I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 175.2

Editor: Jodi

Lin An Lan watched Jiao Wenxiu and Zhang Qihan leave, then turned to Cheng Yu, “Let’s continue eating.”

Cheng Yu nodded, then thinking about what Jiao Wenxiu had just said, said gently, “Don’t mind what he said. With his outdated thinking, nothing decent could come out of his mouth. You’re perfect just the way you are. I love taking care of you. I enjoy it myself, so don’t pay attention to him.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t care less about Jiao Wenxiu’s words. Even if there were a hundred Jiao Wenxius in front of him, he would just scoff and ignore them.

Especially if it concerned Cheng Yu.

Because after going to such lengths to take great care of his little flower, to make him healthy and to always face the sun, there was no way he would change his gardening manual because of someone else’s words.

So, he purposely pushed his bowl towards Cheng Yu and smiled, “I want more fish, ones without bones.”

And Cheng Yu, reassured, picked up more fish for him happily.

“Next time we won’t let him in.” Cheng Yu said as he picked out the fish bones, “He’s too old-fashioned. Anyone who doesn’t know better would think our family has robbed a Qing Dynasty tomb.”

Lin An Lan burst out laughing, thinking that Cheng Yu was really good at descriptions, “No wonder you were in the literature club. You’re so articulate.”

“Of course.” Cheng Yu said proudly.

Lin An Lan looked at his proud expression and thought to himself, too cute, really too cute!

Compared to his little flower, a boyfriend like Jiao Wenxiu wasn’t even fit to be fertilizer.

His boyfriend was the best boyfriend in the world!

He tilted his head, looking up at Cheng Yu from below.

Cheng Yu placed the deboned fish into his bowl and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because my boyfriend is both handsome and cute, he’s simply the best in the world!”

Cheng Yu: …

Cheng Yu’s ears turned a little red.

Lin An Lan winked at him, and unable to resist, Cheng Yu leaned over to kiss his cheek, “Eat your food.”

The cameraman who was standing not far away: … How can he eat? Even I am already full from this dog food! Damn, why are they so sweet? Even as a straight guy, I can feel their sweetness!

The cameraman thought to himself that by the time he finished recording this variety show, he would have a much more positive view of same-sex relationships!

Lin An Lan had just finished eating and was about to ladle himself another bowl of soup when he heard a knock at the door.

Cheng Yu pressed him back into his seat, “You eat, I’ll get the door.”

Then he walked out and found Zhang Qihan at the door. She bowed apologetically, “Cheng Ge, I’m sorry. What happened earlier was my fault.”

They had come to Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s place for a meal, yet Jiao Wenxiu had done nothing but argue with the hosts. Zhang Qihan felt guilty so, after calming Jiao Wenxiu, she hurried over to apologize.

“It’s fine.” Cheng Yu replied.

“Thank you and Lin Ge for dinner. The meal was delicious, we really enjoyed it. I’m here now to help with the dishes. I didn’t help much with the cooking earlier, but I can at least do the dishes, so let me help you guys with that.”

Cheng Yu didn’t refuse and let her in.

Lin An Lan looked up and saw Zhang Qihan. She quickly apologized again, however Lin An Lan only said calmly, “It’s alright. Your boyfriend’s mistake isn’t your fault. Come eat, you probably didn’t eat enough earlier.”

How could Zhang Qihan still have the heart to eat? She just said with a smile, “Thank you, Lin Ge, but I’m full. Cheng Ge’s cooking is really good. I hope one day I can cook as well as he does.”

“You might not need to. If your boyfriend can cook, that’s enough.” Lin An Lan said kindly. “A relationship is between two people, not just one. If there are six dishes on the table, it’s easy for each person to learn three. But if one person has to learn all six, it’s much harder. Since you both love each other, why not both make some effort?”

Zhang Qihan bit her lip when she heard this, then she defended her boyfriend, “That’s just how his family is. He also works a lot, and he’s very tired.”

“And you’re not tired? You don’t work?”

Zhang Qihan: …

She, of course, was also tired and worked.

Lin An Lan smiled and didn’t say more.

He wasn’t close to Zhang Qihan but offered his advice out of kindness, wanting her to find happiness like he had.

However, relationships were personal, and only those involved knew their true feelings, so he could only say so much. As for what Zhang Qihan thought, whether she decided to talk to Jiao Wenxiu or they broke up, that was up to them.

He had already reminded her after seeing a problem, so his conscience was clear. He wouldn’t push further.

Lin An Lan lowered his head and drank his soup as Cheng Yu returned to the table to continue eating.

While Zhang Qihan picked the dishes she and Jiao Wenxiu had used obediently and took them to the kitchen to wash.

It wasn’t that she didn’t understand that Lin An Lan’s words were for her own good. It was that she still liked Jiao Wenxiu.

She couldn’t help but glance back at Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan in the dining room. They were talking and laughing about something amusing.

Their mutual understanding and affection were evident, a hallmark of a couple deeply in love.

Before meeting Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, she thought her relationship was good, as Jiao Wenxiu was willing to be open about their relationship.

But now, seeing this other couple, she felt her relationship with Jiao Wenxiu lacked something significant.

When the four of them sat at the table, anyone could see the mutual affection between Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu, whereas her relationship with Jiao Wenxiu seemed one-sided or like two mismatched people forced together.

Her love seemed dull and even somewhat cheap compared to theirs.

Lowering her head, she thought to herself seriously for the first time. Were she and Jiao Wenxiu were really compatible?

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