I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 155.1 Single becomes a hit, Cheng Yu gains fans

When Cheng Yu’s fans first heard about Cheng Yu’s single, they were astonished.

However since he was their idol, they would support him regardless of whether he released a single or a dance track. So, the fans quickly paid to download the song and after listening to it, were stunned. Their Ge-ge’s singing was this good?

Cheng Yu’s voice was pleasant and while it lacked many techniques, it more than made up for it with genuine emotion. The melody was smooth and conveyed the sadness of a breakup, revealing genuine emotions. As a result, after listening to the song, the fans’ eyes turned red from crying as one after the other, they marveled at how amazing their Ge-ge was and how great his singing was!

It seemed as if he was a singer whose acting career had held him back. Moreover, when they saw that Cheng Yu had also written the lyrics himself, they were even more delighted. How many more talents did he have that they didn’t know about? Ge-ge, you’re too incredible!

The Tulips sisters, with tears in their eyes, promoted the song: [It sounds so good! Cheng Yu’s new song is amazing! It’s the best song I’ve heard this year!]

Forum users scoffed, “An actor releasing a single is just cashing in, right? And yet there are fans promoting it blindly.”

“Exactly, if he could sing, why haven’t we heard him sing before?”

“I admit Cheng Yu’s acting skills are good, but let’s not exaggerate his singing.”

“And they are even paying for it, what a waste.”

Seeing this, the Tulips sisters immediately started a dedicated thread and distributed red packets, only asking that those who received one listen to their Ge-ge’s song.

Many curious netizens accepted the red packets and with a spectator’s attitude, opened the music app. The next second, after hearing the song, they were shocked as well.

In no time, countless posts about Cheng Yu’s new song emerged.

“Damn! If you haven’t listened to Cheng Yu’s new song yet, you should. It’s so good and really touching!”

“Woo woo, I cried while listening to it. The lyrics are so moving and the singing is so emotional. I can even picture the scenes.”

“It’s no wonder he’s an actor; he’s very empathetic when singing. Although this song doesn’t showcase much technique, it’s full of emotion and highly immersive.”

“Wow, I cried so loudly. It reminds me of my high school crush. If only they had glanced back at me, I wouldn’t have been too afraid to tell them how I felt.”

“Am I the only one who noticed this is the theme song for ‘Yun Yun’? So that trailer the other day….. could it be that it’s real?”

“Damn, could this song be a reflection of Cheng Yu’s character’s feelings for Lin An Lan’s character? No, please, that would be too torturous.”

“So, does Cheng Yu’s character really like Lin An Lan in the film?”

“Ah ah ah ah ah, why hasn’t ‘Yun Yun’ been released yet?! I want to watch it so badly!!! I’m on tenterhooks now!”

“Although I can’t believe Director Zhang really made a same-sex romance and I can’t believe Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu actually like each other in the film, this song really makes my imagination run wild. I can’t help but believe it!”

“Everyone, let’s lower our expectations. Maybe it’s about Cheng Yu’s feelings for Fan Ruiwen. There’s a female lead in the film too. Although the production team claims it’s a dual male lead film, given Lin An Lan’s experience in the industry, he could overshadow Cheng Yu, have more screen time and be more of a main character. So I think it might be about Cheng Yu’s feelings for Fan Ruiwen. After all, from the trailer, Fan Ruiwen’s character seems to like Lin An Lan’s character.”

“The production team is really clever. As a passerby, I was drawn in by this song and now I want to watch the film to see if it’s as sad as the song.”

“I wonder who thought of having Cheng Yu sing this theme song. It’s like finding a hidden treasure. He sings so well!”

“If he hadn’t become an actor, he probably would’ve become a popular singer.”

There was a lot of discussion and ‘Cheng Yu’s New Song’ quickly became a trending topic. The Tulips sisters handed out red packets generously and curious netizens, after listening tearfully declared it a masterpiece about unrequited love that captured the bitterness and loneliness of such feelings.

Many young literary enthusiasts went to listen and after doing so, silently wrote their own stories of unrequited love. Soon, the song rocketed to the top of the sales charts, eventually breaking into the top three and claiming the number one spot, becoming a hit song.

Cheng Yu inexplicably gained a group of fans who thought his voice was very evocative and full of storytelling. With his soft singing, he told a sad story of unrequited love in just over three minutes, just like their past experiences when they couldn’t win the affection of the person they liked and could only hide their love deep in their hearts.

In this way, Cheng Yu gained even more fans.

Along with this came the anticipation for ‘Yun Yun’. After all, even though the film hadn’t been released yet, the song had already become popular. Those who had heard the song inevitably had fantasies about the film and hoped that the film would meet their expectations.

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