I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 56.1

“What do you think you’re doing?” Lin An Lan was furious, “I told you it was my idea, it has nothing to do with Cheng Yu, why are you still saying this?”

“I just wanted to tell some people not to forget how they were like before. Now that they have finally gotten the heart of the person they wanted, the pearl became a fisheye, right?”

Lin An Lan: ……

“You should go first.” He said speechlessly.

But Jiang Xu ignored him, still venting out ‘his anger’ on his behalf, “Cheng Yu, you still remember that you liked him first, right? That you were the one who wanted to be with him, right?”

“I do.” Cheng Yu said calmly.

“Then you should remember that his choice to stay by you as your partner is your blessing and that it’s something that you should cherish, and not meddle in his business and control him.”

“I have always cherished it.”

“Is your way of cherishing it preventing the two of us from seeing each other?”

Cheng Yu was surprised, then he seemed to understand what was going on and cooperated, “Can’t I?”

Jiang Xu sneered, “Is this what you call cherishing? Cheng Yu, have you forgotten that I knew him first long before you two met, and that we’ve been friends for 16 years? Who even knew where you were at that time!”

“So what?” Cheng Yu didn’t care, “Now, I’m his boyfriend.”

“So what? Now that he is in a relationship, he doesn’t need friendship? Now that he has a boyfriend, he doesn’t need friends? Who are you to stop him from answering my texts or seeing me? What right do you have?!”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan was about to speak when he felt Cheng Yu’s hand on his shoulder, rubbing it softly and soothingly, comforting him.

Lin An Lan looked up at him as Cheng Yu gazed at Jiang Xu, unperturbed.

“Just because I’m his boyfriend.” Cheng Yu said softly.

“You’re just his boyfriend, not him, so who are you to interfere with his normal friendships!”

Cheng Yu smiled slowly at his words, his smile very beautiful as he let out a pleasant and relaxed laugh.

He seemed to have thought of something funny as he asked, “Well said. But Jiang Xu, between us, weren’t you the one who interfered with his normal friendships in the first place?”

“I am only, also, learning from you.”

Jiang Xu froze for a moment, “You’re getting back at me?”

“Of course not.” Cheng Yu said calmly, “I’m just sick of looking at you, just like the way you used to get sick when you looked at me, so I want my boyfriend to stay far away from you, is that too much to ask? For you, it shouldn’t feel that way, right?”

Jiang Xu was indignant, “Cheng Yu, what do you take him for, a tool to retaliate against me?!”

“Of course not. “Cheng Yu looked down at Lin An Lan, his gaze doting, “I treat him as my boyfriend, my lover, my wife, my favorite person, but because I like him, I can’t let him interact closely with you even more. Otherwise, how would I know that you won’t sow discord between us and destroy our relationship without my knowledge.”

As Jiang Xu listened to his bragging about their relationship, he clenched his fist unconsciously, wanting to tell him to stop dreaming, that it was all a lie, that Xiao Lan was just lying to him, but he couldn’t say it.

He couldn’t afford to lose all the progress he had made at this time; he had put up with this for so long, he couldn’t let all his previous patience go up in flames.

“Don’t look at me like that, I learned all this from you too, but you obviously don’t like him as much as I do, and at the time when he still avoided me, I simply didn’t even dare harass him, but what about you? Not only did you chase him down to his hotel, but you also wouldn’t stop coming even though he has told you not to.”

“Jiang Xu, is this what you call friendship? You don’t even take his words seriously.”

Jiang Xu didn’t expect him to even stir up trouble at this time. How dare he have the nerve to say just now that he was the one trying to sow discord!

“Cheng Yu, don’t say such provocative words, An An and I have known each other since we were kids. It hasn’t reached your turn to make comments on our relationship!”

“I’m just being honest. If it were me and he told me not to come to him, I wouldn’t even dare give him a hard time at all, I’d say yes and just watch from a distance.”

“That’s because you’re not worthy of him! He doesn’t even like you in the first place, it’s just your own wishful thinking. Who are you to compare yourself to me? You don’t even have the right to be mentioned in the same breath as me!”

“That’s enough! “Lin An Lan wasn’t happy when he heard Jiang Xu say this and spoke up, interrupting him, “Jiang Xu, you’ve said enough, you can leave now.”

“Xiao Lan, I’m doing this for your own good, you don’t have to listen to him so much, it’s obvious that he is the one that likes you and it’s fine if he doesn’t treat you like an ancestor now, but he even wants you to listen to him. He simply doesn’t cherish what he has gotten, forgetting what he looked like when he was pining for you back then!”

