I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 137.2 Kiss under the umbrella

Jiang Xu was standing not far away, his vision obscured by the dark umbrella, so he couldn’t see what Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were doing, but he could roughly guess from Lin An Lan’s close stance to Cheng Yu.

He stood there motionless, the rain falling on him, cold to the bone.

Cheng Yu hesitated for a moment then pulled away from Lin An Lan unconsciously, looking at him in surprise.

His umbrella was still over Lin An Lan slightly, so he was exposed to the rain, his hair getting wet.

He was confused, and then surprised and happy. He asked on a whisper, “Why are you suddenly like this? Aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

Lin An Lan laughed, his eyes curving. Reaching out, he hooked his arm around Cheng Yu’s neck and in his surprise, kissed him again.

He brushed his lips intimately against Cheng Yu’s, only feeling that Cheng Yu’s lips were soft and gentle. Biting down lightly, he said teasingly: “It will eventually have to be announced anyway.”

Cheng Yu almost dropped the umbrella he was holding, his heart pounding wildly.

He didn’t quite understand how Lin An Lan could be like this after just chatting with Jiang Xu for a bit.

“Did you guys talk about something?” He asked hesitantly.

“En.” Lin An Lan nodded, “I told him I love you and that no matter what happens in the future, I will always trust you.”

Stepping forward, he hugged Cheng Yu, leaning into his embrace, “So, he wasn’t very happy, but I’m thinking, little flower, you should be very happy.”

Cheng Yu was quiet for a while before finally seeming to understand. He hugged him back, his mood excited, “En.”

He couldn’t help but kiss Lin An Lan’s cheek and hold him tightly.

He hadn’t wanted Lin An Lan to see Jiang Xu, but now, he felt that it didn’t matter.

As long as Lin An Lan loved him, then Jiang Xu and other people were all insignificant.

Even if they met, they wouldn’t be able to cause any waves or break them apart.

He was standing in the rain but felt that the sky had never been this clear.

He held Lin An Lan, the umbrella shielding his vision. He couldn’t see Jiang Xu and Jiang Xu couldn’t see him.

They were separated by the umbrella into two different worlds.

And Lin An Lan, was in his world.

In the end, where they were standing was a place people could come at any time, so Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu didn’t hold each other for long before they let go and walked back.

It was only then Cheng Yu saw Jiang Xu, who was standing in front of the car door, watching them in the rain.

He ignored him, averting his gaze after a fleeting glance, holding his umbrella and accompanying Lin An Lan as he turned around.

Lin An Lan didn’t look back, leaving Jiang Xu standing alone, watching as they walked away slowly side by side.

They were so harmonious, their steps in sync, their bodies so close to each other, with Cheng Yu leaning his umbrella towards Lin An Lan as if he was afraid he would get a drop of rain on him, Lin An Lan with his head down, occasionally looking up at Cheng Yu and the smile on his face was evident to see.

As Jiang Xu watched, it was as if he was seeing the old him and Lin An Lan. Only now, the person in his place had changed to Cheng Yu, the person he hated the most.

He had, as he had expected, really, stolen Lin An Lan after all.

Jiang Xu leaned against the car, feeling the rain on his face. His face was ashen and he seemed to have lost the last of his life.

It was raining, so everyone went back to the lounges.

Lin An Lan took Cheng Yu into his lounge and Yang Wang handed him a towel and clothes very politely.

However, Lin An Lan didn’t need them, as Cheng Yu had protected him well enough that he only got wet for the last two steps when he had been coming out off the car. His clothes were damp from the mist of rain, but they weren’t wet.

The lounge here was simple. It was just one room for make up touch-ups, changing clothes and resting. Since the soundproofing effect wasn’t very good, Lin An Lan hadn’t chosen to talk to Jiang Xu here.

Now that it was raining, he had come back to take shelter.

Lin An Lan helped Cheng Yu wipe his hair and feeling that his thin sweater was a bit damp, wanted him to change clothes, so he asked that the others leave first.

Zhuo Siya had something to ask him, however he didn’t refuse and took Yang Wang to look for the others, leaving the space for the two of them.

“Change out of your sweater and coat.” Lin An Lan told him, “Be careful not to catch a cold.”

Nodding, Cheng Yu took his coat off, then took his sweater off.

Lin An Lan grabbed a dry towel, helped him dry off then seeing that there was no trace of water on the towel, was finally relieved– it seems he hadn’t gotten too wet.

Feeling this, Cheng Yu turned to look at him.

Lin An Lan laughed, “What are you looking at? Hurry up and get dressed otherwise you’ll catch a cold.”

The weather in April was chilly, especially after the rain fell, making it even colder.

However, Cheng Yu didn’t feel cold. Reaching over, he pulled Lin An Lan into his embrace.

Just now in front of the car, because he had been aware that they were outside, even though Lin An Lan had kissed him twice, he hadn’t dared to kiss him back, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself and would want more.

Now, however, it was possible.

Without speaking, Cheng Yu lowered his head directly to Lin An Lan’s lips and kissed him.

Lin An Lan was a little surprised, however he didn’t push him away. Hugging his shoulders, he kissed him back slowly.

Cheng Yu’s kisses were gentle at first, but then turned much hotter and using his hands, pulled Lin An Lan closer, almost as if he wanted to melt him into his embrace.

He kissed Lin An Lan’s lips over and over again and after he had finished ravaged his jaw and neck. Lin An Lan gasped involuntary as he felt Cheng Yu nibble on his ear.

Seeming to have finally had enough of kissing, Cheng Yu lowered his head, his breath burning in Lin An Lan’s ear.

Leaning against him, Lin An Lan warned softly, “If you don’t get dressed, you really deserve the cold you going to catch.”

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