp fans in the process?”

“It’s not for me to think about how the show is going to retain viewers. It’s not my concern whether we will have more or less footage. If you want to go with the script, that’s fine, but you’ll probably only see me in Lin An Lan’s house every night when the cameras are turned off. Don’t ask, asking just means you want to drop in for a visit, and visiting at that time is too late. We have the same interests and feelings, so we have to have a candlelight dinner, but I don’t think the crew would allow us to, would they?”

Sun Meng:….

“You don’t just want to have a candlelight dinner, you also want to live and sleep together!”

“Clever.” Cheng Yu complimented him.

Sun Meng:….am I here for you to compliment me on my cleverness!

Sun Meng had a headache, “Can’t you, for once in a while, slightly, a little, restrain your love for Lin An Lan?”

“This is work.” Sun Meng said bitterly.

Cheng Yu said, “Why did I choose this job at that time? Because he doesn’t have a regular work schedule? Because he doesn’t earn as much as I do? It was all for Lin An Lan. People always say, “No matter what you do, you have to remember your original intention, don’t get lost in the materialistic glamour of paper and money.”

“I don’t know if other people remember their original intentions, but I do remember that my original intention is Lin An Lan, and I joined this circle just to be on stage with him and to let him see me, so now that you’re telling me this, do you think it’s useful?”

“Aren’t you urging me to forget my original intentions, leading me to be greedy and vain?”

Sun Meng:….

Sun Meng opened his phone and started to look at his work schedule, “How come there’s no talk show or debate program for you? It would be a waste of your eloquence if you don’t go for debate, why didn’t I look for such shows for you?”

Cheng Yu ‘sighed’, then patted Sun Meng’s shoulder, continuing to reason with him: “Old Sun, I’ve been working hard these years, and I’ve made a lot of money for our team, but that’s just by hand, you know? I’m working hard because Lin An Lan’s popularity is growing every year. If I don’t work hard, when we are on the same stage in the future, netizens won’t think that we are worthy of each other, they will only think that I am holding him back, so if he increases by one foot, I have to increase by one foot, so that I can have a chance to be on the same stage with him. Don’t you know all this? So don’t do anything useless.”

Sun Meng:….

Sun Meng was speechless. What else could he say, his artist hadn’t forgotten his original intentions, who wouldn’t praise him when they hear him by saying, ‘Awesome! He’s got determination!’

He closed his mouth, looked down and replied to Zhuo Siya: [Cheng Yu disagreed.]

He also replied to the director of the show.

Zhuo Siya looked at the reply and handed his phone to Lin An Lan helplessly.

Taking it, Lin An Lan looked up at him and said, “Then let’s reject it too.”

“Can you reconsider?”

“No.” Lin An Lan said, “He doesn’t want to, if I say yes, wouldn’t I be embarrassing him? Reject it, just say I don’t like it.”

Zhuo Siya had no choice but to agree, rejecting the variety show’s proposal.

When the director of the show saw that both of them had refused, he had an instant headache and could only pray that when the real shooting took place, they wouldn’t choose each other, otherwise it would really reduce the show’s views!

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu entered the airport at different times, both of them taking the VIP lane, however although they were already very secretive, they were still photographed by some fans who had bought the tickets in advance and were on the same flight as them.

An An’s Grove: New picture, today’s brother is the most handsome brother in the world, but I wonder what kind of activities he is doing? [thinking]

The accompanying picture was a full high resolution picture of Lin An Lan.

When Lin An Lan’s fans saw the picture, they couldn’t help but wonder, “Is it a new activity? How come there’s no news at all?”

“Yeah, what’s his schedule?”

“I’m so curious.”

“Ah ah ah, I want to go to the airport too, where is he going this time? Please reply, I want to board a plane!”

“I think it’s Y City.”

“What a coincidence? I just saw that Cheng Yu’s team has also released a picture. The destination is also Y city.”