“That is between us, you don’t need to interfere. It’s time for you to go back.”

“Xiao Lan ……”

“Leave!” Lin An Lan said sternly.

Seeing him get serious, Jiang Xu didn’t dare make a scene.

“Okay, I’ll go back first, but Xiao Lan, you don’t have to be afraid. I’d like to see if he’s willing to break up with you if you don’t listen to him.”

As he said this, he glared at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu smiled and looked at him without saying anything.

Jiang Xu turned towards the door and opened it, but turned back once he realized something, “You’re not leaving?”

“Why should I leave?” Cheng Yu put his arm around Lin An Lan’s shoulders.

“Xiao Lan wants to sleep, you shouldn’t disturb him.” Jiang Xu said.

“Just right then, I’ll sleep with him.”

Jiang Xu: !!!

Incredulous, Jiang Xu closed the door behind him immediately, “You? Sleeping with him?! Who are you to sleep with him!”

Cheng Yu smiled gently, “What’s wrong with my wife and I sleeping together? Are you envious?”

Jiang Xu was so angry with him that he choked on a mouthful of blood in his heart, making him cough instantly. He coughed so hard that his whole face turned red.

Walking over, he reached out to pull Cheng Yu away, but Lin An Lan stood in front of him agilely and stopped him, “Are you done?”

“How can you let him sleep with you! You don’t have to wrong yourself,” Jiang Xu said angrily.

“We’re both men, what’s wrong with sleeping together? Jiang Xu, you’ve stayed long enough, it’s time for you to leave. Are you going to let me sleep or not?”

Jiang Xu felt bitter and hateful, his heart full of reluctance.

Yes, two men sleeping in the same bed weren’t going to do anything, Lin An Lan would definitely not do anything with Cheng Yu, the two of them would just cover themselves with a quilt and purely talk, but Jiang Xu just couldn’t stand it!

When had he ever been so close to anyone? When they were all grown up, even he had rarely slept in the same bed, so what qualifications did Cheng Yu have and how did Cheng Yu deserve it!

“How can you aggrieve yourself like this?”

“I’m not aggrieved!”

Jiang Xu listened to his ‘I’m not aggrieved’ and looked at the eagerness in his eyes, only thinking he was doing it for himself.

He felt sorry for Lin An Lan, he felt regretful, he felt that he shouldn’t have said something like that at that time.

But he hadn’t expected things to go this far. He thought that it was enough for Lin An Lan to stay by Cheng Yu’s side, to say perfunctory love words and smile at him, and as for the rest, he didn’t need it – even if he didn’t do it, Cheng Yu wouldn’t dare to say anything.

However, he had wronged himself to such an extent, he even went as far as to sleep in the same bed with Cheng Yu.

“I was wrong.” He whispered.

Lin An Lan nodded, “So hurry up and go back and don’t add to your mistake.”

Jiang Xu felt that he understood the meaning in his words – Lin An Lan was afraid that he would say something he shouldn’t say and do something he shouldn’t do on impulse at this time, and let all his grievance and patience go down the drain.

His Xiao Lan, was ever more sensible, mature and tolerant than him.

He was far wiser and more deserving of love than he was.

“I’ve got it, I’m going back.”

Lin An Lan then barely heaved a sigh of relief that it was finally the time to go.

Jiang Xu raised his head and gave Cheng Yu one last look, resentment and dissatisfaction in his gaze. Cheng Yu looked straight into the emotions in his eyes, his expression indifferent, even having a hint of laughter in his eyes.

Of course he should have laughed, it was the first time, in all these years, that he and Jiang Xu had gone head to head and he had emerged victorious.

Lin An Lan chose him, so he won.

He looked at Jiang Xu smugly and held out a hand, “Please.”

Jiang Xu looked at Cheng Yu who had one arm around Lin An Lan’s shoulders and one hand gesturing for him to leave and was humiliated and embarrassed, yet helpless.

As he turned towards the door, Cheng Yu said deliberately, “Remember to close the door for us, An An and I are going to sleep.”

Jiang Xu glared back at him, opened, then closed the door with hatred.

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  1. I’m really confused now that it have come to this point. Is An An really have amnesia or he is just acting out? The whole having to knock on Yu’s door to ask if he is his boyfriend. Is An An really acting but also not? Like he test Cheng Yu and also his best friend on how important is he to them? Because the whole amnesia part is very weird after all be only accidentally bump his head on a table. But it also wasn’t easy to just sleep with someone that you don’t love so I think he isn’t acting. Idk what to think.

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