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Chapter 31.1

Lin An Lan also hadn’t expected Jiang Xu to appear in front of him after he refused to answer his phone calls, and under the banner of visiting his set.

He was a celebrity, and he wanted to surprise him by coming to visit the set, so the crew would not refuse and would only cooperate with Jiang Xu in order to make the surprise a success.

However, the surprise did come, but there was no joy1In Chinese surprise is 惊喜. 惊 means surprise, shock, and 喜 means joy, happy. So, it’s a little telling..

When the crew member saw that they had met, he smiled and said, “Then you and Mr. Jiang can talk first, I’ll go and get busy.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s alright, you’re welcome.” After the crew member finished speaking, he went back to his post.

Only Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu were left looking at each other without words, the air around them relatively silent.

Lin An Lan was confused, “What are you doing here?”

“You don’t answer my calls, you don’t answer my WeChat, you don’t reply to my texts, so I can only come to the set to see you.”

Lin An Lan was a little annoyed, “With all I’m doing, isn’t my attitude very clear? I don’t want to talk to you, but you’re still coming to me.”

When Jiang Xu heard his words, he thought of the last time they met and their unhappy parting.

“I have nothing to talk to you about.”

“Why?” Jiang Xu was puzzled, “How long are you going to be angry? What will it take for you to stop being angry and talk to me properly? Can you tell me?”

Lin An Lan stuck his hands in his pockets, “It’s simple, I’ve told you before. Treat Cheng Yu well, stop disliking him and denigrating him, then we can naturally communicate properly too. If you want to talk to me about his faults as soon as you appear, then sorry, I don’t want to listen, let alone talk to you.”

Seeing that they wouldn’t be able to finish the conversation for a while, Zhuo Siya advised, “An Lan, can you go to the artist’s van to talk about it? There are many people here, it won’t be good if someone overhears you.”

Lin An Lan didn’t think it was necessary.

“Xiao Yang, go and see Mr Jiang off, tell him to leave first, don’t affect my scenes tonight.”

After he finished, he sat back down in his chair.

Jiang Xu stepped in front of him, unresigned, “Are you not even willing to communicate with me anymore?”

“How can I guarantee if you really want to communicate with me peacefully or if you just want to stir up nonsense like the last time.”

Jiang Xu was a little upset, but had to suppress his discontent with Cheng Yu, saying through clenched teeth, “I promise I won’t say anything you don’t want to hear, okay?”

Lin An Lan lifted his eyebrows, his eyes full of disbelief.

Jiang Xu softened his tone and lowered his stance, “Really, I just want to have a good talk with you.”

Zhuo Siya also took the opportunity to persuade, “An Lan, how about you guys go and talk, it’s better for the both of you if you just talk it out earlier, it just so happens that you don’t have a scene this evening.”

Lin An Lan reluctantly agreed, standing up.

He had just turned around to walk towards the artist’s van when he heard Cheng Yu’s voice from behind him.

“An An, are you going out?”

Lin An Lan turned back at the sound.

Jiang Xu also turned around and glared at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu didn’t look at Jiang Xu, he just smiled and looked at Lin An Lan with a soft gaze, “Is something wrong?”

“You’ve finished filming?”

“Mm.” Cheng Yu nodded his head.

Lin An Lan unconsciously took a few steps forward, moving towards him, “We are going to have a talk.”

He continued, “It’s hard to talk with all the people and ears over here, and he wants to talk to me, so we’re going to the artist’s van.”

Cheng Yu silently clenched the hand stuck in his pocket, trying to suppress his panic as he maintained a gentle calm on his face.

“That’s how it is, that’s fine then.”

He didn’t stop, but only moved slightly closer to Lin An Lan and said quietly in a voice that only Lin An Lan could hear, “But remember not to tell him about your current situation, lest he tries to split us up again.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “I will.”

“Then you go.” Cheng Yu said gently.

Lin An Lan glanced at him and seeing that the expression on his face was normal and that there was no reluctance, he turned around and walked forward with confidence.

Jiang Xu glared at Cheng Yu without a trace, turned around, and walked with Lin An Lan towards the artist’s van.

He deliberately raised his hand to try to put it around Lin An Lan’s shoulder like he used to do before, but Lin An Lan avoided him.

Lin An Lan looked at him warily and warned, “Keep your hands to yourself, my boyfriend is still around.”

Jiang Xu: ……

Jiang Xu withdrew his hand helplessly, thinking in his heart, You really think he’s your boyfriend!

He’s not even friends with you, not to mention a boyfriend! Xiao Lan, you’re really going to piss me off!

Not saying a word, he walked forward with an angry look on his face.

Cheng Yu watched as he lowered his hand, his eyes slowly becoming deeper.

“Xiao Yang.” He turned his head to Lin An Lan’s assistant and raised his chin to indicate, “Go follow your Lin Ge, don’t let others overhear when they are talking.”

Yang Wang gave an “oh”, then went after him hurriedly.

When Cheng Yu saw him leave, he slowly shifted his gaze to Zhuo Siya at the side, his face cold, an icy look in his eyes.

Zhuo Siya was caught off guard by his cold stare and panicked for a moment, blinking unnaturally.

“Why is he here?” Cheng Yu looked puzzled.

Zhuo Siya had no choice but to explain, “He said he came to visit An Lan’s class to give him a surprise, so a crew member brought him in. He’s a star and everyone knows that the two of them know each other and have a good relationship, so naturally they won’t stop him.”

“It has nothing to do with you?”

“Cheng Yu, if I wanted him to appear in front of An Lan, he would have appeared a long time ago.”

Cheng Yu accepted this statement.

“That’s good.”

He lowered his voice, “Zhuo Siya, you’re smart, but smart people can sometimes be too smart and get outsmarted. I don’t want that to happen to you, so don’t let me down, okay?”

Zhuo Siya laughed lightly and looked at him helplessly, “Young master Cheng, I know very well how much weight I have. If I wanted to be smart, then today, Lin An Lan shouldn’t have gone to the artist’s van to talk with Jiang Xu, instead, he should have spoken to you directly.”

Cheng Yu nodded, a little smile spreading across his face, “That’s a good point, keep up the good work.”

After he finished, he turned around and walked towards his rest area.

It was just that the moment he turned around, the smile on his face also disappeared.

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