“D**n!!! He’s not going with Cheng Yu is he?”

“Impossible, aren’t the two of them the only ones who don’t see each other? Film festivals, TV festivals, charity galas, fashion shows, etc., etc., there’s never been a time when the two of them have attended together, so it’s impossible.”

“That’s right, I guess they have their own events.”

Everyone chipped in a comment, not taking it seriously, only the Yu Lan fans were crying as they jumped with joy at the sugar gained from the news that they had the same destination.

“It’s the same destination, oh my god, it’s so sweet!”

“Two people breathing the same air on the same day, it’s so sweet, so cute.”

“This is probably the closest Yu Yu and An An have ever been, I’m in tears, this Yu Lan is humbled.”

Wang Cheng looked at his Weibo group, and felt that his family’s cp fans were really very pitiful.

For the other CP groups being in the same frame was giving sugar, looking at each other meant dating, but in their CP group, going to the same destination was giving sugar. He guessed that being in the same frame for them would already count as them dating.

It too sadistic. Wang Cheng felt like he’d being abused step by step as he became a die-hard Yu Lan fan!

But it didn’t matter, he glanced at Cheng Yu sitting in front of him. He believed that in a short while, the Yu Lan Super Talk would be full, and that the Yu Lan CP would rise to the top of the Weibo CP list, sweeping all the forums, so that every place where star-crossed girls gathered, Yu Lan flowers would bloom brilliantly.

After all, their main man was fighting hard together with them!

What could be more exciting than getting high on the same CP as the main guy?

It was when the main man himself came on stage to wave the flag and shout for love!

As long as Cheng stands tall, Yu Lan would blossom!

As long as Brother Cheng had more sugar to give, the Yu Lan blossoms would never fall! 

Brother Cheng, you can do it!

Today’s Wang Cheng, was worthy of being the head of Yu Lan.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu took a two-hour flight to Y City, where they boarded a car arranged by the programme team and headed to the village of Guo Zi.

As the name suggested, this village mainly grew fruits, and it was autumn when the autumn pears were ripe, so the village chief had already washed the pears and was waiting for their arrival.

This time, there were ten people in total. Apart from Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, there were also Li Yongshi, Chen Yingjie, Guan Fei who had signed up before them and Jian Yada, Yuan Leren, Zhou Yuan, Ma Junshan and He Jiaxiang, who had signed up after them.

Among them, Yuan Leren and Zhou Yuan were the unannounced couple and were planning to take advantage of the show to attract a lot of CP fans to pave the way for the official announcement later.

When Cheng Yu arrived, everyone else had already arrived, and Guan Fei was even sitting next to Lin An Lan and chatting with him.

He was the guest that the show’s team had initially assigned to Lin An Lan, as he liked Lin An Lan, but it wasn’t to be.

Guan Fei was a fan of Lin An Lan’s film and liked his character Gao Yang, so when the crew suggested it, he was very happy, however he didn’t expect Lin An Lan to turn it down.

“But Brother Lin, I really think you’re a good actor and I like your character Gao Yang very much.”

Lin An Lan looked at him with a smile, “Thank you.”

Guan Fei smiled, “There’s no need, there’s no need, I’m happy to be recording with you this time.”

As the two were talking, Cheng Yu walked up to Lin An Lan’s side.

Seeing him approach, Lin An Lan stood up, “Want to sit?”

Cheng Yu pushed him down, “You sit.”

“Then this is for you.” Lin An Lan handed him the autumn pear in his hand which had just been handed to him by the villagers.

Cheng Yu took it, but didn’t eat it.

He didn’t like pears very much. His mother didn’t like them when he was a child, saying that the pronunciation of pear was ‘to leave’, and that to split a pear meant to separate, so she didn’t like them.

Cheng Yu somehow remembered this saying and never ate a pear again.

Looking at the natural interaction between them, Guan Fei was surprised, “Brother Lin, you and Brother Cheng know each other?”

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