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Chapter 13

The next morning, Lin An Lan had his agent contact the [Yun Yun] crew early in the morning and made an appointment for Cheng Yu to take him to the audition.

Zhou Siya asked him, “Don’t you want me to go?”

“No.” Lin An Lan said, “I’m just going for an audition, I’ll be back afterwards.”

“Weren’t you reluctant yesterday? Why do you want to go today? You suddenly figured it out?”

It wasn’t that he had figured it out, Lin An Lan thought, he just didn’t like Jiang Xu’s words and couldn’t bear to see Cheng Yu being ridiculed like that.

He was obviously a very nice person and he loved him so much, he shouldn’t be mocked because of him.

“Hmm.” Lin An Lan said perfunctorily, “I’m hanging up.”

“Okay, good luck with your audition.”

“I hope so.”

Before Lin An Lan went for the audition, Cheng Yu sent a message to Sun Meng, asking him to tell Director Zhang that he recommended Lin An Lan.

Sun Meng looked at the message on his cell phone helplessly, and could only help his ancestor to convey the words.

Cheng Yu was a bit nervous, previously when Lin An Lan didn’t want to act, even though he was disappointed he had already gotten used to it, but now that he was really going to audition for the same drama with him, this kind of never before surprise, made his heart a little restless.

Was he really about to work on a drama with Lin An Lan?

The same plot, the same characters.

“Go ahead.” Cheng Yu unbuckle his seat belt for him, “No pressure, just perform well, if you aren’t able to pass the audition, then I won’t act as well.”

Hearing him say this, Lin An Lan smiled, “Okay.”

He pushed open the door, about to get out of the car when Cheng Yu tugged at his wrist.

The moment he turned around, Cheng Yu hugged him, and as he hugged him tightly, hr felt his heart beating fast, seeming to be more nervous than he himself as he said, “You can do it.”

Lin An Lan patted him on the back and said gently, “I will, don’t worry.”

Getting out of the car and standing in the parking lot, he thought in his heart, ‘Cheng Yu must really want him to work with him in this drama.’

Lin An Lan sighed, forget it, he was rational most of the time anyway, what’s more one more drama wouldn’t hurt, so let’s be emotional for once and fulfill Cheng Yu’s wish.

He put his hands in his pockets, and walked slowly towards the elevator.

When director Zhang heard the knock on the door and saw the staff ushering Lin An Lan in, there was a moment of awe.

He had seen Lin An Lan’s picture before he came, and had also heard from his assistant say to him, “Cheng Yu recommended him, he thinks Lin An Lan is perfect for the role of Gu Shuyu.”

Director Zhang found it interesting that the person he wanted for ‘Gu Shuyu’ didn’t audition for the role, but recommended someone else instead, which was really strange.

With this curiosity in mind, he waited patiently for Lin An Lan to arrive.

It wasn’t until now, when Lin An Lan really appeared before him that Director Zhang suddenly felt that Cheng Yu’s vision was quite good, Lin An Lan really had a bit of Gu Shuyu in him.

He was good looking and unlike Cheng Yu who was more of a handsome mixed-blood, Lin An Lan was more elegant.

His eyebrows were smoothed out, his eyelids were thin, his eyes were bright, and the emotion in them was light, the color of his eyes was brown, and he was as handsome as jade immersed in water, yet elegant and graceful.

With these looks, he indeed had the face of a good student.

Satisfied, he made him audition for a single scene as Gu Shuyu, then sent him back to wait for news.

Thanking him politely, Lin An Lan left the office.

He took the elevator calmly, wondering if he’d done okay.

Although he was indifferent to this drama, and even a little reluctant, he still hoped that he would succeed in the audition so he could star in it with Cheng Yu.

“Leave it to fate…..” Lin An Lan said to himself, he’d done his best anyway.

Thinking this way, the elevator stopped on the first floor.

The door opening, Lin An Lan saw a man standing outside the elevator. His face looked familiar, he should have seen him before.

Just as he was thinking who this was, he saw the person come in with a surprised look on his face, saying in shock, “Xiao Lan?”

The voice was also familiar, and the way he called his name. Lin Anll Lan remembered, this was Jiang Xu — he had never seen him since he lost his memory, he’d only heard about him from Cheng Yu and only saw him in the pictures online.

It turns out, this was how he looked like in real life.

Lin An Lan nodded, not saying anything.

Jiang Xu looked at him incredulously, even forgetting to press the elevator floor, causing the the elevator to continue to descend, “Why are you here? Xiao Lan, what are you doing here?”

