I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 70.1

Jiang Xu hastily shoved the watch back into the box, stuffed it into a bag then put it in Lin An Lan’s hand.

Lin An Lan didn’t want to accept it, but Jiang Xu said helplessly, “Just take it, whether you wear it or not, take it first.”

Lin An Lan took the bag reluctantly.

While Jiang Xu was smiling at him ingratiatingly, Cheng Yu looked at it then said calmly, “The new R brand, Black Hole series watch. It’s really not bad, it’s not officially on the market yet, but I received it a few months ago. The price is reasonable; it is not prohibitively expensive. At the very least, it’s a lot less expensive than what An An is wearing.”

“Do you like it?” He asked Jiang Xu, “If you like it, I’ll have my assistant send you one tomorrow and I’ll include an extra one for you.”

Jiang Xu : ……

Jiang Xu gritted his teeth, “No need.”

“Then forget it.”

Cheng Yu looked down at Lin An Lan, “It’s okay if you take it and wear it when you go to the restroom, but don’t wear it for events. I’m afraid it won’t match your status.”

Jiang Xu was so angry he wanted to hit him, “It’s f*cking seven figures!!! Don’t pretend here!!!”

“It’s seven figures, but the moment it’s released, do you think it will still be just seven figures?” Cheng Yu was surprised, “That’s me asking too much. Sorry, I keep forgetting we’re not on the same level.”

Jiang Xu : !!!!

Lin An Lan instantly stepped in front of Cheng Yu, preventing Jiang Xu from hitting him.

As he looked at Jiang Xu’s angry red face, he said in a very biased manner, “That’s enough. We are on the verge of leaving and you still want to hit him. You’re really powerful.”

“He was the one who started it first!”

“But he does have money, that’s a true fact.”

“Xiao Lan!” Jiang Xu was shocked, “How can you say that!”

It couldn’t be helped, who made Cheng Yu run fast when he was born and was reborn into a rich man’s family?

Cheng Yu’s family was already rich, plus his mother’s Yu family. Didn’t that mean he had money on top of money? With his status, even though the words he had just said weren’t nice, they were also the truth.

“Alright, let’s just leave it at that. We’re leaving.”

Jiang Xu watched in incredulous shock as he just walked off with Cheng Yu. Then he kicked hard at the wall in anger.

Who didn’t want to be rich?

Was Cheng Yu’s money Lin An Lan’s money?

He should have had his share of the money too!

Wasn’t it because he was Cheng Yu Feng’s son and because Cheng Yu Feng recognized him as his son that was why he could say the things he had said just now without shame!

But ……

But ……

Jiang Xu was instantly sad. But, he wanted to have a dad too, was it his fault for not having a dad?

Who didn’t want to be recognized by their father?

Why did his father not want to recognize him!

Jiang Xu lowered his head, looking at the floor at his feet.

The light overhead slowly went out, plunging Jiang Xu into darkness as he leaned powerlessly against the wall, “Xiao Lan ……”

He called out in a low voice, but didn’t receive a response.

After Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu exited the elevator, Lin An Lan looked at his watch then asked Cheng Yu, “Should we go back now?”

“Yes. We have a scene tomorrow morning, so if we go home, we’ll have plenty of time to get up early.”

“Can we go to my house, then?” Lin An Lan leaned in close to him, “I’d like to go and get my pictures.”


Cheng Yu smiled and kissed him, then after fastening Lin An Lan’s seatbelt, drove off towards his house.

Lin An Lan’s place was quite far away from his parents’ house, so it took nearly an hour of driving before they finally arrived.

When Lin An Lan got out of the car, Cheng Yu accompanied him into the elevator.

Opening the door, Lin An Lan ran to his bedroom without much hesitation.

He searched through his bedside table and found several albums, which Cheng Yu helped him hold, and then flipping through them roughly, Lin An Lan found that each one was thick and filled with pictures.

After a moment’s thought, he took his shoulder bag in the cloakroom out and put the albums in it, “Come on, let’s go back.”


By the time they returned to the hotel, it was already dark.

The older actors had gone to bed early and the younger ones were still messing around with their evening snacks.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, tired from the night, didn’t feel like moving, so they hastily took a shower, changed into their pajamas and sat on the bed.

“You haven’t seen these pictures of me, right?” Lin An Lan emptied the pictures out of his shoulder bag.

Cheng Yu shook his head, “No.”

“It’s just as well, because I don’t remember either, so we can look at them together.”


Cheng Yu sat beside him, and flipping through the photo album with him, his heart filled with tenderness as he watched his growth and changes.

He had never imagined that he would one day sit beside Lin An Lan and look through his past with him.

Lin An Lan’s parents clearly adored him. They had taken a lot of pictures of him and taken him to a lot of places when he was a child.

Cheng Yu looked at the picture of Lin An Lan smiling cutely and obediently, his eyes full of joy as his parents stood next to him, holding him high in their arms and gazing at him again with loving care.

At the same time, he also saw Jiang Xu beside Lin An Lan, the young and still cute Jiang Xu.

He saw pictures of Jiang Xu at Lin An Lan’s house, at Lin An Lan’s school, on the road, in the park, in every place where Cheng Yu hadn’t been. He was jealous but this wasn’t something he could make happen.

They were holding hands, taking pictures and gesticulating at the camera.

Lin An Lan grew older as the pictures progressed, as did Lin An Lan’s father and mother, with Jiang Xu growing up into his familiar appearance.

As Lin An Lan flipped through the pictures quietly, he stopped at one. It was a group picture taken in a park, with him and Jiang Xu in front as children together with his parents and a beautiful young woman standing behind them.

The woman looked gentle, with brown hair that was long and straight, smiling with arched eyebrows.

Lin An Lan saw a reflection of Jiang Xu on her face.

She had to be Jiang Xu’s mother.

When Cheng Yu saw that he didn’t turn the page, he asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Lin An Lan stared at the woman in the picture then whispered, “Jiang Xu’s dad isn’t here.”

Cheng Yu unconsciously raised his eyes to look at Lin An Lan, the look in his eyes obscure with mixed emotions.

Lin An Lan didn’t notice, his attention still on the picture as he said, “I don’t seem to like this woman very much.”

He pointed to Jiang Xu’s mother, his voice soft, and vaguely doubtful.

“Why?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“I can’t tell. Maybe it’s because she just doesn’t look good in my eyes?” Lin An Lan answered.

Cheng Yu was a little surprised.

Lin An Lan, who had lost his memory, had no likes or dislikes for most people. Even he himself, he was willing to like, but he actually didn’t like this person.

Was it because she had done something to displease him in the past? Or was it because of Jiang Xu?

Cheng Yu couldn’t figure it out, but he felt that the good point was, from this it was clear, that Lin An Lan shouldn’t have hated him very much before he had lost his memory, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been willing to like him even after he lost his memory.

Having given himself a rare sugar rush, Cheng Yu smiled softly, in a happy mood.

Lin An Lan looked at the pictures all through the night then put the albums away in a good mood.

Although he no longer remembered how he felt when he had taken the pictures, what he had done, or what had happened on the day the pictures were taken, he was still happy.

He was happy that he had such a happy family and that he had met his parents.

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