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Chapter 135.2

“Grandfather, I’m not here to negotiate with you, I’m here to tell you that I will be getting married to Lin An Lan and I will only marry him.”

Cheng Xiao was so angry that his beard almost about flew off, “Then just see if I’ll let him into this house!”

“Maybe he won’t, because I myself don’t often come into this house, right?”


Cheng Xiao glared at Cheng Feng, “Aren’t you going to control him?”

“I’m the same as you, I also disagree.”

Cheng Feng looked at Cheng Yu, trying to persuade him, “Xiao Yu, you’ve seen the attitude of your grandfather and I now.”


“If you insist on being with Lin An Lan, from now onwards, the Cheng family will have nothing to do with you. You can leave, but can you ensure that Lin An Lan will still be willing to be with you like he is now after you do?”

Cheng Yu found it amusing, “You underestimate him too much.”

“Then let’s wait and see.”

“There’s no need.” Cheng Yu stood up, “I’ve said everything that needs to be said today. This is my attitude and I’m not going to change it. The rest, we’ll talk about later.”

Done saying this, he walked out.

Cheng Xiao was so angry that he hit the table, “Look, look, it’s all because you didn’t pay attention to him before, that’s why he’s like this now. He simply wants to drive me crazy!”

“Don’t worry,” Cheng Feng consoled his old father, “Young people’s love is full of passion, but in the end, it’s defeated by reality. Nothing will happen.”

“What if Xiao Yu really wants to be with Lin An Lan? What if he really fights against everything to be with that kid?”

Cheng Feng didn’t say anything.

Cheng Xiao’s eyes grew dark, “It would be better if Lin An Lan didn’t exist in this world.”

Startled, Cheng Feng quickly tried to persuade him, “No. That year, when his mother passed away early, right in front of him, I didn’t pay attention to his emotions and didn’t take care of him properly, which is why he grew up distant from his family and doesn’t like coming home. If something happens to Lin An Lan, he would never come home again.”

“Are you willing for him to marry a man then?” Cheng Xiao looked at him, “From what I can tell, Xiao Yu doesn’t want to go through surrogacy. So, would you be willing for him to inherit a child from your older brother or third brother’s children? You might be willing, but I’m not!”

After all these years, since he chose Cheng Feng as his heir, he’d had a rift with his eldest son and his third son. Now, going back to choose an heir from his eldest or youngest sons’ children would be a slap in the face for Cheng Yu.

Cheng Xiao said coldly, “I won’t allow Xiao Yu to marry a man. He can do whatever he wants outside, but when it comes to marriage, it can’t be left to his whims.”

“I understand.”

“What about Jiang Xu?” Cheng Xiao asked all of a sudden, “Tell Xiao Yu, if he doesn’t give up his unrealistic ideas, then in the future, there will only be Cheng Xu in the Cheng family, not Cheng Yu.”

“Dad, if you do this, the Yu family will be angry.”

“Then tell the people from the Yu family what their grandson wants to do. Do they think it’s appropriate? Our Cheng family and their Yu family’s alliance is for inheritance, not for extinction! Anyway, Jiang Xu is also your child. If he’s willing to marry and have children, then choosing him isn’t out of the question.”

Cheng Feng: …..

Cheng Feng wasn’t willing.

For Cheng Feng, he had had many lovers in his life, but only one wife.

He had loved many women, but he’d had only one spouse.

Yu Hanshuang was the only one who walked with him into the marriage hall and the only one who had carried his expectations and given him a child.

In his understanding, he only had one child, and that was Cheng Yu.

And the only one who could inherit the Cheng family, was Cheng Yu.

Jiang Xu had never had a place in his heart. His only value to him, was probably holding onto Lin An Lan so that his son wouldn’t be trapped in this inexplicable love.

But he never expected that after all these years, Lin An Lan, who had never looked at Cheng Yu would now actually fall in love with him.

Cheng Feng felt a headache, “I’ll handle this, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Then you better handle it quickly.” Cheng Xiao’s tone wasn’t good, “Otherwise I’ll have to choose between Lin An Lan disappearing and Jiang Xu acknowledging his ancestors.”

“Lin An Lan is a celebrity. To want to make him disappear isn’t a simple thing.”

Cheng Xiao laughed lightly, “Of course it’s not a simple thing to make him disappear, but if we make him live unhappily, then it’s very simple.”

“For people, when they are living in comfort, they think lustfully, however if they’re not living happily, they wouldn’t care about what they like or dislike.”

Cheng Feng sighed, “I understand.”

“Go.” Cheng Xiao said.

Standing up, Cheng Feng exited the room, but he disagreed with Cheng Xiao’s words in his mind.

He had been wild and promiscuous in his youth, hence hadn’t felt any guilt towards his wife and children, but now that he was older, he had become much soft-hearted. He’d had several midnight dreams of the bedridden Yu Hanshuang, dreaming of how young she had been when she had died, always feeling regret.

He knew Cheng Yu hated him and didn’t like him, but they still maintained this thin, superficial relationship as father and son. However if something really happened to Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu might truly turn his back on him without hesitation and never want to step into the Cheng family again.

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