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Chapter 174.2

Editor: Jodi

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu rested for a while, then got up to prepare dinner.

However just as they started taking things out of the fridge, they heard a sudden knock on the door. Lin An Lan walked out and saw that it was Jiao Wenxiu and his girlfriend Zhang Qihan standing outside.

“Lin Ge, sorry to bother you, but we’re not good at cooking, so can we join you?” Zhang Qihan asked.

Lin An Lan wasn’t one to be petty about such things, so he nodded, “Sure.”

Zhang Qihan walked in happily, while Jiao Wenxiu just nodded slightly, “Sorry to bother you.”

“No problem.”

Then Lin An Lan went back and told Cheng Yu about their intentions as he took vegetables out.

Zhang Qihan asked, “Is there anything I can help with?”

Lin An Lan replied, “You can help me wash the vegetables.”

After he said this, Zhang Qihan walked over then asked him which vegetables it was that she was to wash seriously.

Jiao Wenxiu however didn’t enter the kitchen. He just sat on the sofa.

Cheng Yu found it odd. Usually, in such situations, whether out of genuine intent or courtesy, people would show politeness when seeking help from others. For example, Zhang Qihan asking if she could help with anything. However Jiao Wenxiu didn’t seem inclined to help at all.

“Neither of you knows how to cook?” Cheng Yu asked Zhang Qihan.

Zhang Qihan looked a bit embarrassed. “My parents always cook for me at home, so I haven’t tried cooking by myself, and it’s the same situation with Wenxiu.”

Cheng Yu nodded. “Oh.”

Lin An Lan handed the washed vegetables to him, and taking them, Cheng Yu started with his chopping.

The two of them were used to working together, so they quickly made six dishes and a soup.

Zhang Qihan helped bring the food out, then she said to Jiao Wenxiu, “Cheng Ge and Lin Ge made this. Isn’t it great?”

Jiao Wenxiu nodded, looking as if it were a matter of course. “You should learn from them.”

Zhang Qihan responded softly, “I’ll watch closely and work hard.”

Cheng Yu happened to come out with a dish, and hearing this, said to Jiao Wenxiu, “If the two of you learn together, you’ll actually be faster.”

Jiao Wenxiu laughed, “I’m a man. How can I go into the kitchen? That’s a woman’s job.”

Cheng Yu: …

Lin An Lan who had just walked over: …

Zhang Qihan quickly noticed the awkwardness and said, “Cheng Ge, Lin Ge, he didn’t mean it like that. He just thinks that men should work outside and women should manage the home, that’s why he doesn’t like cooking or cleaning. You shouldn’t misunderstand.”

Raising an eyebrow, Cheng Yu glanced at Jiao Wenxiu.

While Lin An Lan placed the dish on the table then said calmly, “In this day and age, you’re still talking about men working outside and women inside? Why not just go back to men farming and women weaving, working from dawn to dusk? And with that said, you shouldn’t even be eating now as the sun’s already set. You should be sleeping.”

Then done saying this with a slight smile, he turned and walked back to the kitchen.

And Jiao Wenxiu, having caught the sarcasm in his tone, looked at him with dissatisfaction. Then when Lin An Lan returned with the soup, he explained, “I just think that as a man, it’s my duty to support my woman so she can live well at home and not have to work hard outside. So in this context, women should take care of things like cooking.”

At first glance, this seemed reasonable, as if he was a responsible and considerate partner.

However, to Lin An Lan, it didn’t sound considerate at all.

So, with a calm expression, he said, “So, you’re doing  this show alone?”

“Of course not.”

“Then Xiao Zhang being here, is it to to provide you with logistics support? Isn’t she still also working hard outside?”

Jiao Wenxiu: …

He pursed his lips. “Lin Ge, I’m just stating my own opinion. This is between me and my girlfriend.”

“I’m also just stating mine.” Lin An Lan smiled. “Let’s eat. The food’s ready.”

Zhang Qihan tried to smooth things over hurriedly. “Yes, let’s eat. I’m starving. I was craving the food Cheng Ge made while he was cooking.”

They all sat down to eat.

Most of the dishes Cheng Yu made were Lin An Lan’s favorites. What’s more when they were at home, he often served Lin An Lan, so he picked several pieces of food that Lin An Lan liked for him out of habit.

Zhang Qihan was a bit envious as she watched this.

She glanced at Jiao Wenxiu who was eating his food silently, not noticing her at all.

Then after thinking about it for a moment, served him a piece of food. “This is your favorite.”

However Jiao Wenxiu just responded with a simple “Mm” and continued eating without saying more.

Zhang Qihan was a little disappointed.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu noticed this, but didn’t say anything.

When it came time for soup, Lin An Lan served himself and Cheng Yu a bowl each, but didn’t serve Jiao Wenxiu or Zhang Qihan, so Zhang Qihan got up quietly and served herself and Jiao Wenxiu.

And as Lin An Lan drank his soup, he wondered what exactly Zhang Qihan saw in Jiao Wenxiu.

He didn’t look anything special, had a chauvinistic attitude, and hadn’t thanked Zhang Qihan once or helped her with food.

As he was thinking this, Cheng Yu placed some deboned fish in his bowl.

The fish bought by the program team had bones in them. When Lin An Lan was a child, he once choked on a fish bone and ever since then, his parents only bought boneless fish, and once, he and Cheng Yu went out for dinner and they forgot to order boneless fish. Lin An Lan didn’t touch that dish.

Cheng Yu asked him, “Why aren’t you eating? You used to like fish when you had amnesia.”

“It has bones in it.” Just thinking of that incident made Lin An Lan shudder. “A fish bone got stuck in my throat when I was a kid and it was very uncomfortable. I had to drink a lot of vinegar to get it out, and even my hiccups tasted like vinegar. Just thinking about it now still makes me taste vinegar.”

Cheng Yu remembered his own childhood experience with fish bones. “I once got a fish bone stuck in my throat too and my grandpa made me drink vinegar. I guess all parents are the same.”

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