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Chapter 141.1 So this marriage, will definitely happen

When Lin An Lan left, Cheng Feng didn’t rush to leave. Instead, he sat in the private room and massaged his temples, thinking about what to do next.

He had never expected that things would turn out this way. When he first found out that Cheng Yu liked Lin An Lan, he hadn’t taken it seriously. Young people’s love was like the summer showers— it came and went quickly, so he thought that Cheng Yu would soon tire of it.

However, it wasn’t until Cheng Yu entered the entertainment industry for Lin An Lan that he realized Cheng Yu might truly love him.

However, since Lin An Lan didn’t like him, he didn’t pay attention to it.

Then it came to today.

The two had fallen in love and Lin An Lan finally loved Cheng Yu.

Before coming, Cheng Feng had had a vague feeling that it wouldn’t be easy to get Lin An Lan to leave Cheng Yu. However, he wasn’t worried, as everyone had a weakness. Lin An Lan was just a normal person, someone who had been abandoned by his biological mother. He had thought that if he could find Lin An Lan’s weakness, then he could defeat him easily.

However, now he found that Lin An Lan had almost no weaknesses. His greatest disadvantage had become his greatest advantage. He was alone, without attachments. His beloved adoptive parents were long gone, his friend had done something that displeased him, his biological mother didn’t matter to him and he didn’t need money or power. He was rational bordering on callous and he knew his strengths and weaknesses clearly.

And he was also equally well aware of Cheng Yu’s feelings for him.

These two overlapped with each other, so he feared nothing, which was why he could tell him clearly and plainly that his weakness was Cheng Yu, just Cheng Yu.

Cheng Feng had no way of laying a hand on his own son, let alone did he plan on truly kicking him out of the house to recognize Jiang Xu instead.

They could argue with each other all they wanted, but when it came to actually doing it, he himself would be the first to object.

As a result, there was this rare occasion that he found things tricky.

He couldn’t sway Lin An Lan and he couldn’t hurt Cheng Yu, so they seemed to have reached a stalemate.

Sighing, Cheng Feng drank his already cold tea silently.

Cheng Yu watched as Lin An Lan’s figure walked out in the distance then turned around and left the restaurant, going downstairs.

Then he saw Lin An Lan in the parking lot, who smiled at him, “How was it? I told you nothing would happen.”

Cheng Yu’s heart that had been hanging finally settled down and he couldn’t help but think back to the words he had spoken to Cheng Feng. He wanted to hug Lin An Lan but held back.

He opened the car door and Lin An Lan got in then he followed and finally, unable to suppress his emotions, hugged him tightly.

Remembering the words his father had just said, he found them grating, especially the part where his father threatened Lin An Lan with his birth mother.

He knew Lin An Lan didn’t like his birth mother and the memories associated with her. If it wasn’t because of him, he wouldn’t be constantly reminded of her nor would he have those already healed wounds touched on and poked again and again.

“I’m sorry, he shouldn’t have said those things to you.” He whispered.

“It’s nothing.” Lin An Lan patted his back, “I wasn’t polite to him either, so we all had bad attitudes. We were two of a kind.”

Cheng Yu felt that his attitude was already good, “You even bowed to him. Does he deserve it?”

“He doesn’t deserve it, but you’re still his son, so I’m grateful to him for bringing you into this world.”

Lin An Lan smiled at him, “Don’t think about it anymore. Look, I’m fine, aren’t I? I haven’t been taken advantage of, that’s enough.”

Cheng Yu nodded then said again, “After this, you shouldn’t see him again.”


He had come to this meeting because he and Cheng Feng had never sat down and talked properly before, however he wanted to be with Cheng Yu and as long as he was with Cheng Yu, he couldn’t avoid Cheng Feng so Lin An Lan had hoped that they would have the opportunity to talk properly.

However, the results of the conversation were obviously not satisfactory to both parties. Cheng Feng was definitely bound to not like him this way and he didn’t think Cheng Feng had the qualifications to interfere in Cheng Yu’s love life.

So, there was no need to meet again.

“In the future, it will be better for you to communicate with him.” Lin An Lan said.

Cheng Yu nodded, but in his heart, he had no intention of dealing with his father who was only that in name.

Seeing that they were almost done talking, Pei Qiu got into the car and drove Lin An Lan back.

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