“Audition.” Lin An Lan’s answer was concise.

“What audition?” Jiang Xu was puzzled, then suddenly, as if he realized something, he grabbed his arm, “You came to audition for [Yun Yun]? You came to audition for Gu Shu Yu?!”

Lin An Lan raised threw his hand away, frowning in displeasure, “It’s none of your business what I audition for.”

The elevator reached the -2nd floor, the door opened, Lin An Lan went out, Jiang Xu pulled him back, pressed the close button as quickly as he could, followed by -1.

“What are you doing?” Lin An Lan shook him off, about to get off when he was dragged back.

The elevator door closing again, Lin An Lan said, “Are you crazy?”

Jiang Xu froze for a moment, not expecting him to treat him with this attitude. Looking at Lin An Lan, he said dully, “I want to talk to you.”

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“Are you still angry?” Jiang Xu asked him, “Xiao Lan, I’m sorry, don’t be mad at me, okay?”

The elevator doors opened again onto the silent 1st floor. There was no one around.

Jiang Xu stepped on the border between the elevator door and the hallway, lowered his voice and said, “Let’s talk, just for a minute, okay?”

Lin An Lan gave him an annoyed look, but thinking that this was his good friend, his best friend, he stepped out reluctantly.

On the 2nd floor parking lot, Cheng Yu quietly watched the elevator doors open and close. He remembered what he had just seen — Jiang Xu pulling Lin An Lan, pulling him back, then closing the elevator again.

He leaned back in the driver’s seat, wondering what he should be feeling right now.

What were they talking about?

Talking about the audition?

Talking about the drama?

Or was it a topic related to him?

Taking out the cigarette in his pocket, he got out of the car and lit it slowly.

His heart empty, he thought to himself, he’d just take a drag, just a drag to calm himself down, that was all.

He raised the cigarette in his hand, but slowly lowered it just as it was about to touch his mouth.

He still wanted to kiss Lin An Lan, so his mouth shouldn’t smell of smoke, otherwise Lin An Lan wouldn’t be happy.

Clutching the cigarette, he leaned against the door quietly, waiting for the cigarette in his hand to burn out.

He turned his head to look at the entrance of the elevator a short distance away where there was no movement. It was as if no one had ever come or gone.

How long would it take to talk? Cheng Yu thought, would one cigarette be enough?

He looked down at the scarlet flame between his index and middle finger, only wishing that it would burn slower.

But even if it couldn’t be slower, it didn’t matter, after all, he had always been patient with Lin An Lan.

After all these years, what did he care about the time it took for a cigarette to burn out?

Cheng Yu thought, his love had to be very unhealthy. He could accept everything from Lin An Lan, waiting, cheating, trapping, even he not loving him.

He didn’t care about anything, because as long as Lin An Lan was willing to stay by his side, he could pretend he didn’t know anything and also not care about anything.

In this world, it was the ones who were loved who were entitled to argue, he had never been loved, so he could never do it.

Feeling the smell of tobacco around him, he felt as if his emotions had calmed down again.

He was already used to it.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Lin An Lan went straight to the point.

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Xu said sincerely as he looked at him, “What happened before was my fault. I didn’t think about you and I didn’t consider your feelings, it was my fault, I apologize, forgive me?”

“If your so-called apology is just a verbal apology, but you don’t accept Cheng Yu in your heart, and you still insult him viciously, then I won’t accept it, and I won’t forgive you.”

Jiang Xu was speechless, “Why do you care about him?”

“He’s my boyfriend, if I care about him could it be that I should care about you?”

“You really think of him as a boyfriend?” Jiang Xu was helpless, “Xiao Lan, what’s the point being so angry with me?”

Lin An Lan only thought that his ego was really inflated, “I’m mad at you? Jiang Xu, you overestimate yourself.”

“If you’re not mad at me, why would you say something like that?”

“Yes, I was wrong before, but I apologized, moreover aren’t you doing as I said after accepting it? What the hell are you mad for now? Are you betting against me?”

Not wanting to talk to him anymore, Lin An Lan moved to the front of the elevator and pressed the button.

Seeing him behaving like this, Jiang Xu was also a little annoyed, “Xiao Lan, let’s stop this, okay? I know you’re angry, but no matter how angry you are, this is between us. You can’t star in a drama and go on a variety show with Cheng Yu because of this, you’re not trying to make me feel bad?”

“Do you feel uncomfortable?” Lin An Lan looked back at him.

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  2. This is my first time reading this novel and the mystery has me hooked.

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